Sports Authority at Mile High Stadium stands alone

Last night, the Denver Broncos hosted the New England Patriots and even though the Broncos lost, 41-16, Sports Authority field at Mile High remained one of the most beloved stadiums in the NFL.

Every home game, 76,125 Broncos fans pack their stadium to the brim to root for their favorite team.

There's a lot to do in Colorado, especially outdoor sports like skiing, boating, and biking. A stadium isn't typically a place to enjoy nature, but in Denver, it's a different story. The Broncos embraced the outdoor mentality by creating a park just outside the stadium.

Being located in the Rocky Mountains, Mile High sits at 5,280 feet above sea level -- the highest elevation of any NFL stadium.

When a team of several architects designed Sports Authority Field at Mile High, their inspiration happened to be an actual horseshoe. Even though it wasn't because of Bucky the Bronco statue, the stadium has one of the most unique designs.

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