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The Jaguars are adding a "Cat Signal" to their stadium

The Checkdown's daily collection of football culture stories for December 1st, 2017. This is The Extra Point.

1. The Jaguars are implementing a "cat signal" so fans know when the game is about to begin

2. Dez Bryant made history last night

3. Is there an award for best podcast name? Because it needs to exist so Joe Thomas can win it.

4. Todd Gurley says the reason the Rams haven't celebrated TDs is because they score too much

5. Bill Belichick, famously not the chattiest coach in the NFL, will occasionally talk your ear off on the right subject. Today that subject is punt protection

6. Countdown until Aaron Rodgers returns to practice begins now

7. That would be a fun pregame speech: "Let's go out there and get a win! To get our moms off our backs!"

There's real fraternity among the Cowboys QBs. During Dallas's recent three game losing streak, which ended last night with a 38-14 win over Washington, Prescott received words of advice from a pair of legendary passers.

"It meant everything," Prescott said. "Roger sent me a text and told me about him getting booed. If that doesn't show you this business right there, it is what it is. (Troy's message was) keep going. Keep putting your head forward."

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