Rob Gronkowski gives financial advice to young Pats

Enter one Robert James Gronkowski, who has no problems setting teammates straight when it comes to spending money.

"I had this one guy this year, he came up to me..." Gronkowski told Maverick Carter on Uninterrupted's 'Kneading Dough.' "He was like, 'Hey, Rob, you've got a Hummer. I see it. I want to get a Hummer. But my agent is telling me that I shouldn't get a Hummer. It costs too much. It's like $22,000.'

"And I was like, 'Dude, if you want a Hummer, you've played one year, you can get a Hummer. It's $22,000. It's not like you're paying for luxury.'"

You can watch the entire interview with Gronkowski below. It really sheds a new light on a player who's much more than his club-hopping persona lets on.

In fact, Gronkowski should be the league's poster boy for fiscal responsibility. He lives entirely off his endorsement deals, according to his book It's Good To Be Gronk. He eschews flashy purchases and even wears clothes he wore in high school.

He did open his wallet up this offseason -- only after receiving a $10.5 million bonus from the Patriots.

"My friend had a chain, and I was like, 'Dang, man, that's a nice chain.' I never had jewelry in my life," Gronkowski told Carter. "He let me wear it last year at a party. "It made me feel good. So in the back of my head, I said, 'If I hit all my incentives, if I do everything I need to do, get all my bonuses, put all the work in, I've got to finally treat myself.'"

Gronk should be able to treat himself long after his playing career ends. If his Patriots teammates want to do the same, they'd be wise to listen up.

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