The Patriots Fly to Super Bowl LII In Style

For the entire season, the Patriots have been flying in style in their very own Boeing 767. Tricked out in their team's colors, the Patriots plane headed to Minnesota to hopefully add another Lombardi Trophy to the tail of their plane.

Even though most aircrafts look identical on the outside, the AirKraft is not your typical airplane.

The Patriots aircraft features the widest and largest seats a plane can handle. The leather seats have the players numbers stitched into the headrest, and with more legroom than seats in first class, Patriots players won't ever have to be crammed into a coach seat again.

While the seats might be comfortable, their food choices might be to die for. We have all heard the joke "what's the deal with airplane food?" but on the Patriots plane, their food will have your mouth salivating and your stomach growling.

Players around the league have been extremely jealous of the Pats plane, including former Pittsburgh Steelers, now New England Patriots Defensive End James Harrison.

Harrison no longer has a reason to be envious of Tom Brady & Co. traveling in style. Flying for the first time since being acquired on December 26, Harrison was impressed with the Patriots plane.

If the Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl championship, they will be flying the friendly skies comfortably back to Foxborough.

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