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Time to Binge: Friday Night Lights is leaving Netflix

If you've never watched the greatest TV football drama of all time, you'd better get binging. Netflix will be removing Friday Night Lights on October 1st from their streaming service as they regularly rotate titles in and out each month.

For five seasons, fans followed the lives of players and coaches in a small Texas town obsessed with high school football. Coach Eric Taylor inspired us with his halftime speeches, as his wife Tami inspired him with her fair-minded empathy. We watched quarterback Matt Saracen go from awkward back-up to champion. We cheered Jason Street as he struggled to redefine his life once football was taken away from him. Basically, if you want to relive the high school glory days you never had — Friday Night Lights is your show.

FNL fans had to petition networks constantly to keep the show going throughout it's time on the air, and we here at The Checkdown feel it's only right to keep that tradition going. That's why we're petitioning Netflix to keep Friday Night Lights on Netflix forever. If they want to rename the service to FridayNightLightsflix, that's cool, too.

Now that we only have a few days to watch the entire series, we implore you to put on your favorite football jersey, get a tasty beverage and get comfortable.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose. Binge Netflix.

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