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Raiders LB Tahir Whitehead helps stranded Army sergeant

Tahir Whitehead spotted the stranded soldier on Dublin Boulevard in Dublin, Calif. (about 30 miles southeast of Oakland).

So the veteran Raiders linebacker did what many other motorists didn't. He pulled over to lend U.S. Army Sgt. David Marquez a helping hand.

"I wasn't expecting anybody to stop," Marquez told The Fresno Bee. " (Then) I was loosening up the lugnuts while he was jacking up the car with the kit and we're right there on the knee together getting to work."

Whitehead did much more than help with repairs. There, on the side of the road, the linebacker struck up a 45-minute conversation with the soldier.

It almost made Marquez forget he was late to army reserve training.

"He was well-spoken and I can tell he was highly educated," Marquez said. "Really down to earth in some of the topics of family and God and his support for the military."

That support now goes two ways. Marquez was a devout 49ers fan; he told the Fresno Bee he plans to buy a Whitehead Raiders jersey so he can cheer for this new friend.

"I was just impressed by the whole thing," Marquez said. "I know he was probably coming from a practice or game. I'm sure he was busy and tired and he had some things to do, but he really wanted to help out."

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