The 2019 NFL coaches group pic was Instagram-worthy

Most photos we encounter only require a mindless double-tap and a scroll.

The annual NFL coaching photo has a higher calling. It demands coach-by-coach analysis, careful contemplation, even debate.

Only then can the clear conclusion be reached: There is no higher comedy than 26 football coaches pitted together. It's school picture day in the second grade, except with football dads.

Don't pretend like you wouldn't like this photo on Instagram:

Still not convinced? Take a deeper look. This photo doesn't need a filter because it has:

Bill Belichick, fresh off a three-year group photo hiatus and grinning like he just won the Super Bowl.

Expert placement by Kliff Kingsbury. His hair sticks out in a row of bald coaches like Dan Quinn and Sean McDermott. Most luscious locks go to the new guy.

Doug Pederson... on a scooter?

Two Grudens -- one of whom was not ready for the photo whatsoever.

A mustachioed Mike Vrabel!

And of course...


Let's see that algorithm serve up a photo better than this.

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