The call that could've made Antonio Brown a Buffalo Bill

Antonio Brown might still be catching passes in Western New York if he answered a particular draft-night phone call.

He's in Western Pennsylvania instead -- the product of a split-second decision that sent one of the best receivers in NFL history to the Steelers instead of the Bills in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Let the two-time receiving champion tell you about the draft-day call he didn't take:

"The Buffalo Bills called my brother's phone," Brown said a video posted by the "My brother was like, 'Uh, hey, this is Buffalo.' I literally grabbed the phone, and then once I [put the phone up to my ear], I look down and there was a 412 number. Then I was like, 'uh,' and I picked up that one. I think it was coach [Mike] Tomlin, and I was like, 'about time.'"

The Bills could've still drafted Brown -- but they didn't. Instead, they went with South Dakota State linebacker Danny Batten, whose career lasted 25 games. Brown, a six-time Pro Bowler, went three picks later at pick No. 195.

It's a wild ride when you remember that it took SIX ROUNDS for a team to take a flier on a two-time league receiving champion.

The moral of the story: Drafting is an inexact science. And even when you find the player you want, he might not pick up the phone.

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