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The Chicago Cubs Are Ready For Kickoff

The Chicago Cubs are having a pretty good season - they're currently first in the NL Central with a 3 1/2-game lead heading into the final stretch of the of the year. But, what matters to us, is how they traveled to Pittsburgh on Sunday:

The group of guys rocking their TB12 jerseys caught the attention of the Patriots who co-signed on the entire spectacle.

Now it might seem that this is just an instance of a team with a good record, trying to have some fun at the end of a long season as they prepare for a playoff push... But, you know what's more important in professional sports than your record? Your routine.

Last season, for the final road trip of the year, the Cubs decided to create this themed trip where they all wore NFL jerseys.

And, if you'll remember, last year the Cubs broke a 71-year curse and won the World Series for the first time since 1908. So, despite losing yesterday to the Pirates to start this road trip, something tells me we won't know whether or not this routine continues next year until October.

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