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That's Special Agent Peanut Tillman To You

Most retirees pick up hobbies like gardening, traveling, or joining a book club. If you're a retired NFL player, there's a decent chance that you'll become a football analyst like former cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman did last year. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, Tillman is now training to become a special agent for the Federal Bureau Investigation.

Tillman spent 13 seasons in the NFL racking up 44 forced fumbles and 38 interceptions during his career. Now, instead of tracking down ball carriers he could be tracking down the nation's most-wanted criminals. Tillman's potential career change isn't completely random, the two-time Pro Bowler graduated from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Peanut's dad, Donald Tillman Jr., was a sergeant in the Army too.

It seems like Tillman started pursuing his career just in the nick of time, his 37th birthday is on February 23, 2018, the FBI requires special agents to be between 23 and 37 at the time of appointment.

The FBI would not confirm reports of Tillman's training. envisions the agent responding to these reports wearing a Men In Black-esque suit and aviators inside his office

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