The Seahawks Office Meetings Are WAY More Fun Than Yours

You see, the Seahawks are just like you and me - they have a job, and at that job, they have meetings. And those meetings involve focus and studying and I'm sure, multiple Powerpoint presentations. And, just like you and me, the Seahawks probably get bored in those meetings.

Anyway, the job of any good boss or manager is to keep his or her team engaged.

For the Seahawks, Pete Carroll decided to break the tediousness of his team's meetings by installing a basketball hoop in the meeting room.

No, not like a small hoop that you hang over the trash can... a full-size, 10 foot high, regulation style basketball hoop. So, in this way, the Seahawks are not like you and I.

Enjoy what will be the best thing you'll see today - and very much make you wish that your boss, was Pete Carroll.

That's free safety, Earl Thomas knocking down jumpers in the middle of the Seahawks meeting room. And when he hits the necessary 4th bucket at the buzzer to win what the Seahawks are calling the 2017 Ellis Island Invitational Classic... the room goes crazy (so did I, honestly).

For what it's worth - Thomas was a pretty decent high school basketball player at West Orange-Stark High School in Texas.

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