Tamba Hali, Music Star?

Several professional athletes like Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw and Shaquille O'Neal have tried their luck at a career in music, but only a few have had success. Now, Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali is showing his skills in the rap game.

Hali just released a new track, "Chief," and it's specifically aimed at his team, the Chiefs and their fans. The song has a very catchy beat and Hali does a good job making the song flow. Even though the lyrics may get repetitive, the beat carries the song. While it may not be "Passionfruit," it's still a solid rap song that I could listen to on a regular basis.

In 2009, Hali actually created his own record label, Relumae Records, and he started to release solo tracks in 2016. Now, "Chief" is Hali's 10th song and even more impressive is that all of his songs are on Spotify.

Currently, Hali is on the Chief's PUP list, but he has hopes to return this season. All I know is that when his playing days are done, he could have a very successful career as a rapper.

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