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The 10 most ridiculous 'Hard Knocks' moments ever

Epic workout montages. Undrafted rookie underdogs. That assistant coach who swears early and often.

HBO's 'Hard Knocks' has clung to a few familiar storylines over its 12-year run. But its best moments -- the ones fans remember and rewatch -- are unexpected, unpredictable, and just plain silly.

So sit back as the groundbreaking training camp documentary returns with the 2018 Cleveland Browns. This year's zaniest moment has a chance to join the 10 all-time greats chronicled below.

10. That time James Harrison took 300 needles like it was NBD (2013)

Things James Harrison likes: Grueling workouts, needles in his neck. Things James Harrison hates: Cameras following him everywhere. OK, got it.

9. That time Gerald McCoy had excessive celebration questions (2017)

And maintained eye contact with the referee at practice. Like, the entire time.

8. That time the NFL's divisions confused Ryan Tannehill (2012)

The Giants and Vikings are fierce NFC North rivals. Wait... no they're not.

7. That time Harry Douglas packed plenty of women's deodorant (2014)

Whatever keeps those armpits dry, Harry. (12:42 in)

6. That time Tim Johnson did a spot-on Shannon Sharpe impression (2001)

Close your eyes and you really can't tell if it's Shannon Sharpe or just the best rookie talent show ever.

5. That time Rex Ryan's pep talk ended with a snack (2010)

Ask Lombardi or Belichick. Every great coaching tactics ends with a snack.

4. That time William Haynes disavowed paleontology (2016)

Giant lizards walked the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago? Will Haynes ain't buying it.

3. That time Antonio Cromartie named ALL his kids (2010)

*At the time. There's 14 'lil Cromarties now.

2. That time Bernard Pollard danced and the Chiefs locker room lost it (2007)

Watch the back row of lockers. It's absolutely magical.

1. That time Vince Wilfork wore overalls (2015)

They make them big enough to fit 325-pound nose tackles.

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