These NFL Quarterbacks Said What?!

NFL quarterbacks come up with audibles all the time to counter against unfavorable defenses. Most of the time, when we hear these audibles we are left with the question: What does that even mean?

Well, these quarterbacks made some strong references when they yelled out their audibles.

Matthew Stafford: "Kershaw"

What's the best way to remind everyone that you have a lifelong friendship with All-Star pitcher Clayton Kershaw? Obviously by using his name as an audible.

Derek Carr: "Seattle"

It's first-and-goal from the 2-yard line with Marshawn Lynch in the back field. What would you do, run or pass?

Peyton Manning: "Omaha"

Thanks to Manning, Omaha, Nebraska might have had an increase in visitors. A future Hall of Fame quarterback and a Nebraska spokesman, who knew!

Tom Brady: "Rex Ryan"

When you have a 12-5 record against Rex Ryan, I guess his name is fair game.

Eli Manning: "Balboa"

Calling out one of the greatest fictional Philadelphian athletes of all time, that's bold. Next time Manning is in Philly, he better be on the lookout for Sylvester Stallone.

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