The Most Interesting Punter in the World: Marquette King

Even though punter might not be the most exciting position in football, Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King is making a case to be the most interesting punter in the world.

From being able to play piano to his social media prowess, King has established himself as a must follow player.

Here are a few samples of the NFL's most fascinating punter.

King is an animal lover and he not only has multiple dogs, but he also has a pet iguana. He even works out with them and plays music for them.

He's a serious wine connoisseur, and while he may be from Georgia, he still supports the local teams in Oakland, especially the A's.

How many punters do you know that can kick three footballs in three different basketball hoops on a single take? Yeah, I don't know that many either.

King is a renaissance man, and he can play the piano, even with a Power Rangers helmet on. At least he knows that the green Power Ranger is the best one.

He can even punt the Valentine's Day roses you were supposed to give to your significant other.

Make sure you click the follow button on King's Twitter and Instagram. You don't want to miss what he'll post next.

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