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The 10 Best Snow Game Moments in NFL History

Winter isn't here quite yet, but the Colts and Bills treated us to one of the most memorable snow games on Sunday. The "Snow Bowl" was all about what players could do with their legs rather than their arms. The Colts and Bills combined for only 156 passing yards, but veteran RB Frank Gore ran for 130 yards, while the Bills' LeSean McCoy had 156 of his own.

One of the highlights came late in the 4th quarter when Colts K Adam Vinatieri made a 43-yard extra point to send the game to overtime.

The Bills would win in OT on a 21-yard run by McCoy, but everyone knows Mother Nature was the real MVP.

This game reminded us of a few other times when the gridiron seemed like a winter wonderland. From the Snowplow game to the Ice Bowl, here are the 10 Best Snow Moments in NFL History.

Moments are ranked by game temperature.

10. Leon Lett's Turkey Day Blunder
Game:Dolphins vs. Cowboys
Date: 11/25/1993
Temp:33 °F

Less than a year after his Super Bowl XXVII gaffe, Leon Lett had this miscue leading to a Miami recovery and subsequent game-winning field goal. If you thought your family Thanksgiving dinners were awkward, imagine how the Cowboys' locker room was after this one.

9. Brett Favre's Throws Three TDs (and a Few Snowballs)
Game:Seahawks vs. Packers
Date: 1/12/2008
Temp:31 °F

Brett Favre's final victory as a Packer was a memorable one. The Hall of Famer completed 18 of 23 passes for 173 touchdowns and three touchdowns in the Packers' 42-20 victory.

8. Steve Van Buren Runs Away With the 1948 NFL Championship
Game: (Chicago) Cardinals vs. Eagles
Date: 12/19/1948
Temp:28 °F

The conditions at Shibe Park were so treacherous that nearly 8,000 fans who had paid for their tickets chose to watch the 1948 NFL Championship from home rather than attend. The tarp on the field was so heavy from the snow accumulation, that the players had to help the grounds crew remove it before the start of the game. Steve Van Buren plowed his way to 98 yards on 26 carries, including the only scoring play of the game -- a five-yard rushing TD in the 4th quarter.

7. LeSean McCoy Goes Off for 217 Rushing Yards
Game:Lions vs. Eagles
Date: 12/8/2013
Temp:27 °F

Running in a few feet of snow is difficult, but rushing for over 200 yards in the snow is nearly impossible. LeSean McCoy ran for 217 rushing yards in the Eagles' 34-20 victory, breaking Steve Van Buren's single-game franchise record of 205 yards.

6. The Snowplow Game
Game:Dolphins vs. Patriots
Date: 12/12/1982
Temp:26 °F

New England's kicker John Smith made the kick, but the snowplow gave the essential assist. Dolphins coach Don Shula protested the Patriots' victory, but then-commissioner Pete Rozelle, said the result could not be reversed. The Dolphins would get revenge a month later by beating the Pats, 28-13 in the first round of the playoffs.

5. Adam Vinatieri's Kicks Off the Pats' Dynasty
Game:Raiders vs. Patriots
Date: 1/19/2002
Temp:25 °F

This 23-yarder could've joined the likes of Wide Right and other infamous misses, but instead Adam Vinatieri's kick marked the beginning of the Patriots' dynasty. Vinatieri couldn't nail the second 40-plus yarder on Sunday, but he remains one of the snow game (and kicker) G.O.A.T.s.

4. The Ice Bowl II
Game: 1975 AFC Championship (Steelers vs. Raiders)
Date: 1/4/1976
Temp:23 °F

With icy conditions causing 12 total turnovers and 12 total punts, it's amazing the Steelers and Raiders still managed to put up 26 points.

3. The Frigid OT Thriller at the Frozen Tundra
Game: 2007 NFC Championship (Giants vs. Packers)
Date: 1/20/2008

One look at at Tom Coughlin's crimson face and you could tell the conditions were glacial. Coughlin's hue was due to the frozen tundra being -1 °F with a wind chill of −23 °F. Despite the conditions, Eli Manning and Brett Favre both threw for over 200 yards in a seesaw contest that ultimately came down to a 47-yard game winning field goal by the Giants' Lawrence Tynes.

2. The Freezer Bowl
Game: 1981 AFC Championship (Chargers vs. Bengals)
Date: 1/10/1982
Temp: -9 °F

It was a balmy -9 °F when the Chargers took on the Bengals in the 1981 AFC Championship. The average low temperature in San Diego in January is 49 °F, can you really blame them for losing 27-7?

1. Bart Starr's One-Yard Rush to Win the Ice Bowl
Game: 1967 NFL Championship
Date: 12/31/1967
Temp: -13 °F

This one-yard run by Bart Starr sealed the 1967 NFL Championship for the Packers and also got his teammates out of the -13 °F (-48 °F with the wind chill) conditions of the Ice Bowl.

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