The Most Memorable Goal Line Bloopers in NFL History

In Week 3, Bears cornerback Marcus Cooper grabbed the ball following a blocked kick. He was just a few steps away from completing a 74-yard return touchdown, until suddenly he wasn't. Cooper didn't realize Steelers tight end Vance McDonald was still in pursuit and stripped the ball at the 1-yard line. The Bears settled for a field goal from a play that should've been a guaranteed touchdown, though Chicago still won 23-17 in overtime.

Of course, Cooper isn't the only NFL player to make this mistake. Let's take a look at the Most Memorable Goal Line Bloopers in NFL History.

Leon's Long Trip
Panthers vs. Seahawks

At first glance, this looks like Leon Washington was simply caught by speedy Panthers punter Jason Baker. But take a closer look at the 12-second mark and you'll notice Seattle's return specialist raising his arm in celebration. When Washington noticed Baker was on his heels, he slammed the turbo button to finish the play, but it was too late. Carolina's punter used his full 6-foot-2 frame to trip up Washington.

Danny's Drop
Ravens vs. Broncos

Broncos LB Danny Trevathan found himself in a rare position. Linebackers seldom get possession of the ball and rarely are in a position to score a touchdown, but in the 2013 opener against the Ravens, Treavathan had the opportunity to do just that. Instead of completing the 30-yard pick-six, Trevathan celebrated a little too early and dropped the ball just short of the end zone. The score was nullified and the play ultimately ruled a touchback. Thankfully, Trevathan had another pick-six opportunity in Week 12 of the 2015 season, and this time he made sure he was in the end zone before dropping the ball.

DeSean's Detour
Eagles vs. Cowboys

WR DeSean Jackson made a rookie mistake in the second game of his career. He was thisclose to completing a 61-yard touchdown reception but let go of the ball a second too early. The Cowboys challenged the play and ruled it a fumble at the 1-yard line, although Philadelphia retained possession because the play was blown dead. Eagles RB Brian Westbrook scored on the next play and 21-year-old Jackson was able to breathe a sigh of relief that he didn't cost his team a score.

Leon's Loss
Cowboys vs. Bills

Leon Lett played in a total of 135 NFL games over the course of his 11-year career, but he's most remembered for his gaffe in Super Bowl XXVII. The game itself wasn't a nail-biter: The Cowboys beat the Bills 52-17, and it was never close - but if you ask most fans to recall one memorable play from that game, it'd likely be this one. Lett ended his career with zero touchdowns, but the two-time Pro Bowler did earn three Super Bowl rings, so don't feel too bad for him.

Also, let's give some credit to Bills wide receiver Don Beebe for this play. Buffalo was trailing by 35 points in the fourth quarter, but even with the game out of reach, Beebe was determined to play hard until the last whistle. Besides the moral victory, he prevented the Cowboys from scoring a Super Bowl-record 58 points. The 49ers hold the record for most points in a Super Bowl, scoring 55 in Super Bowl XXIV.

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