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The Most Famous Fan for All 32 Teams

Imagine finding your seat at the stadium and realizing you're sitting next to Bill Murray or Daniel Radcliffe. You might wonder, is this some kind of prank? In truth, no. It's not uncommon to see celebrities rooting for their favorite teams at NFL games. Football is one of the things that brings people together, from all walks of life.

From Bradley Cooper to Vince Vaughn, take a look at the most famous fans of each team.

Arizona Cardinals -- Blake Shelton


The 7 time Grammy Nominee has been an Arizona Cardinals fan for 20 years. He has met many people involved with the organization like Bruce Arians and Larry Fitzgerald. He was even fortunate enough to see the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons -- Samuel L. Jackson


Jackson became a fan when the team first started, he sold French fries at Fulton County Stadium. I would have loved to meet him as a salesman. He is such a loyal Falcons fan that he was in the Falcons hype video in 2014. #riseup

Baltimore Ravens -- Michael Phelps


The Ravens have the most decorated Olympics athlete of all time as a fan. Michael Phelps with his 23 Olympic gold medals and 28 overall Olympic medals, has been on the sidelines during the regular season and the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills -- Chad Michael Murray

We haven't heard too much from Chad Michael Murray since he was Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill, but Murray is very open about his love for the Bills. He has even brought his wife, Sarah Roemer, aboard the Bill Mafia wagon. Like Chris Berman used to say, "no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills."

Carolina Panthers -- Stephen Curry


The Bay area's golden boy is actually Carolina's favorite son. Curry, a Charlotte native, is just like every fan wearing his Panthers' jersey to workouts and even Thanksgiving dinner! Before Super Bowl 50, the Panthers invited Curry to bang on the drum to hype the fans and players.

Chicago Bears -- Vince Vaughn


Vaughn is all things Chicago sports and he has been seen at every sporting venue from the Miracle Mile to Wrigleyville. The Wedding Crashers actor is in love with the 1985 Bears and even narrated their 30 for 30 film.

Cincinnati Bengals -- George Clooney

Clooney has secretly shown the world that he is a Bengals fan. Under his leather jacket, you will be able to see a grey Bengals shirt. Talk about having star power on the sidelines.

Cleveland Browns -- Drew Carey

Imagine showing up to the Dawg Pound and then, who's that sitting next to you? The Price is Right host himself. Dedicated and loyal, Drew Carey is the best fan Cleveland could ask for. What more can I say?

Dallas Cowboys -- LeBron James


One of the greatest basketball players of all time, is a fan of America's team. But the real question is, who would LeBron suit up for? The Cowboys or The Browns?

Denver Broncos -- Lindsey Vonn


It makes sense right, one of the highest stadiums in the NFL has a fan who is always in the mountains. She even tried to change Tiger Woods into a Broncos fan.

Detroit Lions -- Kid Rock


A Michigan native, Kid Rock created a Detroit Lions anthem called "In Detroit." Even in 2016, he was an honorary captain for the Lions against the Tennessee Titans.

Green Bay Packers -- Erin Andrews


Who said reporters have to be unbiased? Andrew's father, Steven Andrews, was a Packer fan and that fandom grew on Erin. So, next time you don't think people working in sports don't have favorite teams... think again.

Houston Texans -- Bush Family

Yes, I mean both George Bushes. The Bush family have been proud supporters of Texas athletics since, well, forever. They used to be owners of the Texas Rangers baseball team, and they're frequently spotted at NFL games supporting their home-town Texans.

Indianapolis Colts -- David Letterman

If you couldn't fall asleep at night, you might have seen Letterman doing his late-night show. During his late-night show, Letterman would bring up his Colt fandom often and he loved having Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck on his show.

Jacksonville Jaguars -- Bill Murray

Murray may be from the Chicago area and recently enjoyed the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, but did you know he was a Jacksonville Jaguars fan? The movie star dates back to the Jack Del Rio days, and he even attended the Jaguars training camp.

Kansas City Chiefs -- Paul Rudd


Not even from Kansas City, Rudd is all for Kansas City sports including the Chiefs and Royals. How much jollier can Rudd get? Two years ago he wore a Santa hat and banged the drum.

Los Angeles Rams -- Ty Burrell


Attend Rams practice? Check. Literally suit up for the Rams? Check. Have Johnny Heckker and Robert Quinn on Modern Family? Check.

The Emmy winning actor checks all the boxes. Burrell is a Ram fan, through and through.

Los Angeles Chargers -- Nick Cannon

While this is unconfirmed, Cannon was a San Diego Chargers fan. Hopefully he moved up north and kept the bolt fandom alive.

Miami Dolphins -- Johnny Depp

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me." Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew love everything related to the ocean, including the Miami Dolphins, as it turns out. Depp has been seen enjoying Dolphins games from a suite with his children.

Minnesota Vikings -- Josh Duhamel

There's nothing better than after a breakup, hanging out with your friends and enjoying some football. Duhamel even has a brick at the new U.S. Bank Stadium. SKOL.

New England Patriots -- Mark Wahlberg

Marky Mark has never hidden his love of his Boston roots, and he is the ultimate Patriots fan. He has been seen in Robert Kraft's suite and even on the field during Super Bowl 51. But let's not forget that he left before the Patriots' epic comeback.

New Orleans Saints -- Brad Pitt


Congrats, Saints fans. It's tough to find a more famous fan than Brad Pitt. He's no bandwagoner, either: Pitt is a huge Saints fan and even more a fan of Drew Brees. Pitt even played catch with him and Matthew McConaughey on their Bourbon Streets balconies.

New York Giants -- Daniel Radcliffe

Wingardium leviosa. The boy wizard himself, Daniel Radcliffe actually fell in love with the Giants during his time living in New York. Radcliffe has been seen wearing his Giants hat in several different public appearances, and he even bet Ellen DeGeneres 5,000 dollars that the Giants would win the Super Bowl in 2012. Well congrats Harry, you won that one.

New York Jets -- Adam Sandler


Sandler wears his famous green Jets shirt all the time, seen here with Jets owner Woody Johnson and his friend, and fellow Jets fan, Kevin James. Through the thick and thin, Sandler will always be there to cheer on his team.

Oakland Raiders -- Ice Cube


Ice Cube is the self-proclaimed President of Raiders Nation and silver and black runs through his veins. Cube even directed ESPN's 30 for 30 Straight Outta LA, specifically about how much he loved the Raiders in Los Angeles.

Philadelphia Eagles -- Bradley Cooper


The Eagles have several famous fans that just missed getting the top spot but, Bradley Cooper hasn't shied away from displaying his Eagles fandom. Even in his movie, Silver Lining Playbook, he showed his rabid fandom. He didn't even take off his Eagles jersey to get washed. Maybe Cooper can hang out with Mike Trout and Kobe Bryant during the games.

Pittsburgh Steelers -- Wiz Khalifa


What's the best way to show your fandom? Obviously with a hit song. Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow" was used by the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. He has even been seen waving the Terrible Towel in Pittsburgh.

San Francisco 49ers -- Hayden Panettiere

Who knew that Nashville star and blonde bombshell was actually a diehard 49ers fan. She has been wearing a Patrick Willis jersey since they made it to the Super Bowl XLVII.

Seattle Seahawks -- Macklemore


Born in Seattle, Benjamin Haggerty, aka Macklemore, is the ultimate 12th man. He sang songs about the Seahawks, raised the 12th man flag and even had Russell Wilson on stage for his concert. But the real question is, did he think they should have run or passed on the 1 yard line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Dick Vitale

Hey baby, it's Dickie V, baby. Vitale moved to Tampa Bay and started to support the local team. One of his favorite players is Warren Sapp. He also announced the fourth-round pick and he said it was himself.

Tennessee Titans -- Tim McGraw


It makes sense that a country superstar would be a fan of the Titans, since they do play in "Music City." When McGraw isn't on tour, he's often seen patrolling the Titans sidelines.

Washington Redskins -- Dale Earnhardt Jr.

A NASCAR legend has been following the Redskins during Super Bowl XVII and he has been a fan ever since. He even showed up at Redskins training camp just to burn Josh Norman.

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