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The Craziest Workouts of the 2018 Offseason

You may think that accolades like a Pro Bowl invitation, All-Pro selection, and MVP award are won between Week 1 and Week 17, but that's not entirely true. NFL players put in the work for those awards during the offseason. Gone are the days of taking months off and using training camp to get back into playing shape.

Now gridiron stars are using virtually every day to get ready for the upcoming season, and thanks so social media, we get a glimpse of how players are constantly working toward their goals. That being said, not all workouts are the same. Some players' training regiments look more like Strongman competition events than workouts. From pulling vehicles while carrying weights to using live pythons as dumbbells, here are the Craziest Workouts of the 2018 Offseason.

Honorable mention: T.O. runs a 4.43 40-Yard Dash

Running the 40-yard-dash is not a particularly "crazy" workout, but running a 4.43 at 44 years old is ridiculous. Terrell Owens has a deep desire to make an NFL comeback and social media clips like this show that he's still got it.

OBJ pulls a GMC Yukon Denali

The gargantuan Yukon Denali is typically used for hauling celebs and their security from point A to point B in a somewhat incognito way. However, Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. uses the 5,400-pound vehicle to work on his arms and core strength.

Saints RB Alvin Kamara pulls a Jeep while carrying weights.

What's that clanking noise coming up the block, you ask? Oh nothing, just 2017 Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara preparing to steamroll defenses in 2018.

James Harrison Being James Harrison

Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are 300-pound dumbbells with resistance bands added for fun. James Harrison's retirement in April meant one thing: he'd have even more time to intimidate gym bros.

Aaron Donald Trains with "Knives"

OK, so Rams fans everywhere were able to breathe a sigh of relief when All-Pro DT Aaron Donald revealed that the knives were not real. That being said, being jabbed with pointed plastic objects isn't fun either.

Michael Thomas Takes No Days Off

Saints WR Michael Thomas made his first Pro Bowl in 2017. If this clip is any indication, he'll have his first All-Pro season in 2018.

Connor Williams Has Hops

Cowboys OT Connor Williams is 6-foot-5, 298 pounds.

This tweet sums up all that needs to be said:

"The Real Tarzan"

Mike "The Real Tarzan" Holston is not in the NFL, but the fact that he's in a football jersey and the next-level ridiculousness of this workout makes this clip eligible. Those are live pythons, people.

Saquon Barkley's PSA to All Opposing Defenders

Remember helping your mom with the groceries as a kid? Remember strapping as many plastic bags to your hands as possible to avoid making an extra trip to the car? Yeah, this is nothing like that, but it's the closest average Joe comparison.

OBJ Plays "Catch" with a Medicine Ball

Because catch with a medicine ball while standing upright wasn't enough.

Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley's 315-lb Deadlift to 42-inch Box Jump

It's going to be a long year for any opposing defenses tasked with stopping either of these guys.

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