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Picking winners for Week 14's NFL games

I took some calculated risks with a few of my Week 13 picks, and the painful result has me pinch-hitting for the area man who goes by the catchy title of "The Champion Of The Underdog®".

However, we're shifting the focus to a pigskin prognosticator not included on this page, Elliot Harrison (@HarrisonNFL on Twitter). When's resident NFL savant isn't digesting broadcast footage such as that of a random Houston Oilers-Cleveland Browns game from 1985, he can be seen on quality NFL Network programming such as "NFL Fantasy Live" (each Friday on the show, Harrison treats viewers by delving deeper into his predictions).

Despite his busy schedule of football stuff, Harrison has somehow managed to get his mind right to correctly predict the exact final score of a game for five consecutive weeks. Check it out ...

That's impressive stuff. We're just picking winners in this space, not even attempting to take a stab at final scores. So that run of excellence certainly is showing up an ATL group that also is finding it puzzlingly difficult to stick a fork in the New York Football Jets.

-- Jim "Rhino" Reineking

* Based on nobility.
** Only person to pick a game right.

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