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Reddit Power Rankings: NFL Week 5

Reddit is a microcosm of the Internet at large: memes, cat photos, political debates, and overreactions about Rick & Morty.

For football fans, Reddit is a way to connect with other supporters of their favorite team. That's particularly helpful when you don't live in the geographic area where your team plays, so sometimes Reddit is the only way to find other like-minded fans.

Each NFL team has its own dedicated subreddit, and they all seem like they have their own language, too. Every fanbase has their own unique chants, inside jokes, memes, and delightfully stupid posts.

That's why we've decided to rank them.

There's no shortage of Power Rankings for NFL teams on the Internet. But where are the rankings of the fanbases?

Well... here. Right here, in this article that you're reading.

We're ranking the NFL subreddits based on the mood of the fanbase -- and winning doesn't necessarily equate to happiness. You won't see any of the 0-5 teams at the bottom.

Note: To give each subreddit an equal playing field, we've chosen to embed comments only from each team's post-game (or equivalent) thread, but rest assured: we did browse and read at least the first two pages of each subreddit.

Although these rankings are exactly as arbitrary as regular Power Rankings, we are also 100% definitively right.

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1. Ravens (3-2)

Good news for Joe Flacco and company: the fans have figured out the key to the team's success. It's the pants.

2. Broncos (3-1)

Denver fans have a reputation for being classy, and the comments on their subreddit bear that out, for the most part, as Broncos fans are largely appreciative of how good (and how tough) the Chiefs will be for them this year.

3. Rams (3-2)

Following a tough loss to the Seahawks, it would be understandable for the Rams subreddit to be bitter the day after -- but in fact, most fans had an optimistic outlook. Must be all the sunshine, yoga, and other lazy LA stereotypes.

4. Jaguars (3-2)

"Wait, the Jaguars have fans?" They do, as it turns out. After embarrassing yet another AFC North team, Jags fans found a cheekily appropriate nickname for their powerful defense.

5. Chiefs (5-0)

The Chiefs subreddit is relatively small compared to other teams, but they've gracefully handled this year's success. They even treated a sad Giants fan with class after he begged to hop aboard their winning bandwagon.

6. Texans (2-3)

Texans fans had a rough weekend. Not only did they lose the game, but they also lost their three-time Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt for the rest of the year. Nevertheless, fans are looking for the silver lining: at least they went out swinging.

7. Bills (3-2)

When the Bills traded away Sammy Watkins before the season, everyone thought the team was tanking. Then a 3-1 start had fans wondering if they'd be playoff-bound. Now they lost to the Bengals and fans are trying to decipher the team's identity like they're Tom Hanks in The DaVinci Code.

8. Eagles (4-1)

You have to appreciate how on-brand Eagles fans are. Even when their team is 4-1 and leading the NFC East, they still find a way to be miserable about their coach.

9. Vikings (3-2)

Vikings fans are a fun bunch, and by fun, I mean "insane in a way that seems both contagious and intimidating." The team might be looking as inconsistent as ever, but the fans aren't wavering in their enthusiasm.

10. Cowboys (2-3)

Dallas fans weren't too shocked by the Packers' comeback victory against the Cowboys on Sunday. They've learned what to expect when you give Aaron Rodgersany amount of time.

11. Giants (0-5)

Even before Odell Beckham Jr. went down with a season-ending injury, the Giants were looking pretty hopeless this season. Credit to the fans for finding a bright side in the bleakness.

12. Bengals (2-3)

We're at that point in the season where fans and analysts are trying to figure out "who teams are." The Bengals started the year 0-3, so they're bad, right? But now they've won two in a row, so they're... good?

Bengals fans are enjoying the schizophrenic ride as well as you can.

13. Packers (4-1)

Green Bay fans only have one name on their mind. Wouldn't you?

14. Steelers (3-2)

Sometimes losing is step one on the road to self-improvement.

15. Panthers (4-1)

Points for the enthusiasm and the optimism, Carolina fans.

16. Patriots (3-2)

Coming off a win against the Buccaneers, Patriots fans are mostly focused on the negatives: the defense has looked shaky, and Tom Brady is being sacked too much.

We haven't seen this much anxiety out of Boston since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.

17. Falcons (3-1)

Similar to their counterparts in last year's Super Bowl, Falcons fans also feel uneasy after a somewhat inconsistent start to their season, despite having only one loss.

18. Browns (0-5)

The team has done very little to reward the fans' loyalty in Cleveland, but credit to the Dawg Pound for handling the non-stop disappointment with good humor.

19. Bears (1-4)

Bears fans are mostly blaming the refs for their loss to the Vikings on Monday Night Football, but a few people have broken through the angry shouting to point out that Mitchell Trubisky looked pretty impressive for a rookie making his first start in prime time.

20. Raiders (2-3)

You have to feel for Raiders fans. They had good reason to feel optimistic about this season, but the team looked shaky even before QB Derek Carr went down with a back injury. Not to mention, time is running out for the team to deliver a championship to Oakland before they move to Las Vegas.

21. Chargers (1-4)

After an 0-4 start to the season, the team won their first game as the Los AngelesChargers in 57 years. The fanbase doesn't know what to do after a win, but they like it.

Comment from discussion Looking ahead.

22. 49ers (0-5)

When your team is winless, as a fan, you no choice but to lean into the badness. Niners fans have entered the "gallows humor" phase.

23. Redskins (2-2)

It's not uncommon to see fans gawking at their division rivals' struggles, and you'll certainly find that on the Redskins subreddit, but most fans were also classy about OBJ's injury.

24. Lions (3-2)

It was tough to find a comment in the Lions' subreddit without an "f" bomb. That gives you an idea of how upset people in the Motor City are about Eric Ebron dropping a potential game-winning TD against the Carolina Panthers.

25. Saints (2-2)

Over the bye week for the Saints, following a shutout victory over the Miami Dolphins in London, fans passed the time by sharing trivia. Only problem is they totally misread the stats. Oops.

26. Buccaneers (2-2)

Pretty much all Bucs fans blamed the loss to the Patriots on kicker Nick Folk. If you browse the subreddit, you'll find a few fans suggesting that you could also blame the offense for not finishing drives, but the Tampa Bay faithful aren't in the mood for "reasonable takes."

27. Seahawks (3-2)

Following consecutive wins, Seattle fans are feeling themselves. But the team looked a little shaky at times against the L.A. Rams, so we'll see if fans' confidence is deserved or hubris.

28. Titans (2-3)

Wait, losing to the Dolphins counts as a "hard schedule"?

29. Cardinals (2-3)

After a couple of dominant seasons, Cardinals fans are starting to realize the oldest team in the NFL may be past their peak. When you start seeing the fanbase advocating for a tank and rebuild, you know you're in a tough spot. Maybe the new addition of Adrian Peterson will improve morale?

30. Jets (3-2)

Based on how the fanbase is reacting to their win over the Browns, maybe they should revise their chant: S-A-D-S -- SADS, SADS, SADS.

31. Dolphins (2-2)

The Miami Dolphins beat the Titans, but none of their fans are happy about it. They're not necessarily wrong -- the team didn't exactly look great in the win, but still. Would you have rather lost the game?

32. Colts (2-3)

The Colts also won in Week 5, but you wouldn't know that if you were only browsing the team's subreddit. Just like Andrew Luck, the fanbase is currently down and out.

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