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Teacher's Reddit post becomes amazing Dolphins story

The teacher on the message boards was hoping for a quick crash course in Miami Dolphins fandom.

He asked Redditors why they rooted for the Aqua and Orange. He wanted to know who their best player was. And he hoped the answers would help him connect a little bit more with a special needs student named Conner at his school.

That's when the Dolphins reached out to set up "a flabbergasting weekend of events."

"The Dolphins... came across (the) post and reached out to do something special for him," Redditor u/fish09 posted. "We realized they were playing just up the road from us in Indy. And they asked to work something out to make his weekend."

That dream weekend began on Saturday, when Conner officially greeted the Dolphins at their team hotel. Defensive tackle Davon Godcheaux came over to present a jersey, four tickets, and four sideline passes to the game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

All the Dolphins said hello to Conner and his teacher on the pregame sideline, including team legend and current advisor Dan Marino. Conner couldn't believe it.

Wrote u/fish09: "Dan gave (Conner) a fist bump, hug, and huge pat on the back that almost knocked him over. We didn't get a picture of the hug, but his reaction to the moment was magical."

That magic feeling didn't stop when the game kicked off. With Conner and Co. in attendance, Miami won its second consecutive game in a thrilling upset. And Godcheaux made sure the Phins' biggest fan came to the visiting locker room to celebrate.

"(He said) how much him being there meant to him," u/fish09 wrote. "That made an amazing impact on him, his family, mine and so many others in our school's lives."

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