Tom Brady throws his way into Kimmel-Damon feud

Tom Brady's arm lets him complete throws through any tight window.

Even Matt Damon's window.

Watch the Patriots' six-time Super Bowl champion land right in the middle of late-night's hottest feud -- the one between Jimmy Kimmel and Damon -- with one pinpoint pass on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ignore what the G.O.A.T said in his post-prank interview with Kimmel. He still throws a perfect spiral.

As for the feud, Kimmel-Damon almost goes back as far as Patriots-Jets. It's heated. It's bitter. It's... probably not real.

But let's just assume the two stars actually don't get along. Is there any colder move than enlisting Damon's sporting idol to vandalize his home?

Good thing Brady was down to take a few selfies to cool tensions. Things could've gotten serious.

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