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The five highest-paid QBs of all time

Aaron Rodgers just secured the biggest bag imaginable.

Here are some finer points of the Packers quarterbacks' new mega-deal. First off, it makes Rodgers the highest-paid NFL player... period. Also, by the end of his four-year deal, Rodgers will have nearly doubled his current career earnings, too.

A-Rodg will never need another discount double check. He's free to wear all the diamond-encrusted golden WWE belts he desires.

Yet somehow, the richest contract in NFL history doesn't make Rodgers the richest quarterback (salary wise) ever -- at least not yet. According to Spotrac, here are the top five highest-paid quarterbacks to ever hurl a pigskin.

1. Peyton Manning

Career Earnings: $248 million

Career Accolades: 2x Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl XLI MVP, 5x NFL MVP, 539 career passing TDs, 251 career INTs

All those sideline Manning faces were just Peyton counting the zeroes in his bank account. No. 18 made bank over his 18 seasons; his $170M made in Indianapolis alone would put him 8th in all-time earnings, per Spotrac. Then, he went off to the Mile High City and came away with another $77M in earnings. And that's not counting the money he made from offseason commercials, either.

2. Eli Manning

Career Earnings: $219 million

Career Accolades: 2x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Super Bowl MVP, 339 career TDs, 228 career INTs

Eli Manning came to the Giants on a trade for the fourth overall pick -- but still got that early '00's first overall dough. Then, he parlayed an improbable Super Bowl XLII run into more money in the bank. And in 2015, he cashed in again on a four-year, $84 million contract extension. Archie deserves a cut for making his sons the two richest QBs ever.

3. Aaron Rodgers

Career Earnings: $217 million

Career Accolades: Super Bowl XLV champion, Super Bowl XLV MVP, 2x NFL MVP, 313 career TDs, 78 career INTs

Even after a previous $100M extension, Rodgers was eleventh in all-time quarterback earnings -- right behind Brett Favre. That'll change in a hurry with the help of an immediate $57.5M signing bonus and approximately $22.5M more coming this calendar year. Move out of the way, Brett. Aaron's taking over again.

4. Tom Brady

Career Earnings: $197 million

Career Accolades: 5x Super Bowl Champion, 4x Super Bowl MVP, 3x NFL MVP, 488 career TDs, 160 career INTs

Let's face facts: Tom Brady could've doubled these career earnings if he really pushed for it. The fact that he hasn't is what endears him to Patriots fans (and what helped spark the dynasty). The reigning MVP signed a two-year, $41M contract in 2016, but has always taken less so others could stay in Foxboro.

5. Drew Brees

Career Earnings: $194.7 million

Career Accolades: Super Bowl XLIV champion, Super Bowl XLIV MVP, 70,445 career passing yards, 488 career passing TDs, 228 career INTs

If it seems like Drew Brees is cashing in every other season, that's because he kind of is. After joining the Saints on a $60M deal in 2006, he's earned $184M over the course of three contract extensions. Brees will claim the all-time passing title in 2018 and likely another big payday too.

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