The Greatest Rivalry in College Football

With the college football regular season coming to a close, Army and Navy squared off in the greatest rivalry fans have ever seen.

If you think this is a lighthearted rivalry, you are mistaken. At Army, "Beat Navy" is on the roof of one of the school's buildings, while at Navy, "Beat Army" is imprinted on the weight plates in the weight room.

Every year, both teams battle hard to hoist the Thompson Cup. However, for the second consecutive year, the Army Black Knights beat the Midshipmen 14-13. In the overall series, Navy has a slight edge with 60 wins compared to Army's 51.

This series is one of the longest rivalries, however you might not know these five facts.

1. The very first game of this rivalry was November 29th, 1890. Yes, that was before both World Wars.

2. Instant replay actually made its debut during the Army-Navy game in 1963.

3. Ever since 1945, this rivalry has been televised.

4. President Dwight Eisenhower played in the 1926 game, and is the only president to ever play in the game.

5. No mascot is safe during rivalry week. Both schools attempt to steal the opposing mascot.

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