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After contemplating retirement, RB LeSean McCoy looking for 'right road,' 'right fit'

After 12 NFL seasons playing for four clubs, LeSean McCoy is looking for a squad to play lucky No. 13.

The six-time Pro Bowler has more than 11,000 yards rushing to his resume and has been part of the past two Super Bowl-winning rosters.

Following some contemplation about retirement, McCoy's quest for the right situation on the right team continues two weeks ahead of clubs reporting for training camp.

"I've had some talks to my agent Drew Rosenhaus. I was contemplating retirement. I've had some teams reach out. I think right now it's just all about being in shape, being ready for the call and also the right road, the right fit," McCoy told NFL Network's MJ Acosta Tuesday on NFL Total Access. "I want to go to a team where I can compete. I want to go to a team where I can contribute. And make a playoff, hopefully championship run. That's the biggest thing, I think from winning two championships it's hard to go to a team where you don't see anything happening. That's something that I think about winding my career down and I'm about to finish out. I want to go somewhere so I can have some fun and win."

A two-time former All-Pro with a rushing title in 2013 as one of six 1,000-yard campaigns to his credit, McCoy was one of the premier running backs in the NFL not all that long ago. But those autumns have passed.

McCoy, the Eagles career rushing leader, had just 514 yards rushing in 2018 with the Bills. He had only 465 the next year with the Chiefs and a meager 31 last season with the Buccaneers.

Still, McCoy, who turned 33 on Monday, has the enticing factor of having been a member of the Chiefs and the Buccaneers in 2019 and 2020, respectively, during those teams' Super Bowl ascents.

He's been a stud workhorse and now an experienced member of a Super Bowl winner.

Therein lies plenty of bullet points in his resume.

"I think it's, first of all, my skillset. I've been all through hard tasks in the league. I've been asked to do so many things by blocking, running, catching, doing all different things," McCoy answered when asked by NFL Network guest analyst and McCoy's former teammate Lorenzo Alexander about what he could bring to a team. "Now I'm a little older, so I'm a lot smarter. And I know how to teach the, they might have a young kid that's an upcoming star where I can teach them how to be a pro. How to be the best. How to be a guy to be a franchise running back. And also a leader.

"A veteran that wants to win, knows how to win and how to be a great teammate and leader."

As pointed out by Alexander, McCoy is joined by Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore as free-agent running backs with long and decorated careers hoping for, perhaps, one last run.

Will McCoy and these other revered runners find their ways to rosters soon -- or at all? We'll see. But McCoy's looking for a spot and he has a stellar resume, the desire to be a leader and a teacher and, if nothing more, some ridiculously great luck over the past two seasons.

Shady's not done just yet if he has his say.

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