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Dan Hanzus


Dan Hanzus is a writer for Around the NFL, providing non-stop analysis and opinions on all things football. Previous stops include The Journal News in Westchester, N.Y., and before joining NFL Media in 2010. Hanzus hosts the award-winning "Around the League Podcast" with an aplomb reminiscent of a young Chris Berman.


The season is now five weeks old and the NFC might have itself another legit Super Bowl contender. The 49ers demolished the Browns on "Monday Night Football" to move to 4-0. The Niners and Patriots are the only undefeated teams remaining in the NFL.... more

Here at the Power Rankings, we feel very confident about the order of the first two teams. Things get a little tricky after that. Through four weeks, the Patriots and Chiefs feel like the class of the NFL. But who else should we believe in? The Sai... more


What is the strongest division in the NFL? According to the NFL dot com Power Rankings, it's the NFC North ... and it's not particularly close. For the second straight week, I have the Packers, Bears and Vikings all taking up real estate in the top... more

What a week of change in the NFL. Drew Brees is out for weeks . Ben Roethlisberger is out for the year . And Eli Manning is out of a starting job . Yes, the inexorable march of time is playing its tricks on us mortals once more. Well, everyone exc... more

As it does every year, Week 1 has the habit of making us all out to be fools. You, dear reader, have the option of sweeping your failed predictions and doomed hot takes under the rug, never to be spoken of again. You delete the tweets, scrub the te... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Sitting at a restaurant with two colleagues on roster cutdown weekend, Raiders defensive line coach Brentson Buckner summed up what makes this moment so difficult for NFL players. "First time I got cu... more

We finally made it. Starting Thursday night at Soldier Field and continuing through Monday, 32 teams begin their quest. The ultimate goal? Be the last team standing in South Florida on the first Sunday in February -- Super Bowl LIV champions. Anot... more


Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 We're now four episodes deep into the latest season of "Hard Knocks." Next week's finale still remains, but this feels like a good time to share some takeaways on Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden, the... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 The latest episode of "Hard Knocks" offered up a lesson in perception versus reality. From the outside, the drama around Antonio Brown looks like a terrible situation for the Raiders. How could it not... more

Welcome to a new era of the Power Rankings. New guy, same drill. Every Tuesday morning during the regular season and through the playoffs, I'll spin through the NFL and rank every team, from glorious No. 1 to dreaded No. 32. Like a gritty reality T... more

Landing a head-coaching job in the NFL is hard. Holding onto the thing is damn near impossible. We see it every year. January rolls around and the NFL initiates a sideline reboot. This past season, eight head coaches were fired during or immediatel... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 The second episode of "Hard Knocks" begins where you expect. After a cold open featuring Jon Gruden going full Mean Dad , we quickly catch up with Antonio Brown, the superstar wide receiver who has been... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 The first voice you hear in the season premiere of "Hard Knocks" is that of Jon Gruden. How could it be anybody else? From the moment the Oakland Raiders were announced as the subject of the 14th seas... more

"Hard Knocks" is back, people. Starting Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, we'll get an in-depth look at life behind the scenes at Oakland Raiders camp, but before that, let's take a moment to go over some people, places and things associated with the venerable... more


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You've moved ahead of your greatest enemy on my training camp depth chart. Which team is more likely to win their first super bowl t... more

Remember your old high school coach? That guy was loud and deeply earnest about the qualities he believed made a champion. He preached about how team glory could only be achieved through things like teamwork and sacrifice and subjugation of self... more


All eight episodes of "All or Nothing: The Carolina Panthers" will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video starting July 19. We learned Wednesday that the 2018 Carolina Panthers will serve as the subjects of the newest season of "All Or Noth... more

We learned Tuesday what had been suspected for months: The Oakland Raiders will be the subject of the newest season of "Hard Knocks" this summer on HBO. Six takeaways on the announcement ... 1) The Raiders were the best choice of the five "Hard... more

NFC MVPs AFC MVPs On Tuesday, we rolled out our predictions for team MVPs in the AFC . Now we turn our attention to the NFC. Let's get to it: Arizona Cardinals: David Johnson, RB All the optimistic reports coming out of Cardinals camp ab... more

AFC MVPs NFC MVPs The 2019 NFL season is less than 100 days away. In other words, we still have a lot of time to kill before real football returns. Man, summer is going to be the worst . In the meantime, let's take a spin around the league... more


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect." Which, you know, whatever, Waldo . In the world of sports -- like life -- talent and hard work only get a strong man (or woman) so far. Everyone n... more

The NFL doesn't want you to suffer as a fan in perpetuity. Considerable infrastructure is in place to ensure teams that sink to the bottom of Competition Sea (not a real thing) don't stay there for long. The salary cap, the draft and revenue sharin... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You're all first-round talents. Why does it feel like no one is tempering expectations on the Browns, considering Kitchens is a new... more


SCHEDULE TAKEAWAYS TOUGHEST MOST FORGIVING REVENGE GAMES TOP PRIME-TIME BOUTS Professional athletes are a prideful lot. Setbacks can be crushing -- especially when the stink of defeat, of disappointment, of injustice is allowed to l... more


It's that time again. We're now more than two weeks into the new league year. We've studied the first wave of free agency, the second, then the third. There's nothing more than a ripple in the current now ... and that's where the San Diego Graybear... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You all deserve fully guaranteed contracts. Which combination of a division winner and a 4th place team could you see switch places... more


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. I will never trade you. What do you think the Broncos long term plan is? What's John Elways "vision"? Does he even deserve to have a... more

The NFL season concluded in Atlanta almost two weeks ago, but we all know that football doesn't rest. The NFL, like the common shark, must keep moving to ensure its survival. The Super Bowl sets up the NFL Scouting Combine, which segues into free age... more


Super Bowl week is here. As a primer, here's a glossary of terms to get you up to speed before the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams meet in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday. Approximately 90 percent of the content herein can be fairly described as... more

Minutes after the Patriots put the final touches on their decimation of the Chargers at Gillette Stadium, Tom Brady used his perfunctory postgame chat with CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson to roll out his version of a surprise album drop. "I kno... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, about non-playoff teams in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You are all offensive-minded young geniuses. With Bruce Arians as the head coach, how fast will the Jameis/B... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain Wild Card Weekend through GIFs. Cody Parkey lines up for a 43-yard field-goal attempt that can send the Chicago... more


Marcus Mariota returned to practice for the Titans on Thursday. It was a positive development for a quarterback dealing with a neck injury that's put his availability for this weekend's win-and-in showdown with the Colts in peril. Let's make some... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 16 through GIFs. He played dumb after the game , but that's Baker Mayfield staring down... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You are all holiday miracles. Are the signs there of a strong AFC over next few years - think @Browns , @nyjets , @buffalobills ,... more

The Sunday of Week 14 was great fun for NFL fans. We saw upsets, overtimes, walk-offs, even a no-look pass . But nothing topped what went down in Miami. The play had it all . A double lateral, Kenyan Drake's tremendous rope-a-dope near the 40 befor... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 14 through GIFs. Let's start with a fond look back at an amazing moment in Miami. K... more

On Monday night, we witnessed an event that felt like a complete impossibility in the NFL of 2018. Mark Sanchez played in a game that mattered. It took an unlikely confluence of events for it to happen. Quarterback Colt McCoy exited Washington's... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 13 through GIFs. Let's begin today with a celebration of Philip Rivers. The NFL's overloo... more


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. I never doubted you. Well, maybe for a little bit there. What are some trades any teams wish they would have made at the trade deadl... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 12 through GIFs. What a battle for Celebration of the Week we were treated to on Sunday.... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 11 through GIFs. This is how I imagine it must look for an opposing defense when the Sain... more

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As is the case every year, duties at NFL Media preclude me from making the cross-country trip to be with family on this quintessential American holiday. It's unfortunate, but the good news is that I've assembl... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 10 through GIFs. It's not unusual for defending champions to suffer from the dreaded Super Bo... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. We are the future. Especially after witnessing his creativity first hand this past Sunday, doesn't it make perfect sense for Josh... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 9 through GIFs. It was sold as a GOAT-off, a showdown between two of the greatest quarterback... more

Five quarterbacks were selected in the first round of April's draft. The arrival of the group -- which includes Baker Mayfield (Browns), Sam Darnold (Jets), Josh Allen (Bills), Josh Rosen (Cardinals) and Lamar Jackson (Ravens) -- looked as if it was... more


Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 8 through GIFs. Baker Mayfield was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in April, but it wasn't un... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You have no idea how much this means to me. How did gruden successfully ruin the raiders and mnf all in one swoop. He's a mad man... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 7 through GIFs. Well, we found it. The one thing Patrick Mahomes isn't good at -- coordin... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 6 through GIFs. Under that towel resides Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake, who was the happ... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 5 through GIFs. Dak Prescott's reaction here sums up the general mood of Cowboys fans after a... more

What are the biggest surprises of the 2018 NFL season to date? Dan Hanzus takes a look at six of them -- and predicts whether the development will continue in each case. The Browns are fun as hell We all knew entering the season that -- on paper -... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 4 through GIFs. Let's start by acknowledging that this is not an original composition. Last y... more


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. Now we're all best friends. Is Dak Prescott just the sequel to Mark Sanchez, but this time with lowered draft expectations? ‚?? Ma... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 3 through GIFs. Come on, Bill. We know you're sour about the suboptimal performance by your... more

On Monday, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer stood before reporters at his regularly scheduled press conference and addressed the team's most recent roster transaction following a 29-29 tie with the Packers . Less than 24 hours earlier, rookie kicker Danie... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Week 2 through GIFs. Ah, it's not September in the NFL until we see Tom Brady going volcanic on hi... more

The football season is just 17 games old ... but it's not too soon to make snap judgments about the season-long fates of each team. I kid -- kind of. Anyone who thinks they have the league figured out after Week 1 is a fool. That said, if you've... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. In this weekly feature, we tell the story of Week 1 through GIFs. So, here's how Jon Gruden's night began: And here's how i... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Sometimes you do everything right and it's still not enough. Nate Orchard spent the past three seasons as a role player for the Browns, but the defensive end knew he needed a big effort in last Thursd... more


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You da real MVPs. As a Jets fan, would you be cool with them sending two 1st round picks to OAK for Khalil Mack? ‚?? Ritchie Breen... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Tyrod Taylor is not the most important player on the Browns. That title belongs to his understudy, No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield. But make no mistake: Taylor is a major piece of the puzzle as Clevel... more

The late Freddie Mercury once told us this about pressure : Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets I'm pretty sure Mercury... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Tonight, we throw up the "X" in solidarity. Dez Bryant arrived at Cleveland Browns headquarters last week looking to make a strong impression. He's been unconnected to an NFL team since the Cowboys cu... more

Welcome to the End Around, a weekly look back at the world of the National Football League. Dan Hanzus serves as your guide. FREE BEER FOR CLEVELAND ... PROBABLY You‚??ve stood by us through it all. We love you for it, and so does @budlight .... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You will be spared. Who is your upset acquisition that you see the Graybeards making after training camp cuts? #DotComMailbag ‚??... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 The second episode of "Hard Knocks" ends on a note of unabashed optimism. The Browns have defeated the Giants in their preseason opener at MetLife Stadium. We watch a slow-motion montage of Browns pla... more

Welcome to the End Around, a weekly look back at the world of the National Football League. Dan Hanzus serves as your guide. REVEALING MOMENT AT FALCONS CAMP It's a boy! Congratulations @LevitreAndy and @katielevitre !... more

Training camps are in full swing. Let's take a moment to highlight a collection of players who have earned repeated acclaim from teammates, coaches and/or the media this summer. We'll call them the Training Camp Optimism All-Stars! Yeah, I like... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 The Cleveland Browns introduced a new slogan this summer. The phrase is plastered on signs and banners everywhere: at team headquarters, in and around FirstEnergy Stadium and at carefully selected hubs... more

Tom Brady is still here. The most successful quarterback who ever lived turned 41 on Friday. For a man now firmly entrenched in middle-age, it'd make sense if he was spending this special day on a golf course ... or at his kid's soccer practice ...... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. This is why we're so close. Do you guys view the #49ers as a double digit win team in 2018? #DotComMailbag ‚?? Matt Woolsey??... more


Every Friday, Dan Hanzus looks back at the week that was in the NFL. This is the End Around ... Yeah... @AB84 showed up in a helicopter. ū?§Į ‚?? Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) July 25, 2018 For the last three sum... more

Every NFL team's training camp will be underway by the end of the week, and fan optimism is in overdrive all across the country. Training camp represents a sacred place for the glass-half-full sect, a time when potential team strengths easily oversha... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. You get me. What are the chances the Alex Smith Redskins finish the regular season with a better record than the Kurt Cousin... more

Darrelle Revis retired on Wednesday . Five thoughts on one of the best to ever play the cornerback position. 1) Revis was the greatest Jet of all time. Yeah, yeah, I know. How dare I besmirch Broadway Joe! Trust me, I'm not doing that. I love that... more

Jay Cutler spent his NFL career being painted as a misanthrope with a nicotine addiction , a quarterback with all the arm talent in the world but none of the grit to match. Cutler was never "just a kid out there." He never treated the gridiron "li... more


Love me some . I mean, not as much as this site (Area Man Saves Job), but it's right up there. Whether you're a diehard fan or a member of the football cognoscenti, PFR is an invaluable resource for pure, unadulterated... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. That was cool. Who trades for Flacco next year after he inevitably gets benched for Jackson? ‚?? Mark Perkins (@mark_perkins14) Ju... more

Every NFL offseason is unique. It's also exactly the same. If you follow the sport closely, springtime is a familiar carnival that totes with it an intense feeling of déjà vu. Look at the NFL offseason like a long-running sitcom: Absent fresh... more

A little thought exercise on a football website in the middle of June ... Imagine the NFL as a community. A town where the league's players, coaches, general managers, owners, scouts, et. al, live together in harmony. There's a grocery store and a... more

EACH TEAM'S MVP: NFC AFC On Wednesday, we rolled out our predictions for team MVPs in the AFC . Now it's the NFC's turn. A reminder: Don't @ me. Everything I've written here will be proven this autumn to be a 100 percent accurate and... more

EACH TEAM'S MVP: AFC NFC The beginning of the 2018 NFL season is less than 100 days away. If you're like me, you've been studying your favorite team, diagnosing the roster's strengths and weaknesses as you make an internal case for a playoff... more


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. That was cool. With the impending decline of the Pats in the coming years, which franchise has the best chance of being the next dyn... more

There's nothing worse than last place. You can't sugarcoat or rationalize it. There is no, "Yeah, but ... ." The standings are permanent and absolute, laughing at you -- and the people you care about -- for eternity. All there's left to do is proce... more

Is it better to be lucky or good? To be successful in the NFL, you had better be both. After all, every team that's raised the Lombardi Trophy benefited from some luck along the way. For evidence, look no further than the defending Super Bowl champ... more

The rumors became official Thursday when it was announced the Cleveland Browns will be the focus of the 13th season of HBO's groundbreaking NFL documentary series, "Hard Knocks." How should we feel about this? For most of the millennium -- well, s... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. That was nice. With how many teams that have never won repeat superbowls, is there a strong belief that the Eagles actually make it... more

Outside of maybe LeBron James, Tom Brady is the most famous athlete in America. He's reached that most rarified level of sports celebrity -- a larger-than-life, quasi-mythic, demigod-level of renown that allows him to pass even The Grandmother Test.... more

We've made it through the NFL Scouting Combine, free agency and the draft. As OTAs, mandatory minicamps, training camp and the preseason approach, here are our top 10 offseason storylines to watch. Which one of the Big Five rookie QBs will see... more

Midway through the Season 3 premiere of "All or Nothing," Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett stands in front of his players during a team meeting and unveils a pair of gifts from Mauricio Sulaim√°n, the president of the World Boxing Council (WBC). On... more


Call me old fashioned, but I miss the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. There was something special about the marriage of one of Manhattan's most historic venues with one of the NFL's tentpole events. From the red carpet in the middle of midtown,... more

The Jets have a new face of the franchise. Welcome to New York, Sam Darnold. The Jets selected the USC passer with the third overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft on Thursday night, a move the organization hopes will finally solve their forever riddle... more

Being selected in the first round of the NFL draft seems like a pretty perfect life event. After all, who wouldn't relish the opportunity to realize an improbable life's dream and become an instant millionaire at the same time? There's also the li... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. Today, it's all about the draft. @AroundTheNFL Do you think the Pats will trade up to take a QB? And do you think Seattle will actually pick on the first round this year? Th... more

Toughest schedules Most forgiving schedules Revenge games Top prime-time bouts Revenge. Glorious revenge. What could possibly be more rewarding than vanquishing a foe by way of expert retaliation? We're talking profound justice, baby!... more

Which NFL stars have looked the most out of place in a uniform that didn't connect them to their glory days? Dan Hanzus takes us on a walk down memory lane to gawk at All-Pros in duds that were easy to forget. A warning: Some of these photos will be... more

Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree will ply their trade outside the confines of the AFC West in 2018, but that won't stop the two men from sharing a field this year. The Baltimore Sun reported Thursday that Crabtree's new squad, the Ravens, and Aqib's... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag studying the world of the National Football League. Going into last season there was a lot of talk about Dak vs Carson, who was better. Did last season settle that argument or... more

Every team that changes its uniform is ultimately hoping for the Bucs Effect. On April 9, 1997, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit the reboot button. After years of losing, new owner Malcolm Glazer decided his team needed a fresh, more intimidating image... more

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced last month that the unemployment rate was steady at 4.1 percent, a 17-year best for the nation. Great! Employment rose in the fields of construction, retail trade, professional and business services,... more


We learned earlier this month that the 2017 Dallas Cowboys are the subject of the third season of the Amazon documentary series All or Nothing . Now we have a trailer, which offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of a disappointing 9-7 season for... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in his latest mailbag. will ryan tannehill finish the season as the starter for the dolphins? ‚?? Blockchain around my neck (@FromRagsToCoins) March 28, 2018 If Ryan Tannehill can stay healthy,... more

Joe Namath remains, all these years later, the only true franchise quarterback in New York Jets history. I know what you're thinking. That can't be. It's impossible. Joe Namath was on the Jets, like, 40 years ago (42, actually). There has to be ...... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in the latest End Around Mailbag. Long time listener, first time question asker.... The Bills have inquired regarding the #1 overall pick per reports and havent got it... what are the odds the Brow... more

The Arizona Cardinals exist today as a franchise in flux. It wasn't long ago they were the envy of the league. Flashback to June 10, 2016. On that day, the Cardinals gathered in downtown Los Angeles for the premiere of Amazon's newest documentary... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in the latest End Around Mailbag. If Barkley is taken at 1, who do the giants take? ‚?? Jacob Paul (@japaul24) March 8, 2018 Eli Manning seems to have fans in new head coach Pat Shurmur and gen... more

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost. It was a good week for ... Les Snead: The Rams general manager is in that good place for a front office official. Through smart m... more

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost. It was a good week for ... Jon Gruden: Gruden hadn't been at the combine podium in 10 years before Wednesday, but the man showed... more

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bruce Arians said goodbye to the NFL in January. It was a loss for the Arizona Cardinals, but also for the rest of us. After all, Arians was a true original -- a man who brought personality to a gig where that's not necessarily... more


Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost. It was a good week for ... Reggie Wayne: The retired Colts great and current NFL Network analyst will be inducted into the Colts... more

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost. It was a good week for ... Frank Reich: Reich had one of the lines of the offseason when asked during his introductory press... more

Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the readers, in the reincarnated End Around Mailbag. It livvvvvvvves! with the Eagles winning their first Superbowl which of the remaining teams without a Superbowl title will break their drought first? ‚?? E... more

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost. It was a good week for ... Jimmy Garoppolo: Jimmy G. went from being Tom Brady's backup to the highest-paid player in the history... more

Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Super Bowl LII through GIFs. I was on the field as the Eagles celebrated their Super Bowl win... more

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Eagles locker room was on fire. That may not seem like something that seems worthy of a dispatch, given Philadelphia had just won its first Super Bowl in the 52-year history of the damn game. But in reality, hoisting a Lombardi... more

MINNEAPOLIS -- When you have as many hits as Justin Timberlake, it must be an agonizing process to come up with a 12-minute Super Bowl setlist. So credit Timberlake with a little outside-the-box thinking: Why pick just a few hits to showcase when y... more

MINNEAPOLIS -- Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been to eight Super Bowls together since 2001. That's an incredible accomplishment, but here's a scorching hot take delivered to you straight from the North America tundra: Justin Timberlake, making... more

MINNEAPOLIS -- Justin Timberlake is in character. The pop star is standing in front of a packed convention room of reporters from all over the world, but he looks like his next stop could be a pig roast in the woods. Clad in a flannel button up ove... more


Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Super Bowl LII edition of High-Flyin... more

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- This was a different Opening Night. In my seven years covering the kickoff tentpole event of Super Bowl week, I've come to expect certain things from The Event Formerly Known As Media Day. Swarms of humanity. Sweaty journalists w... more

Super Bowl week is here. As a primer, here's a glossary of terms to get you up to speed before the Patriots and Eagles clash in Super Bowl LII†on Sunday . Approximately 90 percent of the content herein can be fairly described as "accurate." The rest... more

Tom Brady and Carson Wentz won't square off in the Super Bowl this year, and that's a shame. For the time being, football fans will have to settle for a pretty stellar merch battle going on between the two star quarterbacks. Brady... more

We learned Tuesday the Patriots will wear their white road jerseys in Super Bowl LII. This might not seem like a big deal, but history tells us this solitary wardrobe decision has already decided the very outcome of pro football's most celebrated co... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Championship Sunday through GIFs. The Gatorade Bath wasn't always a thing. This is weird consideri... more

I was sitting in the office today having a conversation with my co-worker Brooke, starting pitcher for our fabulously successful newsroom softball team and a die-hard fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Killing time before a Super Bowl planning meeting,... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Championship Week edition of High-Fl... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of the Divisional Playoffs through GIFs. Good morning, Stefon. I am you 12 hours in the future. Just a ge... more

The Vikings have already begun the process of preparing for their conference championship affair against the Eagles next Sunday . We, as fans, don't need to move on so quickly. Stefon Diggs' 61-yard touchdown as time expired is still hard to belie... more

We love The Times-Picayune, New Orleans' paper of record and a publication unafraid to wear its hometown passion on its sleeve, er, front page. Last week, we told you about the troll party the Picayune threw after the Saints eliminated their NFC S... more

This isn't just the playoffs for NFL teams. The lights are up for the whippersnappers running team social media accounts, too. At some point in the past four days, this ESPN SportsCenter tweet featuring a dramatic quote from Steelers safety Mike... more

Blake Bortles is in a weird place right now. Bortles has advanced with his team into the NFL's version of the Elite Eight, but that achievement has done nothing to slow the steady flow of insults directed at the Jaguars quarterback on a near-weekly... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Divisional Playoffs edition of... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Wild Card Weekend through GIFs. If you've ever been to an NFL game, you know how close fans can be to... more

The NFC South remains a realm not recommended for the thin of skin, the weak of heart, and the vulnerable of disposition. The New Orleans Saints knocked the Carolina Panthers out of the NFL postseason on Sunday with a 31-26 win at the Superdome. Th... more

We're currently in the process of finding out who will play in the final game of the season, but the non-football related entertainment portion of Super Bowl LII is now set. The league announced Monday that Pink -- or P!NK -- will perform the natio... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Wild Card Playoffs edition of High-F... more

Andy Dalton might never end up being the hero Bengals fans need, but the NFL's Glowing Ginger Man has become figure of legend in the greater Buffalo area. Dalton's stunning touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd on Sunday served as a late Christmas miracle f... more

The regular season is over, the playoff field is set. I know exactly what you're thinking: "Finally we can figure out who the NFL can force into a starring role on Hard Knocks !" OK, you're probably not thinking about that right now, but I have a s... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 17 through GIFs. If I had to pick one head coach/quarterback combination most likely to have a cl... more


It's so cold. We're seeing record low temperatures across the United States this weekend. As in, the coldest weather ever. This has been an adverse development for NFL players, who are crashing into each other a high velocity with temperatures in... more

The regular season comes to a close on Sunday. For 12 of the NFL's 32 teams, the journey will continue into January. Personnel from the other 20 teams will head off to the golf course/night club/comic convention/reality television series of their... more

The Sam Ficken era is off to an inauspicious start. Ficken, signed by the Rams after NFL point leader Greg Zuerlein was sent to injured reserve with a back injury this week, missed a field goal and an extra point attempt in the first half of Sunda... more

Blake Bortles has become perhaps the grand curiosity of this NFL as we reach the final weeks of the regular season. For most of 2017, Bortles looked every bit the liability that would stand in the way of the Jaguars and their gifted defense making... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 16 edition of High-Flying Adven... more

Those of us who don't sit on the Throne of Ease are still attempting to process how the Patriots managed to win on Sunday in Pittsburgh. New England certainly looked cooked after Jesse James crossed the goal line with the ball firmly in his grasp... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 15 through GIFs. The Oakland Raiders have already earned their spot on 2017's Mount Rushmore of... more

Call it a game of millimeters. Sunday Night Football between the Cowboys and Raiders treated us to one of the strangest scenes of the 2017 season. In the fourth quarter of a tie game, the Cowboys decided to keep their offense on the field for a... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 15 edition of High-Flying Adven... more

The Philadelphia Eagles placed Carson Wentz on injured reserve Tuesday. The official paperwork represented the culmination of a night terror turned reality for Iggles fans, who thought, maybe -- just maybe -- this was finally the year. Ugh, maybe... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. This week we'll focus exclusively on the Bills' overtime victory over the Colts in snow-blanketed Orchard Park. That's right, the... more

This has been a special year -- a rebirth, really -- for touchdown celebrations in the NFL. And while we've all enjoyed the creativity that's come with this new post-score freedom of expression, there's something to be said for the standards. Davan... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 14 edition of High-Flying Adventu... more

People in Philadelphia are still ticked off about the lateral. In the fourth quarter of Sunday night's key conference showdown between the Eagles and Seahawks, Russell Wilson scrambled on third-and-9 and, as Eagles defenders closed in, flipped the... more

Everyone is having fun in the end zone thanks to the NFL's now relaxed end zone rules, but no one has done it better this season than the Philadelphia Eagles. With a three quarters of the season in the books, let's rank our favorite Eagles celebratio... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 13 through GIFs. Well, that's that. Giants coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese wer... more

Marcus Peters chose a unique method to protest a penalty call late in Sunday's matchup against the Jets. He took the penalty flag out of play. The Chiefs cornerback melted down after teammate Steven Nelson was called for defensive holding on a Jets... more

Tom Brady is one of pro football's great competitors. We know this because he yells, "Let's go!" really loud before every game. Well, that and the unending waterfall of personal and team-based achievements during a legendary 18-year career with the... more


Bill Belichick is not an easy man to read. Being an impenetrable fortress of solemnity has served the Patriots coach quite well over the years. At some point, Belichick's gruff exterior became as much a part of his legend as his incredible success... more

Sunday's matchup between the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs is not a revenge game for Darrelle Revis. Nope. No way. It just isn't. Stop. Anyone who attempts to sell you on this notion is a liar, a fool or both. This will be a game about the... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 13 edition of High-Flying Adven... more

The ongoing feud between wide receiver Michael Crabtree and cornerback Aqib Talib can be traced back a single piece of jewelry. I refer, of course, to the gold chain that Talib has now snatched from Crabtree's neck in consecutive years during meeti... more

The NFL season is long. This is especially true for head coaches, who who age like presidents during pressure-packed job tenures that demand around the clock effort. Take Colts coach Chuck Pagano, for instance, who has watched his team kick away... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 12 through GIFs. How can Antonio Brown be the most productive wide receiver since Jerry Rice and... more

With all due respect to Carson Wentz, the NFL MVP race remains Tom Brady's to lose. The Patriots quarterback actually threw an interception Sunday (his first since Week 6), but he piled on four more touchdown passes in a easy victory over the Dolph... more

The Raiders have finally done it. After 10 hours, 15 minutes and 53 seconds of game play, the Silver & Black finally have their first interception of the 2017 season. Fittingly, the Raiders needed a lot of luck to end one of the strangest NFL strea... more

What's the biggest difference between this year's Falcons offense and their unstoppable attack from a season ago? One simple answer? There's been curious a red zone disconnect between quarterback Matt Ryan and star wide receiver Julio Jones, who en... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 12 edition of High-Flying Adven... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 11 through GIFs. This is how you look when you go to JerrahWorld and score 30 unanswered points i... more

The Bills were widely questioned for their decision to bench quarterback Tyrod Taylor this week. One can imagine the Buffalo braintrust is having second thoughts right about now. Rookie Nate Peterman threw five interceptions in the first half of... more

What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, the Los Angeles Rams were one of the most depressing watches in football. They couldn't score, the kid quarterback was overwhelmed, and the mustachioed veteran coach had lost the ability to summon... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 11 edition of High-Flying Adven... more

Let's talk today about the limits of friendship. Attending a football game is a communal experience. It's fun. It's inclusive. It's a big human hug. This is the everlasting beauty of attending a live sporting event -- for four or five hours everyon... more

"Super Bowl's Greatest Halftime Shows: U2" premieres on NFL Network on Dec. 2 at 4:30 p.m. ET On Feb. 3, 2002, U2 performed the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVI at the Superdome in New Orleans. It remains the greatest Super Bowl halftime show of... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 10 through GIFs. I grew up in a suburb 20 miles north of Manhattan, a Jets fan in a town filled w... more

Teddy Bridgewater made it back. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback, who had his career and life upended by a freak knee injury in practice last summer, was on the sideline and active for Sunday's 38-30 win over the Washington Redskins. Sunday marked... more

Maurice Harris is your new leader in the clubhouse in the Greatest Catch Of 2017 competition. The Washington Redskins wide receiver -- called up from the practice squad this weekend -- made a diving one-handed touchdown catch in the first quarter o... more

Everyone is still trying to figure out how Tom Brady remains so damn good at football now months beyond his 40th birthday. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a theory we'd yet to come across before Wednesday. "He may be Benjamin Button," Newton sa... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 10 edition of High-Flying Adven... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 9 through GIFs. This might be my favorite moment of unintentional comedy in NFL this season. Kirk... more

Jameis Winston seems like a good leader. He's a franchise quarterback. He has charisma. He ... well, that's pretty much all you need in this sport. We saw this summer on Hard Knocks how well Winston's personality connected with Buccaneers teammate... more

The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series last night to clinch the first championship in their 58-year history. Bully for those guys. With the Astros on top of baseball mountain and Deshaun Watson lighting it... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 9 edition of High-Flying Advent... more


Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 8 through GIFs. There's logic in play here. JuJu Smith-Schuster is more than just the guy whose n... more

The Atlanta Falcons needed a bounce-back game after three straight tough losses, and on Sunday, they got exactly that, beating the New York Jets, 25-20 . Here's what we learned from the afternoon: 1. The Falcons ended their three-game losing... more

The Patriots are 103-18 at home in the Tom Brady era. For real. And while taking out the Patriots in Foxborough is not impossible (just ask the Chiefs and Panthers), it represents a gargantuan challenge. You must be sharp. You must be dynamic. And yo... more

Every week, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 8 edition of High-Flying... more

The Cleveland Browns need help. The team is winless as we near the season's halfway point and sit an unsightly 1-22 since the start of the 2016 season. Hue Jackson may yet still be a successful NFL head coach, but it could take him years -- decades... more

Ah, the warm glow of new friendship. Is there anything better than meeting someone and immediately reaching an unspoken understanding you're going to be tight for life? Just ask Le'Veon Bell and rookie wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster, who are having a... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 7 through GIFs. There's logic in play here. Let's begin today with a huge shout-out to Mother... more

Natural disasters have been a sad fact of life in our country for the past three months, from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, to the wildfires of Northern California. Texans star J.J. Watt showed just how powerful a... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 7 edition of High-Fly... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 6 through GIFs. There's logic in play here. Ugh. Last week, I wrote in my weekly research notes c... more

This is a time of great hope for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who feel like a team on the brink of at long-last escaping the endless shadow of 3-13. The Jags have won more than they've lost this season -- this is the latest the Jags have been above .5... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 6 edition of High-Fly... more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a kicker problem. Yes, a lot of teams have problems with their kickers, but that's not what I'm getting at here. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the happy-go-lucky bunch from Hard Knocks , have a kicker problem . Last year... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 5 through GIFs. There's logic in play here. The Cowboys did pretty much everything in their p... more

Tonight is an important game for the New England Patriots. The defending Super Bowl champions are 2-2 and facing extreme -- and deserved -- scrutiny for a defense that has been historically bad through four weeks. Bill Belichick and defensive... more

In terms of high comedy, nothing in Week 4 came close to the image of Jay Cutler split out wide in the Wildcat. Let's all take a second to reminisce and smile: On the surface, the ever-substantial Cutler Don't Care contingent appeared to have a Sm... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 5 edition of High-Fly... more

This New York Giants season has gone sideways in a hurry. Another descriptive term that would fit for 0-4 Big Blue? Crooked. Real crooked. I give this game everything I got. Ain't no way around it.. A post shared by OdellBeckhamJr (@obj) on Oct... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 4 through GIFs. There's logic in play here. Last week, we wrote about Deshaun Watson's thoughtful... more


Dabo Swinney, the head football coach at Clemson, said prior to the 2017 NFL Draft that any teams that passed on Deshaun Watson would eventually experience the same regret that haunted NBA teams that passed on Michael Jordan. It was perhaps the gre... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the expert findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 4 edition of High-Fly... more

Did I ever think I'd be writing about Eagles kicker Jake Elliott every day this week? No, that was not foreseen. We keep moving. Elliott shocked the Giants -- and made his old man proud -- with a 61-yard, game-winning field goal in Week 3. You kno... more

Jake Elliott became a household name overnight in Philadelphia. Beating the Giants with a 61-yard field goal will do that for you. I'd say something trite like, "Elliott never has to buy a cheesesteak in Philly again!", but we all know that's not... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 3 through GIFs. It all makes delicious sense! Jake Elliott went to work on Sunday morning as just another anonymous kicker in the NFL. His... more

Richard Sherman was involved in a play Sunday he'd probably love to wipe from his memory bank. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback was flagged three times in a matter of seconds during the first quarter of the team's Week 3 loss to the Tennessee Titans... more

Bears cornerback Marcus Cooper, welcome to The Leon Lett Club. In the final seconds of the first half of Sunday's matchup between the Bears and Steelers, Cooper corralled a blocked field goal attempt by Pittsburgh's Chris Boswell and began coasting... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the findings of the NFL Media Research Department to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 3 edition of High-Flying... more

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 2 through GIFs. It all makes delicious sense! Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders are having fun together, aren't they? The arrangement works fo... more

The Beast Mode and Raiders marriage is working for all parties involved. The veteran running back continued to work in vintage form on Sunday against the Jets, trucking a host of defenders on his way to 45 yards and a touchdown, his first in two ye... more

Rave reviews continue to pour in for new CBS color man Tony Romo. Romo was sent to the Superdome on Sunday to call the Patriots-Saints tilt along with play-by-play man Jim Nantz. With the Saints in the red zone early in the second quarter, Romo spo... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the NFL Media Research Notes to share nuggets (also known as "nugs") that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is the Week 2 edition of High-Flying Adventures In The Resear... more

The football cognoscenti is preoccupied with how Tom Brady is going to eat and train and high-performance pajama his way to immortality. Us? We're going to stay focused on keeping Philip Rivers in the NFL as long as possible. Rivers, as always,... more

Football is back. God is good and merciful. Hopefully you woke up on Monday morning feeling like your team is an unstoppable juggernaut. Perhaps you sat up in your bed and felt exactly the opposite, in which case, I've created a handy tool †to revisi... more

If the Bengals-Ravens opener was a game of Madden, Andy Dalton would have hit the reset button about an hour ago. The Bengals' seventh-year quarterback threw a trio of first-half interceptions, a ghastly start that has help put the Bengals in a 20-... more

Every Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs through the NFL Media Research Notes to share five nuggets that interest, fascinate, frighten or change him on a fundamental level. This is Adventures In Research Notes: Week 1. You don't have to win this weekend,... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ladies and gentlemen, your 2017 Hard Knocks MVP is ... (drum roll) ... Jameis Winston. Five weeks ago, we began our episode recaps in this space by raving about the magnetic quality of the Buccaneer... more


Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the look and feel of a team on the precipice of something great. Positivity pulsates through One Buccaneer Place. The team has everything you'd want: A roster stacked wit... more

Matthew Stafford is a very wealthy man . Since entering the NFL as the first overall pick in 2009, Stafford has earned three lucrative multi-year pacts with the Detroit Lions. He cashed in after the draft, signing a five-year, $72 million contract... more

Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to facial hair . Like millions of men, he'll experiment from time to time -- quietly convincing himself the reflection staring back at him in the bathroom mirror is new and different and superior . For many men, this pe... more

Bill Belichick likes him some Celtics basketball. The Patriots coach makes regular courtside appearances at the TD Garden during the spring. You may recall LeBron James nearly ending Belichick with a collision in March . Isaiah Thomas, the dynamic... more

Jake Butt is a survivor. It couldn't have been easy being a young Butt. Kids can be cruel. But young Jake persevered, using his athletic prowess to overcome the unfair trappings of childhood and adolescence. Becoming a star tight end at the Univers... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Every season of Hard Knocks is different ... but it's also kind of the same. There isn't Radiohead-level reinvention each August -- and that's perfectly fine. A Hard Knocks season should be comfortabl... more

As I watched Monday night's preseason affair between the Giants and Browns (you can't say I'm not a pro), I found myself appreciating the enduring grace of one Eli Manning. You want to start a spirited debate? Come down hard on one side or the othe... more

'Round these parts, we enjoy ourselves a good James Harrison Ridiculous Feats Of Strength post . The simple act of watching video of the ageless Steelers linebacker exercise is in equal parts impressive, endearing and empowering. If James Harris... more

For the first time in eight years, Rex Ryan is off the NFL grid. Ryan received a pink slip in January after an uninspired two-year run with the Bills, and his prospects of getting a third big-chair opportunity may be slim. It's fair to assume Ryan... more

LeSean McCoy spent six seasons in Philadelphia. Given his considerable service time with the Eagles, McCoy figures to be a sound source on quality cheesesteak joints in the city. This is important knowledge to possess, of course, and Shady's not ab... more

Justin Tucker is the placekicker coaches dream about. Whether it's the first quarter or fourth, in sunshine or sleet, the Baltimore Ravens' special teams ace kicks 'em long and he kicks 'em straight. Tucker's career numbers tell the story of consis... more

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me this summer if I've seen the Netflix documentary What The Health , well, I'd be approximately 35 cents richer. (Someone should really adjust that adage for inflation.) Point is, What The Health --... more

The Atlanta Falcons are the NFL's ultimate good news/bad news team entering the 2017 season. Good news: You are the defending NFC champions. Bad news: You are coming off the worst Super Bowl loss ever . Good news: You deployed one of the great... more

It's a total eclipse of the Titans -- standardized practice routine that is. I hate myself. On Monday at 1:27 p.m. CT, Nashville will have a front-row seat for the oncoming total solar eclipse. This natural phenomenon hasn't occurred since 1979, an... more

What do you know about Guy Fieri? You probably know he's a celebrity chef. You're probably aware he's on TV a lot, possesses a shock of bleached blonde hair and bares a general resemblance to the guy from Smash Mouth . You might know The New York Tim... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Roberto Aguayo had to know he was up against it. The writing was on the wall way back in March, when the Bucs signed veteran kicker Nick Folk to a contract that included $750,000 guaranteed. That was... more

Roberto Aguayo couldn't make his kicks in the Buccaneers preseason opener last weekend and he lost his job because of it . Of course, there was much more to the Robbie Aguayo saga than its sudden conclusion. Aguayo was a source of constant constern... more

The Los Angeles Chargers drew 21,054 fans to their preseason opener at the StubHub Center last weekend, a modest gathering that served as a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead as the Chargers attempt to establish a Southland foothold. The Cha... more

Football coaches are funny creatures. Just look at the premiere of Hard Knocks as an example. At the top of the episode, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter explains to his players that teams are like rockets. "Most of the work has to happen before hand!" Ko... more

Odell Beckham Jr. wants to become the highest-paid player in football -- and you know what? -- we get it. Football is just like any other business. What can you offer that others cannot? That's what defines your value. And Odell Beckham is pretty... more

Life comes at you fast. Just ask Jordan Matthews , who spent the last two seasons as the leading receiver of the Philadelphia Eagles and now finds himself checking out rental properties in Western New York. Though Matthews' name had increasingly fo... more

News for all you Belly Truthers out there: Kelvin Benjamin looks good tonight in Charlotte. The fourth-year wide receiver had a pair of catches in the first half against the Texans, including a go-up-and-get-it touchdown reception that brought back... more

OK, I've tracked down my favorite stupid beef of the preseason. It's AJ McCarron v. Cardale Jones. The subject? Casual dining, baby. As you may be aware, McCarron just opened Ajian , a build-your-own-sushi restaurant on the campus of his alma mater... more

David Quessenberry was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2013, but he hasn't seen the field in three years. That will change tonight. Quessenberry has spent the last three years in a fight against non-Hodgkin T-lymphoblastic lymphoma. The illness pu... more

Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Watch the full episode above, courtesy of HBO, and be sure to watch each new episode Tuesdays at 10 p.m. PT. Will Smith had Bad Boys . Mark Wahlberg had Boogie Nights . Chris Pratt had Guardians of t... more

You already knew the Patriots were the class of the NFL. That distinction has now expanded to include air travel. JUST IN: Patriots become first NFL team to buy 767 to fly to games. They actually bought two more

The 12th season of Hard Knocks premieres Tuesday night on HBO with the first of five episodes taking us behind the scenes at Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp. There are plenty of fun storylines to follow this season, but in the meantime let's take a walk... more

First things first: Jay Cutler doesn't need this job. According to , a site that track's earnings of professional athletes, Cutler made $112 million in his first 11 NFL seasons. Cutler's wife, former MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari,... more

You know that part in a romantic comedy when the protagonist finally realizes the girl of his dreams has been right under his nose the entire time? Let's talk about the Cleveland Browns and Brock Osweiler. A few months ago, the Browns traded for... more

There are many factors that made Super Bowl LI arguably the peak of Tom Brady's legendary career (at least, so far). Trying circumstances off the field only added to emotion of the Patriots' unlikely victory. Brady's mother, Galynn, battled cancer... more

It's unclear if Kirk Cousins got his wish to attend Sunday night's Coldplay concert at FedEx Field. If so, he was treated to a Redskins shoutout by singer Chris Martin. During a solo acoustic interlude during the band's sold out show, Martin launc... more

I spent a portion of my Friday afternoon arguing with strangers on the internet about Eli Manning's Hall of Fame candidacy. My take: Two Super Bowl MVPs, both wins against the Patriots, never missed a start, stats that will put him in the top 10 o... more

Are we all witnesses for the Roberto Aguayo uprising? Perhaps. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' embattled second-year place kicker is in the fight of his football life -- and so far, so good. Aguayo went 7-for-7 during Tampa Bay's two-hour workout on... more

The Los Angeles Rams will continue to be the kings of frequent flyer miles in 2017. For the second consecutive season, the Rams will log more air miles than any team in the league. The Rams will travel 32,600 miles through the air for their eight r... more

You know football is coming when teams start sending out packages to season-ticket holders. And you know you're a Patriots fan if the block of tickets received in the mail is a little fatter than what fans of less prodigious franchises receive. K... more

Jay Feely was a solid NFL kicker. He played 14 seasons in the league, converting 343 field goals for six different teams. His gridiron success led to a second career as an analyst for CBS, a gig he holds to this day. Football has been very good to Ja... more

Tom Brady turns 40 today. Almost impossibly, he remains the best quarterback in the world. The NFL's ageless wonder has worked tirelessly to stay on top of his profession, and one can assume that competitive fire seeps into all aspects of his existe... more

These are not easy days to be Blake Bortles. The fourth-year Jaguars quarterback is attempting to rejuvenate a once promising career at the same time his head coach is telling reporters stuff like, "We want to run literally every play." Bortles'... more

Which of the following would not serve as an accurate descriptor of Kirk Cousins? A) human being B) quarterback C) rich D) rapper Before you answer, please be aware of the following video footage taken Wednesday at Washington Redskins... more

To borrow a line from MJ, "the ceiling is the roof" for Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. The first-round rookie has wowed every set of eyeballs in his time zone this spring and summer, showing off a combination of speed and lateral agilit... more

We never imagined Marshawn Lynch and Macklemore to be boys, but apparently there's some relationship between the veteran running back and Seattle rapper. Lynch makes a surprise cameo in the music video for the new Macklemore track "Marmalade." We... more

Tom Brady will turn 40 this week. This is not a kind age to men in his profession. Most quarterbacks in middle age are either a) long retired or b) depressing shells of their former selves. We see you 1999 Dan Marino. You, too, 2015 Peyton Manning.... more

Question: How many trophies did you get as a kid? I want you to really think about it. Start with the earliest days of tee ball straight through your high school and college years. Chorus recitals? Do it. Cheerleading competitions? Of course. Beer... more

The Atlanta Falcons will open their new stadium this month, a $1.6 billion facility that makes the departed Georgia Dome look quaint and ancient (quancient?) by comparison. We already knew about the 360-degree video boards that left Matt Ryan --... more


Do not anger Bruce Arians. The Arizona Cardinals coach decided to test his team with an earlier practice on Monday -- 8 a.m., to be precise. When the players didn't respond in the manner the coach expected, well, this is when being a professional... more

Training camp is serious business for NFL teams, so it's always welcome when some fun creeps into the proceedings. The Baltimore Ravens held an open practice at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday night, giving fans an early look at what will become the 201... more

Last time we thought about Ryan Mallett, he was being undermined by his iPhone . Now it's the Ravens' defense doing its best to make the backup quarterback miserable. Check out this dispatch from's Jamison Hensley , who has boots on the gr... more

Back in the old days, it was common for NFL players to use training camp as a means to get into shape for the upcoming season. Modern professional athletes are far more conscientious about how they treat their bodies, turning peak fitness into a... more

On second thought, maybe there is some bad blood between Stephon Gilmore and the Bills. Two weeks ago, we told you about the Buffalo sports anchor who took what seemed like an innocuous tweet about Gilmore's excitement to play on national televi... more

You can understand the pressure Antonio Brown puts on himself. Every year, the Pittsburgh Steelers star arrives at training camp in a Rolls Royce. This has become his thing. Two years ago, he arrived at Saint VIncent College in a Rolls with Steeler... more

The Chargers might have split from San Diego, but Philip Rivers is staying put. No, that doesn't mean Rivers has quit football to open a burrito and bolo tie shop on the beach. Rivers will remain the Chargers' most important player, but he'll be... more

NFL players spend most of their TV time wearing helmets that obscure their faces, so you can understand why so many players jump at the opportunity to get in front of the camera and express themselves when given the chance. I bring this up because... more

Madden NFL 18 is coming. The venerable franchise will soon return for another season, and if you're a true Madden freak, you're already wondering how the league's incoming rookies will be rated. (Are you one of these people? That's extreme, man.) Any... more

Martellus Bennett got to Packers camp late Tuesday night. One problem: He never put his ETA on anybody's radar within the organization. And so it was that Bennett found himself locked out of the entrance to his dorm at St. Norbert College. Bennett... more

When you raise your hand during a Bill Belichick press conference, be sure to remember what Omar said on The Wire : "You come at the king, you best not miss." If you're at all familiar with the mechanics of a Belichick presser -- a fragile ballet o... more

Here's one of those silly little stories that act as a reminder how different your life is from the average NFL superstar. Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones hopped on a jet ski this week, zipping around Lake Lanier in Georgia. Good, clean fun, righ... more

The man with the No. 1 selling NFL jersey in America is a player many fans have never even heard of. At least, not yet. We're talking about James Conner, the former University of Pittsburgh standout who was drafted by the Steelers in the third roun... more

Not all heroes wear capes. Some have carry-on bags. Like many NFL players across the country, Bears linebacker Jerrell Freeman ended his weekend with a plane ride that would take him to training camp. When the flight at Austin-Bergstrom Internation... more

It's one of the last slow summer days on the NFL calendar, so let's go ahead and watch an insane Randy Moss highlight, shall we? This one came to our attention via NFL Reddit . Behold the pure athletic genius. Threw the hand up before he even got... more

Sean Spicer resigned as White House Press Secretary on Friday . So long, bub. Before Spicey writes his tell-all and embarks on a long career of yelling at people for money on cable news, let's look back at the time he crossed paths with the NFL.... more

The Atlanta Falcons might have suffered the worst collapse in Super Bowl history, but there remains much to be excited about as a new season approaches. Like, for instance, the $1.2 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium, set to open its doors next month. T... more

James Harrison continues preparation for his 15th NFL season. This involves doing things with weights that may be illegal in some parts of the country. In his latest feat of strength, the Steelers linebacker pushed a sled stacked with 39 plates at... more

The Buffalo Bills haven't been to the postseason this century. It represents a marathon stretch of irrelevance that's had the effect of keeping a proud franchise far from the national spotlight. The Bills' low profile is one of the reasons new Pat... more

One of the most famous scenes in Rocky comes during the unkillable franchise's 1979 sequel, when Sly Stallone's titular protagonist jogs through Philadelphia, a growing trail of children following in his wake until the underdog boxer and what seems... more

When Detroit Lions fans look up at the rafters of Ford Field this season, they'll no longer have a team-dictated reminder of how remarkably unsuccessful the team has been in the past half dozen decades. The Detroit Free Press reported that team... more

Two summers ago, I sought the answer to a quantifiably impossible question: Which NFL team and fan base had suffered the most misery in the Super Bowl era? The result of my research was the Pain Rankings , a collection of ill-fated teams... more

Kirk Cousins and the Redskins failed to agree to terms on a long-term deal ahead of Monday's league-mandated deadline. Cousins will play under the franchise tag for the second consecutive year, a reality that certainly appears to stick in the craw o... more

The Panthers fired Dave Gettleman on Monday , which was surprising and odd and leaves me very concerned about who will fill the void as the NFL general manager who can efficiently use "hog mollies" in a sentence. Gettleman is a gruff and outgoing B... more

Tom Brady is less than two months away from beginning his 18th NFL season. At this point, it's difficult to imagine an NFL that existed before the Patriots legend was winning Super Bowls on a near-constant basis. Oh, but there was. Prior to his inf... more

If you haven't been paying attention to Tim Tebow's minor league baseball career, I get it. But let it be stated that the guy is doing pretty OK. In fact, that's an understatement. Tim Tebow is borderline thriving as a baseball player right now.... more

While all you nerds pinch yourselves about the start of a new season of Game of Thrones , I'm over here with a red marker and calendar crossing off the days until the launch of HBO's true summer banger, Hard Knocks . The premium cable behemoth rele... more

Peyton Manning has been out of the NFL for more than a year now, but it doesn't feel like he ever really left, does it? Manning isn't on our TVs every Sunday anymore, but he remains a near-constant television presence thanks to his endless pitchman... more

DeAngelo Williams is a huge wrestling fan , so perhaps it shouldn't be a total surprise he just opted to hit the Cowboys and their entire fanbase with an elbow drop off the top rope. The free-agent running back didn't hold back when asked why the... more

Bruce Arians is not your typical NFL coach. Turns out he wasn't your typical child, either. Bruce Arians said on Sirius today that he had to get his stomach pumped twice when he was younger from drinking paint. That's something. ‚?? Kevin Clark... more

J.J. Watt has debuted a new clothing line, The JJ Watt Collection, a, um, collection of six button-down shirts and two polos "exclusively designed and meticulously thought out by J.J." Here is all the relevant information we gleaned from the three... more


How much you'll be interested by the new season of All or Nothing †might correlate directly with how intrigued you are by a car crash. The 2016 Rams blew past fender-bender status by about Week 6. By Week 10, they were a high-velocity T-bone. By We... more

Smile, Beast Mode! June 22, 2017

Marshawn Lynch is back in our lives, a gift for which we are all grateful. In addition to being one of the best running backs of his generation, Lynch is among the NFL's recognizable talents -- no easy feat in a sport that requires its player... more

Tom Brady is a brand as much as a football player these days. So while many of his contemporaries across the NFL take some time to kick back and relax during the six-week break ahead of training camp, TB12 is on the other side of the world promoting... more

Adrian Peterson's unrequited love of shellfish is a Shakespearean tragedy. The Saints running back loves seafood, but his body is not on the same page. Five years ago with the Vikings, a bowl of gumbo caused Peterson's face to itch and his throat t... more

Some men spend their life obsessing about their family name. How can it be established? What should it represent? How will it carry on? Ryan Holtan-Murphy never worried about any of that. He just likes the Packers. Like many men his age, Ryan spent... more

Players across the NFL have started their version of summer vacation. For the next six weeks, team facilities are dark and players are free to do as they please until training camp. This is especially great news for Raiders left guard Kelechi Oseme... more

As we scrub down our grills following another successful Father's Day, let's take a moment to relish a young man who just made his old man very proud. Jon Gruden's son, Deuce, just won Gold at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. ū??ū?... more

Adrian Peterson knows he will be more successful at his job if his fullback is good at his. If Peterson can curry some personal favor with the man, even better. Peterson, who's getting rave reviews at Saints camp this spring, bought veteran fullbac... more

Spirits are high in football camps across the country on this Thursday. Teams are wrapping up mandatory minicamps, which means it's time for the NFL version of summer vacation. We already told you about the wild kicker-infused celebration that end... more

Unless you count losing, the Cleveland Browns haven't succeeded in crafting much tradition since re-entering the league in 1999. But this is an offseason of hope in Believeland, and we might be seeing the makings of an annual ritual that the team's... more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicking competition continues to be, pound-for-pound, the greatest show of the NFL offseason. And this baby is just heating up. First, a quick refresher: Last year, the Bucs traded up in the draft to select Florida State... more

The most tedious storyline of the offseason revolved around Odell Beckham Jr. and the needless hand-wringing over his decision not to attend a few voluntary offseason practices with the New York Giants. The constant headlines garnered by Beckham's... more

The Oakland Raiders are the bittersweet story of the NFL offseason. As a team, they are a Super Bowl contender with likeable young stars up and down the roster. As an organization, they've traded out a loyal Oakland fanbase for the promise of Las V... more

"Still D.R.E." is an all-time banger from Dr. Dre that kicked off a huge career resurgence for the West Coast legend and reminded the world that Snoop Dogg was still a Randy Moss-like force. "D.R.E.", though not as popular as subsequent Dre singles,... more

It's not unusual for restaurant chains to offer "(Insert Popular Product Here) For Life" in the service of fun publicity and the goodwill of the region's sports fans. You might recall -- OK, you definitely don't -- Nashville eateries offering Peyto... more

I am fully aware 30 teams are in mandatory minicamp this week, and therefore, society has many "real" football storylines to digest (I guess). So don't get up on your high horse and condescend about the massive news I'm about to lay down right here i... more

When Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $140 million -- in business terms this is known as a strong return on investment -- he was buying into both the team and the brand. And make no mistake, the Cowboys -- with their winning histo... more

Ryan Switzer is a fourth-round pick of the Cowboys with a real chance to make an impact on special teams in his rookie season. If he does make a splash -- Dallas could really use a punt returner who can make people miss -- the whole world will know h... more

As Eddie Lacy shrinks, his bank account expands. For the second time in the span of a month, the veteran running back has reportedly met an incentivized weight target baked into his new contract with the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy p... more

The New England Patriots hosted yet another one of those Super Bowl ring presentation ceremonies on Friday night. Being a fan of this team must be the greatest version of Groundhog Day ever. Every Patriots fan since George W. Bush's first term:... more

Before we watch the Cavaliers attempt to stave off elimination at the hands of the Warriors and their '90s Cowboys-like greatness tonight, let's take a trip to the barbershop to find out why LeBron James doesn't believe Tom Brady is the greatest ath... more

Here's something stupid and fun, perhaps more stupid than fun, but hey, it's a Friday in June, so let's all get off our high horses and just ... co-exist . Everybody loves those NFL Bad Lip Reading videos . By our count (always shaky business), the... more

Since we were just on the subject of aging NFL running backs looking to find their place in a world of uncertainty, let's stay in the neighborhood and check in on DeAngelo Williams. Williams, an 11-year NFL veteran and current free agent, is takin... more

Adrian Peterson said this week that he'd like to play until he's 37 or 38 years old. Hmmmm. That's pretty old for a football player. It's really old for a running back, a position that has turned players on the wrong side of 30 into an endangered... more

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a very good team in a very bad way right now. They will enter Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night in a 3-0 hole. No team has ever overcome that deficit in the NBA. The Cavs dug themselves out of a 3-1 hole to dethro... more

The New York Jets are proving once again that they are the most gifted losing franchise in professional football. Sure, there are NFL teams that lose in a more relentless manner than Gang Green. But to be a fan of New York's other team is to... more

On Wednesday we learned about the amazing journey of Bills cornerback Shareece Wright, who took an Uber ride from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to 1 Bills Drive in Orchard Park, New York, after a flight connection gone awry. The trip last... more

Being a holder for field goals and extra points is the most thankless task in football. When's the last time you heard a coach or player praise the holder for doing his job? Does anybody ever call in on sports talk radio to compliment how solid the... more

If you're in the market for some squeaky clean sports-bro fun, look no further than the Dude Perfect trick-shot guys. And who's a better match of the Dude Perfect sensibilities than Saints quarterback Drew Brees? This week, the inevitable became re... more

Davon House had a problem. The Green Bay Packers defensive back was stuck at an airport in Minneapolis on Monday after inclement weather caused him to miss his connecting flight. To avoid missing the first day of Packers organized team activities t... more

We're used to hearing this time of year from players who feel they are too low on NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2017 countdown, but we can't recall a single instance of a player who bemoaned being too high on the list. Enter Texans star J.J. Wa... more

I just want to duck in here real quick and say Wade Phillips is the greatest. Both of my grandfathers have passed on into the next life unfortunately, but as long as the Son of Bum is still around I feel like I have a surrogate senior role model in... more

Aaron Rodgers is a seasonal social media presence. From September through February, he's all retweets and the occasional endorsement-necessitated plug. But the Packers quarterback lets down his hair during football's quieter months, something we've... more

Takkarist McKinley is turning into the breakout star of the 2017 NFL Draft. That's solely as an entertainer for now, but it's a start. McKinley, whose impassioned, f-bomb infused paean to his late grandmother on the stage in Philadelphia made him... more

The Nashville Predators' first trip to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals has been something of a small-scale apocalypse to this point; the Western Conference champs were outscored 9-4 in two road losses to start the series. No matter, the Preds will retur... more


Dez Bryant is a fine wide receiver and undoubtedly one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys of the past 20 years. But he is not above succumbing to the occasional professional athlete cliche. For example: Bryant has used a portion of his handsome NFL ear... more

You know you're deep into the NFL offseason when the top story over Memorial Day weekend revolved around uneasy negotiations between Mike Vick and the Falcons toward a one-day retirement contract. The news cycle has slowed, no doubt, but the good n... more

It's Memorial Day weekend, the start of beach season in the United States. Is your body ready for prime time? If not, don't panic. Real beach/lake weather doesn't start for several more weeks. And here's even better news: We have a diet that could... more

While everyone celebrates the NFL's decision to relax celebration penalties, it should be stated that perhaps the most emphatic display of touchdown joy remains squarely on the banned list. ESPN reported Thursday , citing a source with knowledge o... more

Odell Beckham hasn't been on the field in the first two days of OTAs, but don't worry Giants fans, he's still getting his work in. The enigmatic wide receiver spent some time earlier this week taking part in some passing drills with none other than... more

Ryan Grigson has landed on his feet in a surprising place. The Browns announced Wednesday that Grigson, the former Colts general manager, has been hired as Cleveland's senior personnel executive. Grigson will answer to Cleveland football czar Sash... more

I don't know who's making Rob Gronkowski's business decisions. Perhaps they aren't really "decisions" at all, but rather, "Hey Gronk do you want to ..." followed immediately by "OK, SURE." That said, none of these questionable career choices seem... more

It's hard not to feel for the Atlanta Falcons, a team that suffered the worst Super Bowl defeat ever and now must live with the indignity of being reminded of it on a near daily basis. At the heart of this trolling is "28-3". That, of course, was t... more

Last month, we pumped up the upcoming training camp battle between Bucs kickers Roberto Aguayo and veteran newcomer Nick Folk as one of the most fascinating subplots of this summer's Hard Knocks . Based on what we're hearing out of OTAs in Tampa,... more

Odell Beckham just scored the biggest contract of his life -- and it has nothing to do with the New York Giants. On Tuesday, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Beckham re-upped with Nike in what is the most lucrative deal ever for an N... more

Touchdown celebrations got busted out of fun jail on Tuesday and everybody but Marvin Lewis (and your previously mentioned 74-year-old grandpa ) is pumped about it. The celebration extended to the NFL's official Twitter handle, which was able to s... more

The NFL announced Tuesday that it will relax restrictions on celebrations in an effort to provide players "more room to have fun after they make big plays." Thank God. The league's draconian rules in this realm were bugging the bejeezus out of... more

Rookies don't have much in the way of juice in their first spring and summer as NFL players. These kids spend the calendar's warmest months with a huge target on their backs; forced to get bad haircuts, pick up dinner tabs, carry stinky equipment... more

Sure, he can throw a football, but can he book a reservation? That's what the Chicago Bears wanted to know when they prepared to meet with Mitch Trubisky ahead of a private workout in March. Bears general manager Ryan Pace asked his college prospec... more

I know the Browns believe in Cody Kessler, and I'm aware they have a developmental prospect in second-round pick DeShone Kizer. They even have Brock Osweiler, though that feels like the most doomed quarterback/team pairing since the Jets caught a cas... more

No NFL player is more closely linked to his team's home city than Marshawn Lynch. There was another reminder of that this weekend. The new Raiders running back spent part of his weekend as the leader of a massive bike parade on Saturday in Oakland.... more

Time to introduce a new Friday End Around tradition in the offseason. Welcome to the inaugural edition of What's Happening On James Harrison's Instagram Account? Hint: He's exercising at a nauseatingly intense level. Let's dig in. Here's James... more

A bunch of kids at a high school in Iowa didn't want to take a final exam in their sports literature class. In need of a Hail Mary, they called on the man who heaves the prettiest Hail Mary this world has ever seen. @AaronRodgers12 our teacher ag... more

Ryan Fitzpatrick signed with a new team today . This is hardly a surprisingly development. A similar headline crossed newswires in 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015. This is Fitzpatrick's thing . When the Bucs cut Fitzpatrick in a year or two a... more

Brandon Scherff is a man of the outdoors. Twitter tells us the Washington Redskins guard is an avid hunter (honestly, turkeys would put †Scherff atop their most wanted list if they didn't have such tiny, stupid brains). Point being, Scherff is no c... more

The male romper has been in the news this week -- for a visual understanding, have a look at these idiots -- so this feels like a good time to dig through the Associated Press photo archives and admire some daring fashion choices by prominent NFL... more

It's getting to that time of year in New Orleans, when the temperature rises and it feels like you can melt into a puddle on the sidewalk at any moment. Saints running back Mark Ingram is by now quite familiar with the weather patterns of the Cres... more

The world doesn't make sense anymore, as a chaotic mixture of external and internal elements have coalesced to create the land of confusion that Phil Collins foretold a generation ago. Out of uncertainty has come the cloth and stitch manifestation... more

With apologies to my current employer, wiffle ball is the greatest of all American sports. Anyone who denies this is an enemy of the state and should be treated as such. Derek Carr is a star quarterback in the NFL, which tells you everything you ne... more

Competition is at the very heart of football, and the Eagles' coaching staff is looking to leverage that basic truth into extra juice during their offseason program. A series of athletic competitions, including tug-of-war, agility tests and... more

We imagine these to be trying times for Peyton Manning. The legendary quarterback left professional football under the best of circumstances. He went out a winner with the Denver Broncos, joining old boss John Elway as the only quarterbacks to win... more

The Washington Wizards will meet the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals tonight. Get crazy, Kirk Cousins! Pumped for the @WashWizards game tonight. I'm staying up ‚?? Kirk Cousins (@KirkCousins8) May 15, 2017 The Wiz... more

Eddie Lacy is on target in his fitness plan. The running back signed an incentive-laden deal with the Seattle Seahawks this spring that included weight clauses. The first benchmark arrived on Monday. Today marks Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy's first wei... more

Bears fans might remain apprehensive about whether they got a true franchise quarterback in No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky, but perhaps they can take some solace in knowing he's a man of his word. Trubisky promised Bears general manager Ryan... more

In good times and bad for the Cleveland Browns -- OK, it's mostly been bad -- Joe Thomas has been the franchise's rock. The veteran left tackle remains amongst the game's preeminent tacticians at one of football's most vital positions. One day he'l... more

Tom Brady can add one more line to the greatest résumé in NFL history: Madden cover boy. The New England Patriots quarterback will be featured on the cover of Madden NFL 18 , EA Sports announced Friday morning. It's a first for the five-time Sup... more

On Friday morning, Tom Brady was revealed as the cover subject for "Madden NFL 18," a first for the greatest quarterback of all time. I know this because I went back in the archives and checked every "Madden" cover since Brady entered the league in... more

Congratulations on your team's first-round draft pick! This is such an exciting time, isn't it? By now, you've seen your guy speak with great confidence -- almost a suspicious level of confidence -- in multiple local and national interviews. You'r... more

Paging Tony Romo . A former teammate needs your help. .@EzekielElliott takes a practice shot on the driving range before the @dallascowboys Golf Classic. ‚?? Tommy Noel (@TommyNoel) May 10, 2017 Oh, the humanity.... more

Eddie Lacy is an NFL star we can relate to. Like millions of Americans, Lacy is locked in an unending battle to keep the pounds off. His weight issues led in Green Bay led to a public admonishment from Packers coach Mike McCarthy and it made Lacy a... more

There was a bit of head scratching on this side of your laptop or mobile device when it was announced that the second season of the Amazon/NFL Films series All or Nothing would focus on the 2016 Los Angeles Rams. This same Rams team already got th... more

The Buffalo Bills have rebooted their braintrust -- again -- and they've relied heavily on the Carolina Panthers to get it done. On Tuesday, the Bills announced that Brandon Beane is the team's new general manager . Beane had spent the previous 19... more

Mike Tomlin strikes us as the type of guy who always sounds like a football coach. He could be talking about Spider 2 Y Banana, Thanksgiving dinner or setting up the wifi router in his den and Tomlin will always speak with the tone and cadence of an... more

Tony Romo fell short in his attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open on Monday. He openly acknowledges that his ability as a color commentator, like his golf game, should be seen as a work in progress. After Romo had shot a three-over 75 to miss the c... more

Scot McCloughan was fired by the Washington Redskins in March, a move that ended a brief run with the team that began with optimism and ended under a cloud of rumors and suspicion. McCloughan is no longer tied to the 'Skins, so why not do something... more

Tony Romo will not shock the world at the U.S. Open -- at least not this year. The retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo shot a 75 at an 18-hole local qualifier at Split Rail Links & Golf Club in Aledo, Texas, and will not advance to the... more

Some things are harder than they look. For instance, here's Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown introducing us to something called the forearm side-plank. . @AB84 catches 53 balls while planking for 60 seconds. #abchalleng... more

Torrey Smith has scored 41 touchdowns in his NFL career. He did five better at a pet adoption event this weekend in Baltimore. In a surprise move that left event organizers all sorts of fired up, Smith and his wife, Chanel, paid for the adoption fe... more

Once upon a time, Buffalo Bills quarterback Cardale Jones was a student athlete at Ohio State University. You could use this term loosely, since Jones did so himself. Jones had matriculated to OSU to play football and, hopefully, one day make it bi... more

Anthony Adams, colloquially known as Spice, enjoyed a solid NFL career over nine years with the 49ers and Bears. Adams had his moments on the field, but it's hard to argue he ever matched the dizzying heights of the performative video he released on... more

Today is May 4. As in, May the Fourth. For many, many, many people, today is best known as Star Wars Day . For fear of retribution from Mickey Mouse, J.J. Abrams' posse and 81 percent of the American public, I will steer clear of my personal thoug... more

While you breathe, eat, work, sleep, love, pray, live ... the Patriots are copyrighting things. Since you read that first sentence? They probably copyrighted some more stuff. What's that? Doesn't matter, they just did it some more. Back in Februar... more

Tony Romo had a career of ups and downs, but he was always a hot story. For example, it was a legitimately beefy NFL news item when it came out in 2013 that Romo was cutting golf out of his offseason routine in order to more fully commit himself t... more

James Harrison, a man who has crossed the halfway point of the average human life expectancy but will never die, is probably doing something right now that would cause your body to break in half. Like, oh, I don't know, progressive snap pulls .... more

On Thursday night, the New York Jets earned pretty much universal praise for their selection of LSU safety Jamal Adams. This kind of stuff doesn't usually happen with Jets drafts. Adams projects as an immediate starter with a superstar ceiling, whi... more

It's starting to feel like the Chicago Bears' No. 1 objective in the NFL draft was to shock and awe as many people as possible. That included their starting quarterback. The Chicago Tribune reported Monday that the Bears invited Mike Glennon to th... more


Never underestimate the dedication of the diehard Iggles fan. The third day of the NFL draft always makes for a, well, different television experience when compared to the Thursday and Friday telecasts. Just ask Mike Mayock , a man currently in th... more

If you're one of those sadists who get your kicks from taking cheap potshots at downtrodden Jets fans like me, well, I hope you're proud of yourself. Do you tell kids the truth about Santa, too? What's it like to rob a church? Monsters. Anyway, the... more

The NFL draft's return to Philadelphia will be remembered as a game-changer. Opening up the annual event to an outdoor audience of this scope has unlocked previously hidden charms. Colleague Conor Orr, who has his boots on the ground in Philly this... more

You have to feel for Gary Barnidge. This time last year, he was a beam of light in a world of darkness for the Browns. Barnidge's surprise 1,000-yard, nine-touchdown season in 2015 scored him a fat contract extension and firmly positioned the veter... more

These are times of great hope for Browns fans. Yeah, yeah, we've been down this road many, many, many, many, many times before in this millennia, but even the most cynical of Dawg Pound supporters must admit Thursday night felt, well, different.... more

Let's talk about Bears fans. They're going through some stuff right now. Their general manager, Ryan Pace, just made an audacious Costner-style draft-day trade that will either return the city of Chicago to NFL relevance or sink the franchise into... more

Remember what I was just saying about how you have to do something different to get noticed at the NFL draft? Toting a baby for your Roger photo opp will work. Even better? Turning your stage time in Philly into a tribute that feels like the third a... more

It takes a lot to stand out on draft night. Gone are the days when a ridiculous suit or an empty hand gesture will put you on the evening news. You need something more ... something authentic ... something that connects with the people. What you nee... more

I'll start with a acknowledgement: I had no plans to write about the 2017 NFL Draft red carpet show until I found out Carl Weathers was prominently involved. Like pretty much every other American male born between 1968 and 1984, I'm a huge fan of t... more

It's time for a favorite End Around tradition: Sharing with you, the loyal reader, the songs that each prospect will hit the stage to tonight in Philadelphia for the 2017 NFL Draft. As always, we'll provide (free of charge) a Spotify playlist with... more

A couple years ago, Marshawn Lynch nearly upstaged the Super Bowl with a bombshell retirement announcement. Now he's doing his best to take the spotlight off the 2017 NFL Draft. The expected became reality on Wednesday when the necessary red tape... more

Adrian Peterson is now a member of the New Orleans Saints. Thank God. There hasn't been an employment search this depressing since my failed 2009 job interview to copy edit washing machine repair manuals in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Anyway, this is goin... more

If you're one of the millions of Americans currently struggling to distinguish what's real and what's a Saturday Night Live sketch while watching the news, well, this isn't going to help... Rob Gronkowski just casually crashed Sean Spicer's press... more

We received good news Wednesday, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced they will be the focus of the 12th season of "Hard Knocks," HBO's venerable collaboration with NFL Films that offers football fans a warts-and-all view of training camp... more

Sound the Trope Alert. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not like most professional athletes -- I mean, the man once slaughtered all competition in†Jeopardy! †for crying out loud -- but he is a sports human and is thus susceptible to spouting... more

Jimmy Graham has everyone in the Seahawks locker room beat on the subject of "Do anything fun during your time off?" The Pro Bowl tight end arrived in Seattle for the start of OTAs in a ride that puts his teammate's souped-up whips to shame.... more

Khalil Mack is the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Has success at this level started to go to his head? Decide for yourself. Khalil Mack said he took 2 days off this offseason (after 1 last year). ‚??My mom made me.‚?... more

In today's NBA arena experience, it's cool to be a conformist. I'm not certain when it became en vogue for 18,000 fans to wear the same shirt for playoff games -- it feels vaguely like a mid-aughts invention. By now, it's a wholly expected visual.... more

There's another new Star Wars trailer out, which is kind of crazy to me, but I'm trying to stay out of the way so people can enjoy their thing. Star Wars is not my thing, but I have things of my own, and I'm not here to be disrespectful of your th... more

The Bears sold themselves on Mike Glennon as a starting quarterback. Now comes the time for Mike to sell himself to the denizens of Chicago. And what better way to ingratiate yourself than to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field, home of the... more

The Detroit Lions are the latest NFL team to make changes to their uniform, unveiling the new duds at Ford Field in an event for season-ticket holders. Have a look! Nothing but ū??•ū??•ū??•! Check out the new threads ‚?°Ôł more

Tony Romo left the NFL to become a professional broadcaster. You don't have to be a genius to figure out where Rob Gronkowski's own career is headed. The Patriots tight end made yet another appearance on WWE programming this week, further aligning... more

Odell Beckham Jr. wasn't alive when Thriller came out -- hell, he wasn't even around when Dangerous dropped -- but that hasn't stopped the Giants wide receiver from becoming a devoted Michael Jackson fan. And how do we know that Beckham idolizes... more

AJ McCarron is more than just a backup quarterback with a fine college pedigree and an intensely surprising collection of tattoos on his upper torso . He is a proper businessman. Well, he hopes to be. The Bengals reserve is set to co-open a... more

Tom Brady continues to be a radio-friendly unit shifter. The Patriots quarterback had the top-selling jersey from April 1, 2016 to February 28 of this year, according to an infographic released by NFL Shop. Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, the Cow... more

It's Tony Romo Day in the NBA, which is weird, but there's a lot of weird stuff going on in the world right now so just roll with it. The freshly retired Cowboys quarterback will ride the bench for the Dallas Mavericks in their season finale tonigh... more

These are tense, dangerous, uneasy times. Challenges are all around us, whether they be quagmires on the international scene or unrest at our doorstep. All these issues can feel overwhelming, and the most sensible solution may be to identify the most... more

We learned over the weekend that Tony Romo will be on the bench with the Dallas Mavericks for their regular-season finale on Tuesday night. It's a nice gesture toward one of the city's great sports stars, and anyone who complains about it should be... more

What has gotten into the city of Chicago today? News broke early Friday that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Hollywood actress Olivia Munn had ended their three-year relationship . This prompted the following tweet from the Chicago Tribune:... more

We won't have Tony Romo to kick around anymore. Romo announced his retirement Tuesday , ending his playing career for the chance to ruin Phil Simms' spring. (OK, this probably wasn't the primary reason behind Romo's decision, but you can't argue... more

Yes, Tim Tebow is still doing the baseball thing. After a rough spring training in which the 29-year-old New York Mets farmhand was routinely overmatched and outright blown away by both reigning Cy Young award winners , Tebow is trying to make his... more

Hold that special someone close in your arms tonight. Don't let go. Tomorrow is promised to nothing and nobody, not even true love. Aaron and Olivia are no more. That according to People magazine, which exclusively reported †Friday that Packers... more

File this one under: Football Stars! They're just like us! Eddie Lacy is moving. The running back signed with the Seattle Seahawks in free agency, a decision that effectively ended his time in the Green Bay area. Before he starts the next chapter... more

This Richard Sherman soap opera is getting juicy. The star cornerback finds himself on shaky ground with the Seattle Seahawks, something we know with certainty because their general manager, John Schneider, acknowledged this in an interview on Wedn... more

Tony Romo might have done his best to steal the University of North Carolina's thunder, but let's take a breather here to salute the Tar Heels on their NCAA championship win on Monday night. We're sure this gesture of goodwill will resonate richly wi... more

I'm going to miss Tony Romo . I'm not a Cowboys fan, and there are no white No. 9 jerseys in my closet. He won me no fantasy titles and I don't have a nuanced take in the "IS TONY ROMO A HALL OF FAMER?" conversation other than, "Yeah, probably."... more

As the host of a year-round NFL podcast , I understand the challenges that come with keeping a football show lively during these quieter days on the league calendar. So I tip my hat to the producers and on-camera stars of NFL Network's Good Morning... more

Well, it's finally happened. Tom Brady, at long last, has been reunited with his Super Bowl jerseys . Following two championships, a pair of locker room larcenies and one intensely publicized and ultimately successful international criminal... more

Peanut butter and jelly. Kim and Kanye. Gronk and WrestleMania. Some things just belong together. On Sunday, the inevitable became reality, when Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was worked into an undercard match of professional wrestling's greate... more


It was announced Friday that the second season of the Amazon documentary All or Nothing will focus on the 2016 Los Angeles Rams. Yes, those Los Angeles Rams -- the team that ditched St. Louis, and eventually, their head coach on the way to a gri... more

If you're a veteran who doesn't have a job by April Fool's Day, well, shoot, the joke's on you. The NFL is a tough business, and it's not an ideal situation for players yet to be identified as a roster solution somewhere. We're now three weeks into... more

Welcome back to Ass Week here at the End Around. On Tuesday, a nude Jay Cutler looked out over the sea and wondered what it all means. Today, it's Sean Payton's turn to talk posteriors. More specifically, what he likes about them in a man. OK, I'm... more

"The Leap" is no more. This is a bummer. On Tuesday, NFL owners passed a rule to prohibit players from leaping over offensive linemen during kicks. The rule change, designed to provide better protection to players -- specifically the snapper on fi... more

Jay Cutler still doesn't have a job. There are reports he might not even want one . One could surmise this to be a time of great introspection for the man. For Cutler's entire life, football has dominated his being. What happens when you remove th... more

It remains bonkers that the Atlanta Falcons lost Super Bowl LI. Inconceivable, even. A team that a) had won six straight b) outscored its opponents 80-41 during the NFC playoffs c) had NFL MVP Matt Ryan at quarterback, and this is the most importan... more

Tim Tebow is still trying to make his way in professional baseball. Progress remains ... suspect. Earlier this month, we shared video of Tebow, a very famous farmhand for the New York Mets, striking out on three pitches against reigning American L... more

Ah yes, it's one of our favorite traditions of the offseason: The coaches class photo at the Annual League Meeting. #NFL coaches gathered in Phoenix for a quick picture during the Annual Meeting ‚?? Brian McCarthy... more

Things have taken a downturn for LaVar Ball of late. The father of UCLA hoops star Lonzo Ball and poster boy for a particularly explosive brand of Sports Dad audacity lost his 24-hour news cycle meal ticket when the Bruins were bounced out of the S... more

First off and most importantly, congratulations to Kirk Cousins and his wife, Julie. As a father of two young boys, I can say there is no greater gift. Parenthood comes with plenty of challenges, sure, but the journey is beautiful and fulfilling. T... more

Here's the thing about the Color Rush uniforms we've seen on Thursday Night Football : Like 'em or not, they move the needle. This is not to say I personally support the ostentatiously designed duds. After all, they are the first uniforms in NFL hi... more

Tom Brady got his jerseys back . Now it's time for everyone to take their respective victory laps. First, the proof that Brady's Super Bowl XLIX and LI jerseys -- recovered from alleged thief Mauricio Ortega -- are safely behind the doors of Patri... more

The New York Jets signed Josh McCown this week. Per the recent history of professional football, this does not portend great things. McCown, who looks like Ivan Drago and plays like Glass Joe, has a record of 2-20 as a starter over the past three... more

When Brett Favre finally retired and went to live on his farm in Mississippi, you expected certain things. He'd work in the fields. He'd coach high school football. He'd make the occasional television appearance. He'd bury the hatchet with the Pack... more

If you're Tony Jefferson, you know you might only get one shot to being an NFL free agent in demand. So the man cut no corners during the process. He was thorough. Which teams can make most use of my talent? Who can pay me the most? And which unifo... more

There's a fascinating (to me, anyway) subplot simmering in Tampa right now and it centers on a position not known for reality-TV level drama. Yep, we're talkin' kicker stuff. More specifically, the upcoming summer competition between draft pariah... more

North Carolina held its pro day on Tuesday, giving QB-needy NFL teams another opportunity to size up Mitchell Trubisky. (He looked fine.) Trubisky spoke with some media folk at Chapel Hill and shared a tidbit from his extensive interview process at... more

There are many perks that come with being rich and famous, but from this writer's perspective, it's hard to top the ability to do your mom a solid. We presume Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper has a similar opinion. The difference, of course, is t... more

There are quite a lot of people who love the Patriots. There are also many, many, many others who hate them. Success creates such polarity. On Monday, we learned which side of the fence the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation sits. James Co... more

By now you've undoubtedly heard the news: Tom Brady got his jersey back. Actually, make that jerseys . On Monday morning, the NFL announced that Brady's Super Bowl LI and Super Bowl XLIX game jerseys "were found in the possession of a credentialed... more

While Tom Brady aggressively efforts to expand his health and fitness empire , Rob Gronkowski just keeps saying yes to stuff. At some point in the last year or so, an individual -- think a family acquaintance, energy drink business partner, your ge... more

Colin Kaepernick is currently without a gig in the NFL. This might not change any time soon. But the man is not sitting on the couch staring at his phone. The free agent quarterback is part of a group of activists who have been campaigning to send... more

It's March Madness time, but there's still a few personalities in the NFL who can move the needle this time of year. Marshawn Lynch qualifies. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Friday that Beast Mode is being considered as an option for th... more

We have a runaway winner in the category of Best Public Announcement of Signing. Seahawks tight end Luke Willson, collect your trophy. Lots of speculation today. Big announcement here.... ‚?? Luke Willson (@LWillson_82... more

Dont'a Hightower is headed back to the Patriots ... and he's getting paid many millions to do so. This is something for Hightower to be proud of. Also proud? Itanya Hightower, the star linebacker's mom. Itanya celebrated her son's big deal on Wedn... more

Tony Romo played a single series for the Dallas Cowboys last season in his capacity as the most famous understudy in America. If you follow the game closely, that possession was fairly memorable. In a Week 17 cameo against the Eagles, Romo led the... more

LaVar Ball is the country's most prominent Sports Dad. This isn't necessarily a good thing. Ball, the father of UCLA hoops star Lonzo Ball, has repeatedly pushed himself into the news cycle of late with a series of audacious statements. Some greate... more

The Jets, you might have noticed, are lagging behind the Patriots on several key fronts right now. Swiping away one of New England's top talents is -- hypothetically, anyway -- a strong strategy in the quest to alter that frustrating, unrelenting dyn... more

Stephon Gilmore got paid a ton of money to join the New England Patriots last week. Should we view the name of his new daughter, born on the same day Gilmore signed with the Pats, as more than coincidence? "I actually named her Gisele Sienna Gilmor... more

Ever wonder what NFL players do with all the jerseys they collect at the end of games? Brandon Marshall, late of the Broncos, Dolphins, Bears and Jets, and currently with the Giants, took to Instagram over the weekend to share how he curates his... more

One of the best things about having Martellus Bennett on your favorite team -- well, besides the fact that he is a good and productive football man -- is that for the price of his contract terms you receive not just the player, but the entire Martell... more

Brandon Marshall put pen to paper on Wednesday, officially joining the New York Giants on a two-year, $12 million deal. Antonio Brown has an idea where some of that money should go. Here's the tweet Marshall sent out after signing the dotted line:... more

Tony Romo is still a member of the Dallas Cowboys, albeit only in the most literal sense. The veteran quarterback was not released on Thursday as was earlier reported, but it remains clear Cowboys and Romo will not be in business much longer. Romo... more

Yesterday we told you about Tim Tebow's big day. He was going to face live pitching in a spring training. And not just any live pitching -- the NFL quarterback-turned-MLB longshot would step into the box against Red Sox right-hander Rick Porcello, t... more

DeSean Jackson is expected to land with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency. It's a logical pairing helped along its path by Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston, who lobbied hard to get Jackson to Florida, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapopo... more

The Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in NFL history in Super Bowl LI, wiping out a 28-3 third-quarter deficit to devastate the Falcons. You may have heard about it. Now the other football has its own version of the shocking turnabout we s... more

Let's check in with Tim Tebow. Yeah, yeah, I know. Half the people who read would be cool if the man's name was never mentioned on this site ever again. So consider this an update for the other half. Tebow will bat eighth and serve as the... more

Listen. I promised you I would never again write about an NFL fan getting a dumb predictive tattoo. But we have an extenuating circumstance here that demands our attention -- and an exemption. In the past, dumb predictive tattoos always pre-dated a... more

Russell Wilson and his wife, the pop star Ciara, are expecting their first child together later this year. This is a time of great excitement in the Wilson household. A moment filled with so much joy and anticipation, one can understand why they wo... more

Tom Brady won an unprecedented fifth Super Bowl ring last month, but it was the quarterback's victory over Father Time last season that represented his greatest conquest of all. The inexorable march of time , the prison into which all humankind is... more

It's (another) new beginning for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Time to sell it, baby! There is no more need to fret about the outrageously barren Gus Bradley years. No, the Jaguars ask their fans to look boldly to the future with a knowing nod to the p... more

The world is a different place than it was in 1989. The NFL Scouting Combine is no outlier. These days, the combine is run in a very precise manner. Teams are given a finite number of visits with prospects during the event. On the surface at least,... more

Over the weekend, while draft prospects in Indianapolis were being asked if they would rather be a dog or a cat, Arian Foster was pondering Man vs. Wolf. The recently retired All-Pro went on an hours-long Twitter rant on Sunday that began with an... more

Tom Brady's humble NFL beginnings long ago entered gridiron lore. If his backstory is unfamiliar to you, you're likely a visitor from another planet. If you are indeed an alien: The man now widely recognized as the greatest quarterback of all-time... more

Nick Mangold's 11-year career with the Jets is set to come to an end †after the team announced this week it's parting ways with the Pro Bowl center. The rebuild is real in Florham Park . Mangold, long one of the game's most gregarious large humans... more

In the end, it was LeBron James of all people who nearly ended the Patriots' dynasty. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar nearly plowed over Bill Belichick during the Cavs' 103-99 loss to the Celtics on Wednesday night in Boston. James lost his bal... more

INDIANAPOLIS -- Travis Kelce's reality TV show exists in a sort of pop culture netherworld. We heard a lot about it before it premiered, but do you know anyone who actually watched an episode? Can we confidently state the program existed at all?... more

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFL doesn't like to rest on their laurels when it comes to the tentpole events. It's the reason the draft left Radio City Music Hall and the explanation for how media day morphed into Super Bowl Opening Night Fueled by Gatorade... more


File this under: Coin Flips Continue To Be Strangely Important In Professional Football. On Friday, officials from the Vikings, Eagles and Colts will be involved in a coin flip that will decide positioning in April's draft. The winner of the flip w... more

You have to admire Browns left tackle Joe Thomas , a man who has been trapped in football Siberia for his entire career and has come out of it with his spirit and sense of humor fully intact. Thomas is a must-follow on Twitter, and on Monday he off... more

It's no secret that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a huge fan of the number 69. Remember, this is the same man who received a prideful message from his own mother after he scored his 69th career touchdown last year. And while we've yet to re... more

We have a Ryan brothers sighting. Rex and Rob Ryan, two men with wide-open schedules and paychecks that continue to roll in, visited New York Yankees training camp on Friday in Tampa. The photographic evidence, with proof of Rex's enduring love of... more

Tom Brady did more than win his fifth Super Bowl ring this month. He all but ended any serious debate about who is the greatest quarterback of all-time. Brady now has more titles than any quarterback, and if he continues to thrive in his age-40 sea... more

Larry Fitzgerald announced this month that he will return for a 14th NFL season in 2017. This was two weeks before the NFL announced his Arizona Cardinals would take part in the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton this August. Fitzgerald, a typical... more

Jim Harbaugh was an extremely successful coach during his tenure with the San Francisco 49ers. His resume says it all: Four seasons, three NFC Championship Games, one Super Bowl. But that didn't mean all was well behind the scenes. Harbaugh clashed... more

Vince Young isn't lacking ambition in his comeback attempt . Austin-based Vincent Young, Inc. is attempting to trademark the phrase "MAKE VINCE GREAT AGAIN." is Vince Young about to attempt a comeback? #trademark application for MAKE VINCE GREAT... more

We might not have Jay Cutler to kick around much longer. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the soon-to-be ex-Bears quarterback is contemplating retirement at age 33. While this struck the football cognoscenti as a... more

I work out of a cubicle tucked in the far northwest corner of the NFL Media newsroom. On my desk sits a television that is tuned to NFL Network pretty much all the time unless there's a televised police chase taking place in the greater Los Angeles a... more

New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett on the nature of celebrity, in three parts: Part I: In Which Our Eccentric Hero Attempts To Praise A Basketball Legend I had a conversation with Magic Johnson when I was 21 and a rookie. Damn I wish... more

Los Angeles Rams fans could probably use a reminder of Todd Gurley's athletic greatness right about now. They didn't get many last season, when Gurley was held to 3.2 (!) yards per carry while trapped on the worst offense in the NFL. We'll have to... more

Tom Brady cares a lot less about the whereabouts of his missing Super Bowl jersey than initially believed. The Patriots quarterback -- whose stolen uniform top was recently valued by authorities at $500,000 -- took to Instagram on Wednesday to dis... more

The offseason pool party continues. Player X Making Strides In Rehab Program is one of the most well-worn offseason tropes in the game. Especially popular is rehab footage of a player -- typically in recovery from a lower-body malady of some sort -... more

As we noted earlier, today is Valentine's Day . You know who's fully plugged in on this, the most romantic of all holidays? Andy Dalton. Big Red out here making all of us look bad. The key to a good selfie... Find the woman of your dreams ‚?? Mar... more

Tom Brady is a cockroach. That according to Zoo Atlanta, which on Tuesday introduced a tiny insect bearing the same name as the Patriots' Super Bowl-winning quarterback. The backstory via The Boston Globe : Zoo Atlanta and Roger Williams Park Zoo i... more

Tom Brady's jersey is still missing, and based on the most recent comments from Patriots owner Robert Kraft, it sounds like the merch was legitimately pilfered rather than sitting at the bottom of a laundry pile in Foxborough . "It's very sad to me... more

It is Valentine's Day. Hopefully you have a date tonight. If not, don't worry about it. You just saved between $75 and $300. A bit of a lonely evening, sure, but you've made a sound financial investment in yourself! This holiday falls during a quie... more

When it comes to Mardi Gras, apparently there is no such thing as "too soon." We know this because of one savage float that has been prepped for the Bacchus parade, one of the more well-known celebrations in the lead-up to Mardi Gras in New Orleans... more

LeSean McCoy is upset, guys. The Buffalo Bills running back is coming off another stellar season, albeit one that was overshadowed some by the drama that enveloped Rex Ryan's final season in Orchard Park. is a popular analyti... more

How long will it take the Atlanta Falcons to shake off their stunning Super Bowl LI loss? I suppose the better question is this: Will the Falcons ever recover from what happened last Sunday night? Their collapse against the Patriots was an all-tim... more

Bill Belichick's not kidding around when he says the Patriots don't take any days off. Even when we're begging them to. ESPN's Darren Rovell reported over the weekend that the Patriots have filed to trademark the phrase "Blitz for Six," a nod to N... more

I never thought I'd live to see a loss as crushing as the Packers' 28-22 heartbreaker against the Seahawks in the 2014 NFC Championship Game . Then Super Bowl LI happened. Back when Aaron Rodgers and Co. failed to close out Seattle, I viewed it... more

Yes, Tom Brady's jersey is still missing. As originally reported in the END AROUND -- our first, and perhaps, final such scoop -- Brady alerted Patriots owner Robert Kraft after Sunday's Super Bowl win over the Falcons that someone had stolen his... more

Here's a hot take recently posited by my Around The NFL Podcast colleague Gregg Rosenthal: If Dont'a Hightower wasn't around, the Patriots would have three Super Bowl titles, not five. The opinion checks out to us. Back in 2015, the Patriots lineb... more

HOUSTON -- To get to the Patriots' locker room, you had to walk by the Falcons' first. That's where I saw Falcons owner Arthur Blank step out from behind the double doors and meet a woman and young child, the boy reduced to tears after the Falcons... more

HOUSTON -- This should be the proudest moment of Tom Brady's career, but at this very second he has a mystery to solve. Someone has stolen Tom Brady's jersey. The white No. 12 jersey the greatest quarterback of all-time wore on Sunday in the greate... more

HOUSTON -- Everyone wondered if Lady Gaga would make a political statement in the Super Bowl LI halftime show. The pop star didn't waste any time, delivering a heartfelt rendition of "God Bless America" that segued into the Woody Guthrie folk classic... more

HOUSTON -- Well, this game is not going to script. The Falcons have taken all the predictions about a shootout and turned that talk on its head with a dominant defensive performance in the first half of Super Bowl LI. New England has been unable to... more

HOUSTON -- Let's set the scene from NRG Stadium. This is Patriots Country. Though the downtown area has been dotted with Falcons fans this week, it's been pretty clear since around Wednesday that this would be a New England-leaning crowd. I've cove... more

Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl were flying in the same air space on Saturday night in Houston. At this point, it feels like a dance of seduction on both sides. Swift, arguably the country's biggest pop star, played in front of a packed house as th... more

Listen, I'm not here to say you shouldn't propose to your girlfriend on the stage of a Super Bowl party, I'm just saying I'm surprised it happened. A video posted by Dan Hanzus (@dan.hanzus) on Feb 4, 2017 at 8:20am PST That moment -- with Je... more

That tricky Eli. During a fan forum in Houston with Commissioner Roger Goodell and fellow Walter Payton Man of the Year candidates Larry Fitzgerald and Greg Olsen, Giants quarterback Eli Manning was asked about his signature prank -- his ability to... more

A quick story. On Thursday at around midnight, my cab driver dropped me off a couple of blocks away from my destination, the Hilton in downtown Houston. Well, to be more specific, my destination was actually the Hilton lobby bar, which has become a... more

It's Super Bowl Baby time again. The NFL rolled out their first commercial installment last year and everyone loved it because we all have hearts. (I'm still thinking about Seal on the hillside in the shadow of the Golden Gate bridge). The sequel... more

Who is Sam Hunt? It wasn't a question so much as it was an existential crisis. I had successfully navigated inside the EA Sports Party on Thursday night and now I was attempting to discern the identity of the front man playing to a rapt audience at... more

Super Bowl halftime show news conferences are funny little things. Ostensibly, this is an event designed for the dissemination of information on the performance, with the artist -- in this year's case, Lady Gaga -- speaking directly to the media fo... more

The hard working folks at NFL Research have published dozens of nuggets connected to the Falcons and Patriots ahead of Super Bowl LI. After sifting through their Twitter feed, we'll share some favorites, a few of which might hint who wins Sunday.... more

Lady Gaga is four days away from taking the stage for the halftime show of Super Bowl LI. It's unlikely that players from the Falcons and Patriots will take in any of her performance, but if any do, it won't be an unprecedented move. During a Wedne... more

We told you a couple weeks ago about the August†Madden simulation of the 2016 NFL season that ended with the Falcons winning Super Bowl LI. Well, the people at EA Sports have now offered their official simulation of the NFL's championship game -- a... more

The best laid plans can always be felled by good grilled oysters. On Tuesday night, I intended to have dinner with some co-workers, then check out my first party of Super Bowl week, the annual Media Party thrown by the host city. I had a great time... more


Politics have cast a long shadow over this Super Bowl. You might have to go back to Super Bowl XXV in 1991, a game set against the backdrop of Operation Desert Storm, to find an NFL championship game played with the nation's current events pushed thi... more

The best story from Opening Night , and also the most cringe-inducing, centered around Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who briefly lost Atlanta's offensive gameplan for Super Bowl LI. The backpack containing the gameplan was eventuall... more

The End Around was on the ground at Media Night from Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston. The takeaways ... Doesn't matter the year. Brady is always the biggest story. ‚?? Dan Hanzus (@DanHanzus) January 31, 2017 ¬... more

I am currently on an almost disturbingly packed flight traveling from LAX to Houston, the site of Super Bowl LI. Yes, it is time. To get into the spirit of H-Town, I googled "Houston rock bands", but unfortunately, you're pretty much SOL if you're no... more

They did it. The Pro Bowl Skills Challenge is great. Like, really great! I am now the Pro Bowl's No. 1 proponent solely because I understand one obvious truth: Without it, the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown cannot subsist. I write this, not as a company... more

The Atlanta Falcons last appeared in the Super Bowl on Jan. 31, 1999. It didn't go so well. The Broncos beat them up good and pretty much the only thing people remember about the Falcons from that day is that safety Eugene Robinson got arrested for... more

The Dallas Cowboys have a league-high seven players participating in the Pro Bowl, a group that includes star rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and three of his stud offensive linemen: Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and Travis Frederick. The festivitie... more

Crime does pay ... in the form of fried delicacies. East Boston resident Dennis Harrison was arrested last weekend for allegedly pulling a fire alarm at the hotel where the Steelers were staying ahead of their AFC Championship Game against the Patr... more

Well that didn't take long. Let the history books state that on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, we achieved liftoff on The Blake Bortles Redemption Tour. The public image makeover begins with a source close to the situation. Here's what Jaguars gene... more

I love this. ESPN announced Wednesday that iconic play-by-play man Brent Musburger will end his broadcasting career this month after nearly 50 years behind the mic. For millions of sports fans of a certain age, Musburger was the soundtrack of The... more

The Atlanta Falcons have made their choice on the color of their jerseys in Super Bowl LI. If recent history is any indication, it was a poor one. The Falcons confirmed they will be wearing their red jerseys in the Feb. 5 championship game at NRG... more

Though it flew a bit under the radar -- things involving kickers tend to do that -- Justin Tucker might have had the best season in the history of the position in 2016. Justin Tucker converted 38 of 39 field goals with his lone miss coming on a blo... more

My social studies teacher in eighth grade had a well-worn saying repeated so often in the classroom that I've never forgotten it: "Money makes the world go 'round." Mrs. Miller's message to the hormone-ravaged Pearl Jam fans in her presence was... more

Well, it's getting real now. NFL PR guy Brian McCarthy tweeted out an image Wednesday morning of the Lombardi Trophy being packed in a case to be shipped to Houston. You know something is important when it's in one of those heavy suitcases with the... more

The Pro Bowl is more than star power, jarring uniform color combinations and drone stuff . It's about -- wait for it -- togetherness . Back in December, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had fun at the expense of Raiders punter Marquette King after Tyr... more

I'm a sucker for any story that begins with: "Person X has (insert thing here) at all (insert number here) Super Bowls." Here's another one. George Toma has helped prepare the playing fields at all 50 Super Bowls. He's back to work again as the tea... more

The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown will make its return this week after a decade-long hiatus. We already knew about the dodgeball game -- we're legitimately excited about the dodgeball game -- and now the NFL has shared details of another new event. This o... more

If you've ever been up close and personal for the act of giving birth, you know it is a far greater physical challenge than anything you'll see in a football game. So kudos to the Falcons, who indirectly hit on this unconquerable reality by giving... more

We all love to have fun with the Patriots and their, hmmmmmmm, let's call it, austere approach to professional football. During this time of endless dominance by the organization, poking fun at New England's rigid culture is one of the few things a... more

Five years ago, Malcolm Butler was a junior at the University of West Alabama with longshot NFL dreams. One of those dreams was to take on Falcons star Julio Jones. I wanna check julio talk doe.. ‚?? Malcolm CB Butler (@Mac_... more

Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on one of the great hot streaks in NFL history, taking a lifeless 4-6 team from also-ran status in November to within one win of the Super Bowl. The run included eight consecutive victories, the last of which -- a 34-31... more

These are high times for Arthur Blank, a man currently living the dream as an NFL owner. This season, his Falcons emerged out of nowhere to earn a trip to the Super Bowl. Next season, his shiny new stadium will open for business. This is pretty much... more

I remain fairly confident the robots are going to get us one day. I've thought this since Skynet became self-aware. I don't feel any better about the fate of humanity after learning of the improving simulation abilities of Madden . The story begins... more

Life for Tom Brady remains good. It doesn't feel like I'm breaking news here. The man who defeated Father Time and the rest of the AFC this season is preparing for another Super Bowl with sky-high personal stakes: One more ring and he breaks a tie... more

The Patriots won their seventh AFC Championship Game in the Brady/Belichick era on Sunday night, the latest accomplishment for a team enjoying the longest run of dominance in NFL history. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick represent the only connective... more

The Falcons hoisted the NFC Championship trophy Sunday . Atlanta cornerback Robert Alford might have an Oscar coming his way, too. I mean, this is an all-timer. Let's enjoy it again ... I usually have to wait until the World Cup to enjoy floppi... more

If there's one play that best sums up the Falcons' beatdown of the Packers in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, please see Julio Jones' 73-yard touchdown in the third quarter. With one play, Jones seems to be saying, "Hey, it's cute when you guys hav... more

The Atlanta Falcons might be an unstoppable force, rendering any hot take about a single play moot and ponderous. And yet, we feel compelled to bring up one sequence that had a huge impact on the first half of Sunday's NFC Championship Game. Didn't... more

Opening drive touchdowns have become a given in Falcons games. Atlanta took the opening kickoff in Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers and marched 80 yards on 13 plays, culminating in Mohamed Sanu's two-yard touchdown catch... more

Antonio Brown's Facebook Live snafu has caused all sorts of issues for the Steelers this week. This is not ideal, considering Pittsburgh is playing the AFC Championship Game on Sunday against the Evil Emp... sorry, the New England Patriots.... more

Given the the current state of world affairs, perhaps we should revisit the time Russian president Vladimir Putin stole Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring. The incident occurred in 2005, when Kraft visited the Russian president in St. Petersburg not lo... more

As far as post-NFL career plans go, Zach Zenner is near the top of the list of "Guys Who Have Their S*** Together". Zenner deferred enrollment in medical school two years ago to pursue a career in football. Having achieved that goal -- he was a sta... more

We are now just three days away from Championship Sunday. Here's a look at what Pittsburgh Post-Gazette subscribers will be greeted with on their front step on gameday. Here is a sneak peek at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's AFC championship sectio... more

Travis Kelce doesn't believe that Carl Cheffers is a good NFL referee. Turns out this is not a universally held opinion. Cheffers, whom Kelce ripped after the Chiefs' season-ending loss to the Steelers on Sunday night, will be the referee for Super... more

If the Packers can finish this thing out and claim Super Bowl glory in Houston, Cheeseheads will never forget The Grip. Fourth quarter, 23 seconds to play against the Cowboys, Dallas safety Jeff Heath careens toward Aaron Rodgers on a safety blitz... more

Tom Brady has spent the last 15 years or so behind an impenetrable shield of his own Tom Brady-ness. You only see what he wants you to see, and that's not always easy to make sense of. Remember the mattress commercial ? Luckily we have Patriots tac... more

The hole is no mo'. Multiple intrepid Packers reporters have tweeted an image of the wall near the visitor's locker room at Lambeau Field supposedly compromised by Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after the NFC Wild Card Playoffs. Fixed! Th... more

The Chargers might have some unforeseen challenges in getting their stuff to Los Angeles, but the team's two biggest stars have started the transition with the help of Jimmy Kimmel. On Tuesday's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! , the Los Angeles-base... more

Just yesterday we wondered what would sell first: Rex Ryan's Bills truck or Mario Williams' Orchard Park mansion . As it turns out, Rex took his lemons and made some lemonade. Well, closer to orange juice. Just show the picture, stupid. For #bill... more

Marshawn Lynch never did make that comeback many people expected this season. So what's he up to? Not a hell of a lot it seems. Well, besides cheating death in small Scottish villages. Another video of Marshawn Lynch doon Paisley High Street play... more

Mario Williams doesn't live in Orchard Park anymore. With his NFL career at a crossroads, there's a chance he never steps foot in Western New York ever again. But his house is still there. And he cannot get rid of it. Speaking of 9-bathroom house... more

The Chargers announced last week that they will relocate to Los Angeles, a decision that severs ties with the city of San Diego after 55 years together. The move prompted a loud and passionate outcry from local fans who have supported the team for... more

Remember this guy? @nfl Hey Dallas Cowboys! Now it's official. Don't let me down. SUPER BOWL 51 CHAMPIONS!!! Tattooed on 12/6/16. I'm calling it now. ‚?? Jordan Garnett (@jordangarnett) December 6, 2016 Things didn... more

While Mike Tomlin publicly dresses down his superstar wide receiver over his ill-timed use of social media, just know that none of this is even registering with Bill Belichick. (If you believe that, I have a Christian Hackenberg to trade you for a... more

Jason Garrett is a mild-mannered man, but you don't need a surreptitious Facebook Live video to know he probably has a different side to him when not standing in front of a podium. We got a glimpse of that when the Cowboys coach began to wax poeti... more

To the victor goes the spoils, and apparently, the Wiz Khalifa single. Khalifa's 2014 hit "We Dem Boyz" has been embraced by the Cowboys and their fans since its 2014 release. The song served as the unofficial fight song of a 13-3 Dallas team that... more

Raiders punter Marquette King raised his profile through the roof during a 2016 season in which he excelled both in his craft and as a salesman of his own brand . That brand, of course, being Guy You Want As An Anchor Presence At Your House Party... more

The Steelers and Patriots will meet in the AFC Championship next Sunday, a matchup of the conference's forever millennium superpowers. It's a great, if not mostly one-sided rivalry, and fans of both teams can't wait. Fans like ... this guy. Yep.... more

On August 30, 2014, James Harrison announced his retirement from football. "I have made the difficult decision to retire as of today," the Super Bowl legend wrote on Facebook . "My love for my family and the need to be there for them outweighs my d... more

The death of the NFL as a television ratings juggernaut narrative is aging about as well as those "Aaron Rodgers is as good as Brian Hoyer now " pieces from a couple months back. After a regular season in which ratings dipped for some wretched prim... more

Consider it ironic that in the season in which we saw the worst single-day performance by kickers in NFL history, we're now seeing the thankless craft being performed at the highest-collective level ever when it matters most. Mason Crosby helped w... more

Dion Lewis picked a good time to have a career game. The Patriots running back became the first player in NFL postseason history to score a touchdown in three different ways -- kickoff, reception, rush -- and generally looked like a nightmare X-fa... more

Travis Kelce might have committed the dumbest penalty of the weekend, but Eric Fisher gets tagged with the biggest. The setup: A Spencer Ware touchdown closed the Chiefs' deficit against the Steelers to 18-16 with less than three minutes to play i... more

Come back to us, Travis Kelce. The Kansas City Chiefs' dynamic tight end has been held in check for most of Sunday's divisional playoff game against the Steelers and is once against struggling to maintain his composure. To wit: You can't do tha... more

The Legend of Aaron Rodgers is growing by the hour. The football world is still catching its breath after the Packers' insane 34-31 win over the Cowboys at Jerrah World on Sunday. Turns out Rodgers' 36-yard completion to tight end Jared Cook that... more

Well, that was wild. The playoffs finally arrived on Sunday at AT&T Stadium. There might be entire books written about the fourth quarter of the Packers' dramatic 34-31 win over the Cowboys, but for right now let's hone in on six crazy things that... more

This is going to sound hyperbolic, but we may be watching quarterback being played at the highest level ever right now. Like ... right now. Last night, we had to endure Brock Osweiler for 3.5 hours. Today, we get the insane, slap-your-mama brillian... more

Things are going very well for Arthur Blank right now. The Falcons owner has an exciting and successful team just one win away from the Super Bowl. Across the street from the Georgia Dome is a new stadium under construction that has a really cool r... more

Have a day, Dion Lewis. The Texans were so busy preparing for Tom Brady this week they forgot Dion Lewis was a sleeping giant threatening to turn Saturday's AFC divisional game into a laugher by halftime. Watch Dion Lewis make Texans defenders lo... more

As someone who's watched terrible quarterback play for most of my life (I choose to support the Jets), I can tell you there are few things more frustrating for a fan than watching your bad quarterback finally make a quality throw -- and his receiver... more

Many people consider Saturday night's Divisional Round game at Gillette Stadium to be something of a dress rehearsal for the Patriots. OK, that's my opinion on the matter, but I'm sure a bunch of you agree. Being a massive home favorite can lead to... more

The scariest part of the Falcons' attack is the seemingly countless ways in which they can undress you. Devonta Freeman is perhaps the most underrated player on an unstoppable unit. One person who surely agrees: Seahawks safety Steven Terrell, who... more

Tensions are high as the Seahawks and Falcons head toward the conclusion of Saturday's divisional matchup at the Georgia Dome. Two sideline shots from the FOX broadcast tell the story. After the Falcons scored their third touchdown to go up 26-10 i... more

Here's something you generally try to avoid: An 84-yard penalty. That's essentially what the Seahawks got stuck with when Devin Hester's 79-yard punt return was wiped away by a Seattle holding penalty on the line of scrimmage during the second quar... more

The NFL's weirdest little soap opera rolls on. Dan Quinn said the Falcons wouldn't play Future for Saturday's playoff game against the Seahawks. The Georgia Dome DJ said, "Hold up , I make all Future-related decisions around here." Now the late... more

The best weekend of the football season is upon us. Thank God. After the penance that was Wild Card Weekend and the depressing conclusion of the year-long San Diego root canal, football fans can sit on the couch over the next couple of days and... more

Terry Bradshaw wants you to know he shouldn't have said that thing that he said. The Steelers great and current FOX analyst walked back his criticism of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on Thursday -- to a certain degree. "I probably shouldn't have sai... more

This could be the final ride for Vince Wilfork, who has hinted at retirement at the end of the 2016 season. The big man remains a key cog in the Texans' defense at age 35. How does he do it? Well, the former Patriots stalwart does not go the Tom Br... more

Seconds after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel walked onto the stage at Radio City Music Hall and flashed the universal sign for making money. Cut to a few years later. Manziel and the Browns are out of business. In truth, Man... more

The internet likes to have its fun with Future, Ciara and Russell Wilson. Do I have to break this down? Ugh, I probably should. Future (a well-known rapper) and Ciara (a seasoned R&B star) were once engaged. Out of that relationship came one child,... more

There's been a lot of Odell Beckham Jr. finger-wagging going on Monday, but don't expect Tom Brady to join the chorus. The Patriots quarterback -- currently prepping for his 32nd playoff start -- told Boston radio station WEEI that it's not unusua... more

On Monday, Giants coach Ben McAdoo apologized for the host of reports regarding some property damage to the visitor's locker room at Lambeau Field. Odell Beckham apparently punched this hole in the wall outside the Giants locker room.... more

When Tom Brady takes the field on Saturday against the Texans, it will mark the 32nd postseason start of his NFL career. Obviously, this is insane and difficult to comprehend. The 32 games are equivalent to two full regular-season campaigns, which,... more

The Seattle Seahawks are known for having one of the most dedicated fanbases in the NFL, but you'd perhaps be surprised just how far the 12s extend across the globe. One guy who does understand is injured Seahawks star Earl Thomas, who was spotted... more

Aaron Rodgers hit the Hail Mary hat trick on Sunday, his last-second heave against the Giants in Sunday's Wild Card Playoffs reaffirming his place as a one-face Mount Rushmore in this realm. Of all the incredible achievements in Rodgers' career,... more

There are plenty of perks to being a huge sports star in New York. There are drawbacks, too. Odell Beckham Jr. is being offered another reminder of the latter this morning. As you may have heard , Beckham was the focal point of the controversy... more

Aaron Rodgers is pretty good at this Hail Mary thing. For the third time in 13 months, the Packers quarterback connected on a desperation deep ball in the end zone, this time to stun the Giants on the final play of the first half in today's Wild Ca... more

Looking for a single play that neatly encapsulates the Dolphins' frustrations on Sunday? Take it away, Tony Lippett. Encroachment. #MIAvsPIT ‚?? NFL (@NFL) January 8, 2017 The final score won't tell you this, but... more

It's 12 degrees in Green Bay as the Giants and Packers prepare for today's Wild Card matchup at Lambeau Field. Perfect time for the Giants to (wait for it) SEND A MESSAGE. Odell Beckham Jr. warming up at Lambeau. Shirtless and in shorts. #frozentun... more

Antonio Brown is having a historic first quarter against the Dolphins. The Steelers have had two possessions in the first quarter of their Wild Card matchup today at Heinz Field. Brown has been targeted three times. The results? Three receptions, 1... more

We have a late-entry candidate for Catch of the Year. Respectful round of applause for Paul Richardson. On fourth-and-goal in a scoreless game, the Seahawks wide receiver made an incredible one-handed catch to put Seattle on the board on Saturday... more

J.J. Watt is not playing today, but he remains a star attraction for the Houston Texans. ESPN had their cameras trained on the three-time Defensive Player of the Year throughout the first half of Saturday's Texans-Raiders Wild Card matchup, leading... more

Aqib Talib is nowhere to be seen, and yet, Michael Crabtree's gold chain remains in great peril. The Raiders wide receiver was back to wearing his chain, one week after Talib snatched it in a brazen act of defiance during Oakland's Week 17 loss to... more

While cranky journos fume about Miami off-day getaways , Odell Beckham Jr. is out here making that paper on the streets of North Jersey. In an entertaining and endearing performance, the Giants star goes incognito as a Lyft driver, using sunglasses... more

Like you, Tom Brady is human. Probably. Given that (probable) fact, the question we should all have in the midst of another brilliant season for the 39-year-old: How does Tom Brady human so well? Well, that's a question with a nuanced answer involv... more

Well, this is sobering. The Cleveland Browns have just wrapped their worst season in franchise history, a 1-15 campaign in which they chewed through three more starting quarterbacks in their unending search for a solution at the game's most importa... more

Tiger Woods wants you to know you're not the only one annoyed that a fun Raiders team is being wheeled into the playoffs on life support. Woods capped a 1,600-word blog post on his website with commentary on injured quarterback Derek Carr. "Final... more

Michael Bennett and his brother Martellus have reached that rarified space in the public sector where they can say things other people probably wouldn't get away with. It's an exclusive club populated by the likes of Howard Stern, Charles Barkley and... more

Matt Hasselbeck wasn't afraid to hang some onion in a big spot. You always have to give him that. On this day back in 2004‚?¶ ‚??We want the ball and we‚??re gonna score.‚? #NFLPlayoffs ‚?? NFL (@NFL) January 4,... more

Adam Vinatieri isn't the only guy to lose out on huge payday on the final day of the season. Vikings return man Marcus Sherels was on his way to finishing his season as the league leader in punt return average. That distinction would trigger a $100... more

A hearty thanks to old friend Will Brinson , who reminds us that we now have a roster of†Hard Knocks eligible teams. Yes, you can get excited about the tournament that ends with Super Bowl LI. I will focus on a premium cable series that won't air... more

This past year marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Jerry Maguire . Yes, you are old and will not be spared from the inexorable march of time . Anyway, in celebration of the greatest romantic comedy/sports hybrid movie of all time, NFL Fil... more

The New York Jets are picking up the pieces -- or jettisoning some outright -- after a 5-11 season that counts among the most disappointing campaigns in franchise history. Hey embattled team leader Brandon Marshall, how would you characterize anot... more

Well, it's come to this, Raiders fans. You're about to watch your team play its first playoff game since the year†Dawson's Creek went off the air and you'll probably be starting your third-string quarterback . The Football Gods are trash . The... more

Jadeveon Clowney is an athletic freak. We knew that when he was hyped as the next LT coming out of South Carolina, but it's good to see that's still the case after the injury issues that haunted him in his first two NFL seasons. Clowney put on a... more

If you're someone who geeks out to MVP races -- I'll raise my hand on this count -- this is one of the best competitions in recent memory. For most people, the race comes down to four players: Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott... more

Tyreek Hill has reached that elevated plane of greatness this season: He is a video-game player sprung to life. Perhaps when Kia mercifully puts their Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl ad to rest (please, I'm begging you) , a follow-up can star Hill laying wa... more

The Rams' long-awaited return to Los Angeles did not go to plan. When your season peaks with a Hard Knocks appearance -- and it's not even a great Hard Knocks season -- you know something went very wrong. At the core of the Rams' problem was the... more

Adam Vinatieri isn't an easy guy to feel sorry for. The Colts kicker is a Super Bowl legend, future Hall of Famer and active participant in the NFL at 45 years of age. From a distance, this is a pretty excellent life. But that doesn't mean the man... more

Stop me if you heard this before: Ndamukong Suh is accused of being a dirty player. This time the charge comes out of New England, where Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount took exception to some extra contact from the Dolphins defensive tackle... more

If you're a 49ers fan frustrated by the team's direction and believe the organization needs new blood to blaze the trail back to relevance, we point you in the direction of your possible salvation: Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo star Rob Schneider. De... more

Robert Mathis played his final game on Sunday, ending a hugely productive Colts career that should warrant serious Canton consideration when the time comes. Playing 14 seasons with the same team is the type of stuff that will command respect from a... more

The Chicago Bears just put the finishing touches on a stink bomb of a season in which they tied the franchise record for losses (13). Their 2017 starting quarterback probably isn't on the roster and the team hasn't qualified for the playoffs in seven... more

The most curious moment of Week 17 came when Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib suddenly snatched Michael Crabtree's gold chain in the aftermath of an incomplete pass early in Denver's win over the Raiders. Replays showed that Talib's yank was clearly... more

Michael Crabtree vs. Aqib Talib is a thing to keep an eye on this afternoon. The heat started when the Broncos cornerback shoved the Raiders wide receiver to the ground on a deep ball incompletion by Matt McGloin. When Crabtree took exception to Ta... more

Poor Mike Mitchell. The Steelers safety was grabbed by the facemask while attempting to drag down Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman, but now there's a flag on the field and officials are conferring, and -- oh my God -- it's Mike Mitchell who's goi... more

The Buffalo Bills' start to 2017 has been no better than the end of their 2016. The Bills were dominated all afternoon by the Jets in Sunday's loss, and they capped a bad day by giving up the most unusual of all touchdowns. Mr. Lynn, we implore y... more

Ben McAdoo cuts a distinct figure on the Giants sideline. He's not Tom Landry in the shadows of Texas Stadium or anything, but the neatly parted hair, well-groomed goatee and, of course, that Cheesecake Factory play chart makes every cutaway to the... more

There's not a lot of juice in the early games this morning, but at least we have some shenanigans in Minnesota to entertain us. Some guy is hanging from a banner inside US Bank Stadium. ‚?? Jeff Dickerson (@DickersonES... more


Dear Football Gods, We need to talk. I'm not trying to be a jerk, or openly combative, or unnecessarily dramatic, but I gotta know: Who do you think you are? Oh right, you're gods . Congratulations. You exist on a higher plane of existence than... more

Everyone know that bacon is great. There are people who try to deny this -- the vegetarians, the pork snobs, your casual contrarians -- but their logic always falls apart because of one unconquerable truth: Bacon is delicious. You know who agrees?... more

In August, Brandon Marshall made a poor bet with Antonio Brown. Predictably, he lost that poor bet. Antonio Brown is not going to let his contemporary off the hook. ū???ū?ĺ @BMarshall , you could send me the pink slip, or donate the car to @PROJEC... more

The saddest moment of the NFL season might be Christmas Eve in Oakland, Derek Carr on the field pointing to a leg he knows just broke. In an instant, the Raiders went from the NFL's compelling feel-good story of the playoffs to the most frustrating... more

Let's talk about soccer, or as I like to call it, Almost Everyone Else's Football. Harry Kane is a talented striker for the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. The former Golden Boot winner knows how to bang the pellet into the screen (I made th... more

Warning: Things could get dusty should you choose to read further. Austin Deckard is a 10-year-old boy who suffers from advanced pulmonary hypertension, a rare heart condition that requires a high-risk medical procedure to save his life. That surge... more

'Tis the season for offensive linemen to receive gifts from the stars. We've seen bigs receive plane tickets , gaming systems , coolers and UTVs . Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz went down a road we don't remember seeing before, gifting each of hi... more

The Cowboys asserted their dominance once again on Monday night, whipping up on the Lions in a game that meant nothing to Dallas and everything to Detroit. The exclamation point in the victory came via a touchdown pass from Dez Bryant to Jason Witt... more

Reggie Bush has had a nice NFL career. Maybe not the one people were expecting when he was being hailed as the next Gale Sayers coming out of USC, but he's done well. A study of his career backs up this generality: Eleven seasons, nearly 5,500 yard... more

Very few acts can pull off a second greatest hits release. It usually goes like this: Successful band/solo artist releases first best-of compilation that's a huge unit-shifter. Artist releases several more albums in subsequent years, the hit output... more

The Terry Bradshaw-Mike Tomlin saga rolls on. The Steelers great has been lambasted in all corners following his strange decision to rip Tomlin on basic cable last week. Bradshaw should have known better. The story was guaranteed to have legs , an... more

Hard Truth Time for all you Rexamaniacs out there: Rex Ryan was probably done regardless of what happened during Saturday's loss to the Dolphins. But if there was any lingering doubt amongst the suits in Orchard Park, this didn't help: Well, more... more

The NFL season is a roller coaster, and some teams have encountered more perilous journeys than others. Here's an interesting tidbit found over at the NFL Reddit . Four teams will miss the playoffs this season after starting 3-0 or better: Minnesot... more

We don't know the level to which Terry Bradshaw regrets things he says on live air -- it feels like it would be low -- but this Mike Tomlin criticism could come back to bite him. Thanks to the last-minute heroics of Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsbu... more

So you might have heard: The Browns finally won on Saturday. This was tremendous for the people of Cleveland and a Browns organization that didn't need the scarlet letter of 0-16 added to the already staggering legacy of pain . On Monday, Clevelan... more

This could end up being remembered as a grim Christmas for Raiders fans. Oakland's season was turned upside-down on Saturday when quarterback Derek Carr suffered a broken fibula in the fourth quarter of a 33-25 win over the Colts. Carr appeared to... more

OK, here's the best thing you'll see in Week 16. The Browns finally won on Saturday, a 20-17 victory over the Chargers that ensures Cleveland won't join the 2008 Detroit Lions in the 0-16 Club. Franchise star Joe Thomas called this the Browns' Sup... more

The Rams' long-awaited return to Los Angeles hasn't been the stuff of fairytales. But hey, that Johnny Hekker sure can boom 'em. Congrats to @JHekker for breaking the NFL record for punts inside the 20 #PuntersBreakRecordsToo... more

Icing the kicker is terrible and should go away forever . Perhaps that's why a game official in Orchard Park ignored Rex Ryan's timeout request today. When CBS provided viewers with a synced up split-screen (nice job, CREW IN THE TRUCK), we saw tha... more

Um, the Browns might win? Like, yeah ... it seems like there's a pretty decent chance the Browns might take this one. Alert! This is not a drill! The Browns might do it. This is definitely trending in a specific direction. UPDATE: Guys ... T... more

The New England Patriots are pawing at the New York Jets like a grizzly bear with a kitten. Tom Brady threw three touchdown passes in the first half as the Pats built a 27-0 halftime lead over Todd Bowles' band of sleepwalkers. For Brady's second... more

Remember about two months ago when everybody was asking why Aaron Rodgers wasn't Aaron Rodgers anymore? Well, that was stupid. Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers. He never stopped being Aaron Rodgers. And he will continue being Aaron Rodgers u... more

Christmas is almost here. Snuck up on you, didn't it? I trust this column finds you in good spirits, and the more stressful aspects of the season haven't ground you beneath the icy asphalt. I have two boys at home -- 2 years old and six weeks,... more

Here at the End Around, we don't really have strict publishing standards, per se, (shocking) but we tend to stay away from stories about cleats. If we really wanted to, every post written on this platform could be about cleats. That's how much cleat... more

The internet likes to have its fun with Russell Wilson -- we are not innocent here -- but it feels fair to periodically note the Seahawks quarterback seems to be a pretty nice guy. Wilson is extremely active on the charitable scene (very good), h... more

Bryce Petty was nearly dissected on the field last Saturday, and wayward Ryan Fitzpatrick finished the loss to the Dolphins with a hey-even-I-can't-believe-I'm-back-on-the-field look on his face. With Petty banged up, is it possible -- I mean,... more

Anything seems plausible in a post-election America. That includes former Cowboys coach Barry Switzer having an official position in the Trump administration. So consider it no surprise that people believed what Switzer had to say when asked why he... more

The idea of PED-testing a place kicker might seem funny to you -- what's your problem anyway? -- but it actually makes total sense. Between season-swinging field goals (hi Ryan Succop ) and the wild adventure that's become the extra point, a good k... more

Michael Bennett was the latest NFL player to fall victim to the three-pump rule , but he's not going to let it damper his holiday spirit. The Seahawks defensive end has shown up for media engagements this week in a Christmas sweater that features... more

The best simmering NFL mystery of 2016: What's everybody got against Terrelle Pryor? On Wednesday, former Browns wide receiver Brian Hartline became the latest contemporary to rip Pryor, seemingly out of nowhere and without provocation. Here's what... more

Would you have the guts to walk up to Bill Belichick and stick him with your bar tab? Surely not. But could you do it while in a drunken state of naivety? This feels more plausible. That's exactly what happened to former Patriots safety Brandon... more

Where were you for the Ryan Succop Revenge Game? On a freezing Sunday afternoon in Kansas City, Succop lined up for a 53-yard field-goal attempt -- and with a little help from his old coach -- kicked the Tennessee Titans to the doorstep of the... more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the outside looking in as they prepare for the penultimate game of their season. At 8-6, the Bucs are the seventh seed in the NFC as a result of an unkind tiebreaker with the 8-6 Packers. Mathematically, the Bucs nee... more

Every week, the Philadelphia Eagles hold a contest for free tickets. And almost every week, the same damn dude wins the contest. Verrrrry interesting. Congrats to #FanFriday winner @YungYle ! See you at #NYGvsPHI . #FlyEaglesFly... more

How do we know Marquette King has made the leap from faceless punter to legit NFL name brand? Well, this tweet sums up the transformation rather nicely: Raiders' Marquette King might be the first punter to do the weekly media conference call. He... more

Ezekiel Elliott donated himself to the Salvation Army on Sunday night, a terrific touchdown celebration that also came with the near guarantee that a FedEx envelope (translation: league fine) would be sitting in front of his locker at some point thi... more

On Saturday night, we saw Bryce Petty get plastered by two defenders like he was the doomed protagonist in a poorly choreographed football movie. On Monday night, it was a Redskins cheerleader's turn to get wiped out in an almost comically exagger... more

If it feels like there's been some unnecessary flip-flopping coming out of Big D this season on the subject of the quarterback decision, well, it's actually by design. That according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who said Tuesday that some of his... more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers couldn't finish the job in their return to Sunday Night Football , but I gotta say: It was nice to have them around. Those guys are fun! Check out Jameis Winston's face during this pregame hype speech by Gerald McCoy. I wis... more

The Broncos' offense had no answer for the Patriots on Sunday †-- the defending champs were held to just three points in a damaging home loss that could keep them out of the postseason. We've heard about the internal strife within the walls of the... more

The Terrible Towel is an iconic artifact of Pittsburgh history. To desecrate it is to spit upon the face of all Steelers fans who have waved the fabric with proud exuberance for decades. Jeremy Hill don't care. Hill was going to get plenty of hea... more

It's fun having Ezekiel Elliott around, isn't it? Not only is the Cowboys rusher one of the most dynamic rookies to enter the league in years, he does it all with a flair that makes him a perfect fit for the "America's Team" resurgence out of Big D... more

If you were there for the death rattle of Saturday night's one-sided matchup between the Dolphins and Jets at the Meadowlands, you witnessed Bryce Petty take the type of hit not seen since you and your cousin played four hours of NFL Blitz on Christ... more

My internal monologue Sunday as Titans kicker Ryan Succop lined up to attempt a 53-yard field goal in the final seconds against the Chiefs: Don't do it, Andy. Don't you do it. Get the hell away from the ref, Andy. No, Andy. No. No. No. You must res... more

What's got Mark Ingram all upset? The Saints rolled up 48 points in a win over the Cardinals on Sunday, a victory in which Ingram served as the team's leading rusher. But the veteran running back didn't hide his displeasure with the Saints coaching... more

Von Miller did it. Many tried, but there could be only one. The Broncos linebacker has the most ridiculous cleats, in this, The Year Of The Ridiculous Cleats. Behold! Pregame cleats for @Millerlite40 today ‚?? Dar... more

Football is not a game for the weak in mind, body or spirit. Case in point: Watch Bears running back Ka'Deem Carey hit the hole. Watch Packers linebacker Joe Thomas fill the hole. Watch Bears running back Ka'Deem Carey lose his logo. The man lost... more

Brock Osweiler has been benched in Houston ... and Texans fans aren't hiding their satisfaction with the decision. Osweiler threw interceptions on back-to-back possessions in the second quarter Sunday against the Jaguars, prompting Bill O'Brien to... more

You can't say the NFL isn't trying very hard to make the Pro Bowl something you'd want to watch. Sure, the decision to throw out the AFC vs. NFC matchup in favor of a "fantasy" draft was -- like a morose Will Smith Christmas release --... more

Here's the†depressing Jaguars stat of the day: Blake Bortles now has more career interceptions returned for a touchdown (11) than wins (10). That's some grim stuff right there, the type of stat that Jax decision-makers will have to factor in when... more

Earl Thomas is out for the season with a broken leg, but the man still has takes. Pretty hot ones, too! Here's the All-Pro safety's prediction for Seattle's Thursday night matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Predictions on tonight's game? I'm g... more

We learned earlier this week that dodgeball will be a part of the Pro Bowl festivities in Orlando next month, grand news that very nearly -- but not quite -- saved 2016. During a spot with Mike Florio on NBC Sports Radio, Steelers wide receiver An... more

What is the Arctic Front ? If you answered a punishingly awful Gerard Butler action vehicle, you would be wrong ... though I checked his IMDB to make sure. An arctic front is a weather pattern that will plunge much of the U.S. into a deep freeze th... more

Weird stats are fun. Especially when they seem too insane to be true. Like, for instance, this one! Bill Belichick could go 0-16 for 41 consecutive seasons and still have a better winning percentage than Gus Bradley. ‚?? JJ Zachariason... more

The Browns are down to just three chances to avoid becoming the second 0-16 team in NFL history. Marcell Dareus promises the Bills won't let the Dawg Pound off this leash of infamy. DT Marcell Dareus said it's "a guarantee" the #Bills will not bec... more

The Buffalo Bills are headed toward yet another dark January. Perhaps divine intervention can help end the team's grim dry spell. Buffalo-area native Nicholas Iacono packed a Bills flag amongst his belongings when he headed to Rome to study abroad... more

There's an old Seinfeld episode somewhere near the end of the series' run where George attempts to give himself a cool nickname at the office. The gambit failed miserably, as most Costanza endeavors usually did. I'm sure Janoris Jenkins is a huge... more

The Browns have gone exactly one year without a victory. One. Year. On Dec. 13, 2015, Isaiah Crowell ran for 145 yards and two scores and the Browns defense piled up nine sacks in a 24-10 win over the 49ers. The starting quarterback on that day for... more

Aqib Talib credits the Patriots with helping him†become a better professional , but that doesn't mean the Pro Bowl cornerback isn't above a little tweaking of his former team with a huge Week 15 matchup around the corner. Grind on #PatriotsWeek... more

Pray for Cyrus Jones. Competition in sports can be defined by its failures as much as its successes. Jones has done a lot of failing in his first season with the Patriots, and he might have run out of rope on Monday night. Dear God, get out of th... more

It's always a good day when common sense wins. No, I'm not talking about the Rams and Jeff Fisher. I'm referring to the NFL's announcement that this year's Pro Bowl week itinerary will include the return of a skills challenge. Competitions will... more

Jeff Fisher told the truth. He proclaimed to the world he†wasn't go to go 7-9 (I believe f------ 7-9 was his exact wording) and, as it turns out, he will not. Instead, the coach went 4-9 before the Rams pulled the plug on Monday afternoon. Fisher... more

It's the Monday after the first Cowboys loss in 91 days. Naturally, this is the logical time to fret about a potential quarterback change in Big D. I wish I could say this wasn't true, but 'tis the world we live in. There's no way Skip Bayless slep... more

Odell Beckham Jr. is insane. I don't mean that literally. A little eccentric? Certainly. Sometimes exhausting? Yeah, sure . But as a player of football, the man is certifiably nuts. I'm still processing the athletic ability necessary to do what... more

The Eagles' season continue its slip into the abyss on Sunday, but the team at least gave their fans some special teams shenanigans during a loss to the Redskins. It started when Pro Bowl long snapper Jon Dorenbos was forced to exit the game in the... more

It appears we've seen†the last of Ryan Tannehill this season. That simply based on the quarterback's interactions with teammates after suffering what is believed to be a torn ACL during Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. Tannehill, wearing... more

The technology of modern day artificial turf has always inspired a touch of mistrust on this end. Like, for instance, why so flammable? And if you're green, why the black rubber pellets in moments of distress? Just what are you anyway? Which tak... more

Earlier this season, we were gifted with the worst onside kick in NFL history. On Sunday, Ryan Tannehill -- beautiful dreamer he is -- made his play at the sport's worst pass. In Tannehill's defense, it was a rainy afternoon in South Florida. Th... more

Let's check in on the Factory of Sadness. The 0-12 Browns lost again on Sunday and Hue Jackson picked a very strange time to go into the team's bag of tricks. Down two touchdowns to the Bengals in the second quarter, the Browns made the unusual dec... more

The San Francisco 49ers haven't won a game since Week 1 and are 6-22 since Jim Harbaugh was cast out in an ugly internal power struggle. General manager Trent Baalke may have won that battle, but he's losing the war. The 49ers are a mess and have r... more

We've reached the second week of December. The pretenders are being exposed on a weekly basis now, the humiliation of this realization banishing the team's stars from public life until literally every single Super Bowl party. But how about the team... more

Odell Beckham found himself caught up in a sideline-based controversy -- again -- this week when FOX cameras captured the Giants star with a wide grin on his face following Antonio Brown's touchdown catch against Big Blue. As far as OBJ controvers... more

Jim Bob Cooter is a great name. Anyone who tries to deny this is either a liar or a fool. It's nice to see that Bears head coach John Fox is on the right side of history here. "I love the name," Fox said, via the Detroit Free Press . "He and [Vik... more

I'm getting extremely close to an End Around ban on posts about predictive tattoos from NFL fanatics. But we're not quite there yet. Meet Jordan Garnett, a stand-up comedian from Florida who made the very serious life choice of getting a shrine to... more

The tundra might be frozen , but Arrowhead Stadium will be on fire by kickoff tonight. Let's start with Chiefs fans, who literally cannot wait to get to the biggest home game in 25 years. Wonder how many of these fans actually took advantage of And... more

Joe Flacco isn't your typical star quarterback. Remember, this is the dude that once celebrated a $120 million contract with a trip to the McDonald's drive-thru . Here's another example: For an extended stretch following his first and second season... more

Odell Beckham knows he should stop talking about game officials. He just can't help himself. "There's not really any point in talking about it. Nothing's going to change," he said Wednesday, according to . "You'd be sitting there, wasting yo... more

Here's a pretty average factoid I just came across : The Indianapolis Colts are the NFL's most average team. The numbers back it up: The Colts have won six games and lost six games. They are 3-3 at home and 3-3 on the road. They have scored 311 poi... more

These are trying times for Jeff Fisher. The coach can't get his team to stop losing, news of a toothless extension only fueled speculation about his possible dismissal and he's so busy trying to right the ship he was unaware of a major franchise... more

Joe Buck continued the publicity tour of his new book Tuesday with a stop on the Dave Dameshek Football Program . To this point, the best tidbit gleaned from the long promotional cycle was Buck's audacious admission that a hair plug addiction ne... more

When the Cowboys meet the Giants on Sunday Night Football this weekend, it will mark the second of four consecutive weeks Dallas will be in prime time this month. People might complain of Cowboys overload, but the truth is that Dallas moves the ne... more

The Kansas City Star wrote this week that the anticipation for Thursday night's game between the Chiefs and Raiders "is unlike anything seen in a generation." They ain't wrong. The winner of this huge division matchup will be in first place in the... more

I like that James Harrison is really starting to lean into this "Being James Harrison" thing. You ask the man a question and he is going to answer it. You may not like it, it may even scare you ... but you won't be left uninformed. Care for an... more

Westwood One play-by-play man Kevin Harlan earned his eternal place on broadcast Mount Rushmore with his inspired call of a maniac fan who ran on the field during a Monday night blowout between the Rams and 49ers in Week 1. In the second half of... more

Week 13 of the NFL schedule featured the beginning -- but not quite the end -- of the NFL's "My Cause My Cleats" social campaign, which provides players with the opportunity to use footwear to raise awareness for different causes. Hundreds of pla... more

Monday night was another dark chapter for the New York Jets. Gang Green was blown out by the Colts by a score of 41-10, a final tally that still somehow failed to portray how one-sided this game was. The Jets fans who did show up -- MetLife Stadium... more

Bad news for a respected member of the Hard Knocks alumni. The Texans placed cornerback Charles James on waivers Monday, effectively ending his second tenure with the team. James replaced an injured Jonathan Joseph in Sunday's loss to the Packers... more

Bad news, lovers of lip rugs, the world over: Marcus Mariota is now a clean-shaven man. With November over, @Titans QB Marcus Mariota has shaved his mustache ‚?? Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) December 5, 2016 I had put this off for years, but I fi... more

Let's check in on drunk people. A Packers fan was arrested on Sunday after he stiffed a cabbie $475, the charge for a 111-mile ride from Lambeau Field to his home in Richfield, Wis. From the Washington County Sheriff's Office : The Sheriff's Of... more

If you don't believe in the Football Gods, watch the first series of Sunday night's game between the Panthers and Seahawks. Ron Rivera made the most ridiculous coaching decision of the NFL season when he sent Derek Anderson on the field to start... more

Marquette King found the limits of his punter swag on Sunday. The Raiders' special teams force is a favorite here at the End Around -- Pat McAfee remains salty about this fact -- but we struggle to condone King's actions in the final minute of... more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have a Roberto Aguayo problem. The rookie place kicker missed a field-goal attempt from 31 yards out in the second quarter of Sunday's win over the Chargers. After hitting two kicks in the second half, he moved to... more

Eric Berry is playing in his hometown of Atlanta for the first time in his career on Sunday. It's also the city where he won his fight against Hodgkin's lymphoma two years ago. Berry is wearing purple ribbon cleats to honor those in a fight against... more

Underrated horrible thing: That moment of panic as you dig through your pockets looking for an important personal belonging. This is usually a frenzied search for a wallet, cell phone or house keys. When you're an NFL head coach, there's one more t... more

We have our first snow angel of 2016. Appropriately, it comes at Lambeau Field. Randall Cobb is the answer to this wildly obscure trivia question, waving his arms while prone on the turf after a 9-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter of t... more

Are you having a good week? You are? That's great. Let's hope this carries right through the weekend. After all, you deserve it. The following NFL people did not have a good week. This is hardly schadenfreude; instead consider it a simple... more

Everybody wants to be the quarterback. It is the great glory boy position of American sports. Unfortunately, very few can play the position at a professional level, and of that group, fewer still play it well. Enter LeSean McCoy, who just wants to... more

Rob Gronkowski could miss the rest of the season after Rap Sheet reported Thursday that the All-Pro tight end will undergo his third back surgery. Gronk's loss significantly dents New England's Super Bowl chances, and one can only imagine the pani... more

Hamilton is the hottest ticket on Broadway right now, with seats for the hip hop musical going for more than $300 a pop. Despite that general societal absurdity, demand remains at a ravenous high. Kirk Cousins is pretty busy these days, but he pla... more

One of the great indignities a struggling professional sports franchise can face is public debate about whether it can be defeated by a college powerhouse. The Browns have been ripe for this treatment pretty much every year since their 1999 reboot,... more


The Seahawks and their fans were not happy when Cam Newton -- shortly after the Panthers dethroned the defending NFC champions in last season's playoffs -- ripped a "12th Man" flag out of the crowd and fired it to the turf at Bank of America Stadiu... more

The Raiders haven't been to the playoffs in a very long time. You have to go all the way back to the 2002 season, when league MVP Rich Gannon guided the Silver & Black to a Super Bowl appearance. A useful perspective tool on the passage of time can... more

So yeah, how are things going for Malik Jackson? You remember Malik, right? The mean defensive end was a major contributor on the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 winner, then leveraged his fine play into a six-year, $90 million contract that made him one of... more

You won't find Mike Wallace's Dolphins tenure in any studies of the great free-agent signings of the 21st century. Back in 2012, the Dolphins signed Wallace to a five-year, $60 million deal to be Ryan Tannehill's go-to guy. For that investment, the... more

Kate Mara comes from NFL royalty ... two times over. Her father's family owns the New York Giants and her mother's family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers. Having such an intimate connection with two of the most successful franchises in football histor... more

The Rams have a difficult challenge ahead of them on Week 13 against the Patriots. On Wednesday, Bill Belichick showered praise on a Rams player we could see a lot of at Gillette Stadium. "I mean [Johnny] Hekker is a tremendous weapon," Belichick s... more

Professional baseball player Tim Tebow's fruitless tenure with the New England Patriots represents a missed opportunity in his life -- in more ways than one. In his new book, "Shaken," Tebow tells a story of receiving an offer for a one-day commer... more

It instantly became one of the great curiosities of the 2016 season: What the hell was Aaron Rodgers doing in that tent? "I just didn't want to be getting [my leg] taped up on the television," Rodgers said after Green Bay's win over the Eagles,... more

Like the inverse of our President Elect, John Elway picks his spots on Twitter . The Broncos general manager has tweeted just five times since September. Before Monday, he'd announced two contract extensions, sent love to the late Arnold Palmer and... more

We don't see enough scoreboard trolling at NFL stadiums. The Eagles took an important step to address this on Monday evening. With kickoff between the Eagles and Packers a few hours away , the scoreboard operator at Lincoln Financial Field opted to... more

Once upon a time, the Jets' inadvertently began the Patriots dynasty when Mo Lewis obliterated Drew Bledsoe with a sideline hit that cleared the path for Tom Brady. On Sunday, the Jets had an opportunity to deck Brady -- and passed. I refer, of co... more

Nothing is going right for the Cleveland Browns this season. Robert Griffin III, one of the multitude of Cleveland passers who have started and lost a game in 2016, had money stolen from his car during Sunday's loss to the Giants. Griffin's girlfri... more

The Rams got embarrassed on Sunday at the Superdome, surrendering more than 500 yards of total offense in a wipeout win for the Saints. For a team that hangs their coach's Oakleys on the defense, it was a decidedly bad look at a time when there's... more

The denizens of The Black Hole have been through some stuff. Look at the stretch that began with the team's Super Bowl XXXVII no-show and lasted through last season as the equivalent of a 13-year prison bit for one of the NFL's most passionate fanb... more

The line between hero and goat can be razor thin. Consider the case of Cairo Santos. With seconds to play in overtime on Sunday night, the Chiefs kicker lined up for a 34-yard field attempt in overtime against the Broncos. It's the type of kick tha... more

The everlasting power of friendship was on display in Denver on Sunday night. In the second quarter of the SNF matchup between the Broncos and Chiefs, Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill took the free kick and kept running all the way to the end zone for a... more

There aren't many players in the NFL who engender more respect than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Jets' defense seemed to prove as much Sunday at the Meadowlands. Below you'll find a fun, fairly unremarkable carry by LeGarrette Blount in the... more

The Saints won big at the Superdome and Sean Payton loved every bit of it. Gregg Williams? Not so much. The Saints were already sitting on a 42-21 lead over the Rams in the fourth quarter Sunday when Payton went into his bag of tricks. The result w... more

Wild times in New Orleans. The Los Angeles Rams, the NFL's most earthbound offense this season, came out flying against the Saints on Sunday. For evidence of the Rams' fast start, consider the following things that happened on their first posses... more

Swag is in short supply for kickers across the NFL right now. After all, we're just one week removed from the darkest day in history for the game's most maligned position. This all makes Justin Tucker stand out even more. The Ravens kicker has bee... more

Vontaze Burfict has made a grave error in judgment. The Cincinnati Bengals linebacker fooled an official into calling an unnecessary roughness penalty on Steve Smith with an audacious flop during the first half of the Ravens' 19-14 victory . Osca... more

The holiday shopping season has arrived. Again. I'm here to help. First, a bit of unsolicited advice: Don't even think about going to the mall or any of the big box stores on Black Friday. There are roughly seven million YouTube videos that... more

Steve Smith hasn't retired yet, but I already miss him. The Ravens wide receiver is in his last season (we think ) and is coming off his best game of the year, a 7/99/1 effort that featured his 1,000th career catch . Smith, you might recall, had... more

The Jay Cutler Era is all but over in Chicago. The oft-criticized quarterback is dealing with a shoulder injury that should end his season , and with no more guaranteed money tied to his contract, there's an approximately 379 percent chance the Bea... more

The Green Bay Packers have allowed 138 points in the last four games. Not surprisingly, they've lost every one of those contests and now teeter on the brink of irrelevance before Thanksgiving. If you were looking for a symbol of the Packers' defens... more

We saw 12 missed extra points on Sunday, an NFL record that one can only hope will never be broken. Count me among the silent majority who miss when the PAT was a glorified victory lap. Why have we given more power -- and applied more pressure --... more

Life is good at The Star right now. "The Star" being the Cowboys' new $1.5 billion headquarters, of course. The team that trains there hasn't lost a game in 71 days and talk of a Big D return to the Big Game no longer feels like the overly optimist... more

We need to check back in with the Sound Guy. The biggest hit of Week 11 happened before the Vikings and Cardinals even kicked off on Sunday. FOX audio technician Bernie Beaudry made the ill-fated decision to dart in front of a conspicuous Vikings s... more

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the toughest environments for any road quarterback to get comfortable. Jameis Winston represents an exception to the rule. "Man, the crowd noise was amazing," Winston said after the Bucs' upset win over the Chiefs on Sun... more

Jeff Fisher already had reason to be in a bad mood Sunday night. Nobody show him this tweet: Jeff Fisher has tied Tom Landry for 2nd most losses in NFL history. Jeff Fisher has coached 336 games. Tom Landry coached in 418.... more

Sunday, November 20, 2016, is a day that will live in infamy for NFL place kickers. On 12 different occasions Sunday, a kicker lined up for an extra-point attempt following a touchdown and walked away empty-handed. Two kickers -- Mike Nugent and Ro... more

Sen'Derrick Marks fell for it. Every week, we see quarterbacks use a hard count to entice opponents to jump offsides in fourth-and-short situations. It's a check-the-box type thing for offensive coordinators that never works. Well, almost never wo... more

General rule of thumb: When the fog is coming out of the Viking ship, halt. A poor sound guy working for the FOX coverage team learned this lesson the hard way before the start of Sunday's matchup between the Vikings and Cardinals at U.S. Bank Stad... more

Tony Romo has played more than a dozen years for America's Team, but it took until this week for him to become America's Quarterback. With one prepared statement , Romo earned a level of respect he never approached during a career in which he's pla... more

Super rich people are known to occasionally spend their money on stupid things. Joe Flacco is no exception. During an appearance on Ravens podcast The Lounge , Flacco was asked about the dumbest thing he'd ever purchased. Keep in mind that Flacco h... more

Sunday's matchup between the Ravens and Cowboys will feature the two most accurate kickers in NFL history in Justin Tucker and Dan Bailey. I'm sure there are people out there who get pumped up at the prospect at all the good and solid kicks to come... more

Tony Romo is having a moment. Maybe it's not the moment he envisioned back in August, but these things can't be controlled. On the back of one pre-written statement, Romo forever changed how millions of football fans feel about the longtime Cowboys... more

With Peyton Manning retired, Tom Brady has a chance to put some distance between him and his old rival in the unending G.O.A.T. conversation. But one place Peyton has always had a comfortable lead is as a pitchman. Brady has chosen a more offbeat p... more

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense took a hit on Tuesday when defensive end Cameron Heyward announced he'd miss the remainder of the season with a torn pectoral muscle. In times of adversity, sometimes you have to laugh so you don't cry. Heyward goes... more

Mike Tirico's about to call some damn NFL games. The world is a good and just place. On Wednesday, NBC announced Tirico -- one of the sport's best play-by-play guys -- will be behind the mic for the next three network telecasts, starting with the... more

Yup, it's one of those seasons for the New York Jets. At 3-7, Gang Green is out of contention before Thanksgiving and stories continue to roll in portraying Todd Bowles' team as a dysfunctional bunch teetering on implosion. Last week, Muhammad... more

Had ESPN not spiked its "YOU GOT JACK'D UP!" segment by now -- where have you gone, Tom Jackson? -- there surely would've been a 30-minute special dedicated solely to the hit Seahawks safety Earl Thomas laid on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on S... more

Dark clouds have hovered over Mars, Inc., the maker of Skittles, ever since Marshawn Lynch's sudden retirement announcement during Super Bowl 50. In the blink of a tweet, the candy giant lost the perfect pitch man: A wildly popular, enigmatic super... more

Russell Wilson's Twitter feed is typically a housing place for motivational platitudes, charity news and the general greatness of God, his wife and Bose products. On Monday, the Seahawks star spiced things up a bit. I'm excited to announce I've... more

Pete Carroll is not impressed with the intimidation factor at Gillette Stadium. The Seahawks coach cast some shade onto Patriot Way in the aftermath of Seattle's 31-24 win in Foxborough on Sunday night, pointedly calling out the environment at the... more

The more you hear about the behind-the-scenes world of the NFL in the '80s and '90s, the more you start to wonder if everyone involved in the league was under the influence of a powerful mind-altering agent. Former Bengals star Boomer Esiason share... more

When Rob Gronkowski goes rumbling down the seam, it's usually the Patriots tight end who does the punishing. The equation can have a different result when Earl Thomas is involved. In the second quarter of Sunday night's Super Bowl XLIX rematch, Tho... more

I'm convinced the FOX graphics team is running a social experiment. Last month, eagle-eyed friend of the End Around Will Brinson noticed that FOX had photoshopped Sam Bradford's head onto Teddy Bridgewater's body †in a promo for the network's Week... more

The Seattle Seahawks had the New England Patriots on the ropes on Sunday night. Pete Carroll decided to go for the knockout blow. After Doug Baldwin's third touchdown catch of the day gave the Seahawks a seven-point lead with 4:30 to play, Carroll... more

The Washington Redskins held on for a key victory against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. It has the whole team feeling a little bit fancy. On the day when Cam Newton brought back The Dab , here's Kirk Cousins fearlessly leaving "You like that!"... more

The New York Jets engineered their first 99-yard touchdown drive in 21 years on Sunday. It's a Bryce Petty revolution! The drive, which included big gainers from Robby Anderson and Matt Forte -- ended in an especially gorgeous way. We need more... more

Blair Walsh is trending on Twitter again. This is never a good thing. The Minnesota Vikings place kicker -- whose struggles this season led Mike Zimmer to audition kickers last week -- missed his fourth extra point attempt of the season in Sunday'... more

Cam Newton, like you, misses 2015. It was a simpler time, and one of great success for Newton, who won league MVP honors and led the Panthers to a Super Bowl berth. As you probably know, the ride hasn't been nearly as smooth for Cam and "Keep... more

The Tennessee Titans are fighting to stay relevant in the butt AFC South and are willing to pursue unconventional methods to defeat the enemy. Like, for instance, attempting an onside kick on the opening play of the game. Ryan Succop approached the... more

Watching Rob Gronkowski read is fun. Watching Rob Gronkowski read in German is noch besser. I don't have much else to add to this video other to say that Gronk gives a fine effort here and I would absolutely watch a Gronk & Seabass in Deutschland... more

Seahawks star Richard Sherman probably wasn't trying to injure Dan Carpenter when he screamed off the edge and barreled into the Bills kicker on Monday night. And despite an initial reaction from Carpenter that indicated a serious injury -- get tha... more

Here's a nice story on a stressful day. The Tennessee Titans traveled to San Diego last weekend and fell short in their matchup against the Chargers. After the game was decided, Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan spotted a young fan in tears after the... more

Chris Boswell has nailed the rabona before, but he certainly did not on Sunday. That doesn't mean Mike Tomlin is ready to give up on his kicker's trick play. "We felt comfortable about allowing him to deliver that kick based on what we've seen hi... more

Well, this is strange. On Sunday, the Colts might have saved their season with a big road win over the Packers -- the team's first win at Lambeau Field in almost three decades. That's not the strange part. What's weird is the thread that ties the... more

Basic tenet of the Friend Code: Never blow off a party being held in your honor. Muhammad Wilkerson apparently never got that memo. NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, citing two sources close to the team, reported on Monday's edition of Up To The Minute... more

Over the weekend, Marshawn Lynch recreated his iconic golf cart ride at Cal before his alma mater's game against Washington on Saturday. Lynch made his return on the day Cal handed out thousands of bobbleheads celebrating Lynch's cart ride, which hap... more

Chip Kelly hasn't brought the magic touch to the 49ers, but he's at least offered up some food for thought for the NFL Competition Committee this offseason. With eight seconds to play in the first half against the Saints on Sunday, the Niners explo... more

Chris Boswell's attempt at a rabona kick was met with calamitous results on Sunday in Baltimore. Turns out this wasn't the first time Boswell had tried the kick. In fact, he completely nailed it at least once before. Four years ago, Boswell -- the... more

When you're 7-1 and flying back home on a private jet, you're free to do whatever you want. Including taking part in the #MannequinChallenge. That 7-1 feeling #mannequinchallenge ‚?? Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys)... more

Marquette King is an iconoclast. He will not be imprisoned by your preconceptions. He won't be put in the box where you believe he belongs. He is Picasso. He's Walt Disney. He's Steve Jobs. There has never been a punter quite like Marquette King.... more

The Los Angeles Rams were blanked through three quarters during their 13-10 loss to the Panthers on Sunday, and fans at the Coliseum grew restless with Jeff Fisher's plan of patience behind center. Here's a sampling what we heard this afternoon as... more

Rodent on the field in the land of cheese. (Nailed it. Going home.) Play was temporarily halted at Lambeau Field on Sunday when a squirrel ran onto the field. The little fella sprinted through the visitor's end zone and appeared to evade a stadiu... more

Gather the children around your laptop, mobile phone or connected device -- let's enjoy some history together. Here is the worst onside kick in the history of the National Football League. My condolences to Chris Boswell, who might want to stay off... more

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars! Ladies and gentleman, your 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars! From @ESPNStatsInfo #Jaguars QB Blake Bortles first QB to be penalized for chop block since Jay Cutler in Week 3 of 2009 season. ‚??... more

The great irony of Ryan Fitzpatrick is that for all we hear about his Harvard beginnings, he's not the smartest quarterback. Harvard educated, Harvard on the Hill decision making. Fitzpatrick has been driving his coaches crazy for years now, and on... more

We're halfway through the regular season, so let's hand out some stupid awards. It's the First Annual End Around Midseason Awards ... the Endys! (We're workshopping the title.) My promise: This will be a penalty-free read that will take less than f... more

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not good at football right now, but Mike Evans keeps his team watchable in a trashy-reality-TV kind of way: It's not good for you, but it's kind of fun. Buried beneath the rubble of the latest nuclear attack by the Falc... more

You might have heard there's a baseball game going on. The Cubs and Indians will play Game 7 of the World Series tonight at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Bill Murray will be there. Eddie Vedder will be there. LeBron will be there (once again keep... more

All is not well in Winter Park. Two straight ugly losses have burned away much of the optimism connected to the Vikings' 5-0 start. Now the offensive coordinator has up and quit the team like a college kid at the campus Chipotle on the eve of spri... more

Ben Roethlisberger returned to practice on Monday. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin acknowledged his quarterback "could" play against the Ravens in Week 9. Roethlisberger was limited in practice Wednesday, but center Maurkice Pouncey told NFL Network's Adi... more

In April 2007, Randy Moss was a 30-year-old wide receiver who looked like his best days were behind him. Then his phone rang. "I got a phone call and it was Bill Belichick," Moss told . "I thought it was a friend or somebody playing with m... more

America will hold its general election next Tuesday. One week from today we'll know if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next President Of The United States ... assuming a giant 3,000-mile sinkhole doesn't take us all away before the polls... more


Some people take Halloween seriously when they're young before eventually growing out of the holiday. Others stay in on Oct. 31 for the long haul. Care to take a case which category Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams falls under? My submissi... more

Jason Witten's touchdown catch in overtime touched off a big Cowboys celebration on Sunday night. It was good, clean fun for America's Team, but it didn't come without a casualty. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett took a shot to the face in all the... more

While you were busy enjoying your football programming on Sunday, Texans coach Bill O'Brien was busy doing his job. When one of his assistants didn't do his, the BOB lost it . Watch it below! Hopefully it doesn't summon memories from your own childho... more

Andre Johnson informed the Tennessee Titans on Monday that he plans to retire after 14 seasons . He ends a remarkably productive NFL career that deserves to be recognized with enshrinement in Canton one day. Johnson spent the bulk of his career stu... more

For 50 years, Bills fans went to home games, cheered for their team and went home. At least, that's how the rest of the country saw it. Bills fans were passionate and loyal -- as evident from the loud, sellout crowds year after year -- but the... more

Philip Rivers didn't have one of his best days on Sunday in Denver. The Chargers quarterback was sacked four times and threw three interceptions, one of which was run back for a touchdown by the Broncos. After the game, Broncos defensive end Derek... more

Dez Bryant is famous for a lot of things. Among them is his unfavorable connection to the NFL's unendingly fuzzy catch rule. You might recall that Bryant was denied an apparent catch that helped cost the Cowboys a 2014 playoff game against the Pac... more

Rob Gronkowski acknowledged last week that he was looking forward to the 69th touchdown of his career. This makes perfect sense when you consider the source. The All-Pro tight end reached that magical number and set a Patriots touchdown record in... more

The NFL International Series concluded in a unique way on Sunday, as the Bengals and Redskins played to a 27-27 tie at Wembley. We got there because Redskins kicker Dustin Hopkins was unable to make a 34-yard field goal with less than three minutes... more

Bill O'Brien is my sleeper choice for Head Coach You'd Least Want To Be Screaming At You. The Texans came out of the first half†up 14-3 on the Lions, which is good. However, at the end of the first half, Houston had just 10 men on the field and ha... more

Everything is coming up Cleveland of late. The Cavs are defending champs. The Indians are one win away from claiming a World Series title. Now the Browns look ready to join the victory party after a dominant first half against the Jets on Sunday.... more

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was in an excited state on Sunday after scooping up a Saints fumble and racing to the end zone for a 34-yard touchdown at the Superdome. Really excited. Thomas handed the football to a fan and then hugged side judge Alex... more

Brock Osweiler isn't an easy guy to feel sorry for. Here's a genetically gifted, 6-foot-7 statue with luxurious hair, enviable scruff, a rocket right arm and one of those annoyingly symmetrical faces. One can safely assume Osweiler was the Babe Rut... more

When Brock Osweiler was introduced by the Houston Texans in March, the signing was hailed as a potential masterstroke for a team looking for the final piece of the championship puzzle. Following a Week 1 win over the Bears, Texans owner Bob McNair gu... more

Tom Brady is slow as hell. We all know this. It's a trait as clear and defined as his rocket arm, expert field vision and supernatural accuracy. To the layman, there is small comfort to be gained seeing Brady -- whose greatness has become almost ro... more

Just as the Seahawks haven't forgotten about Marshawn Lynch , the Lions still have Calvin Johnson in their thoughts. For evidence, check out the costume chosen by current Lions wide receiver Golden Tate, who dressed as Megatron the Dancing With The... more

Marshawn Lynch is one of those guys. Bring up the retired running back's name to someone who knows him and there will be a story. After hearing a couple of Lynch anecdotes, Seattle Times reporter Jayson Jenks got an idea: "What if I went around the... more

Chad Johnson played one season for the Patriots, a quiet tenure in which he never came close to channeling the success of his Bengals hey-day. Around The NFL Podcast colleague Gregg Rosenthal has long contended Johnson's no-show in Super Bowl XLVI wa... more

Terrell Suggs missed the Ravens' Week 7 loss to the Jets with a torn biceps muscle. It doesn't sound like a pleasant injury, but the veteran linebacker doesn't want it to be an issue that costs him his season. In fact, Terrell Suggs wants you to kn... more

If you thought you had a bad Monday, just be thankful you're not Brock Osweiler. The quarterback hoped his return to Denver for a Monday Night Football matchup against the Broncos would serve as an opportunity to remind John Elway why he made a mi... more

We got used to seeing Randy Moss do amazing things on the football field, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised to learn that the future Hall of Famer has some special teams chops. Here's Moss, now an analyst for ESPN, drilling a 28-yard field goal... more

Mike Zimmer has pushed a lot of the right buttons in his time with the Vikings. But some buttons aren't meant to be pushed. Some buttons shouldn't even exist. Like, for instance, the big red button labeled "MUTILATED STUFFED ANIMAL MOTIVATIONAL PL... more

Like you, Broadway Joe has regrets on this Monday. Geno Smith's return to the Jets lineup was short-lived after the beleagured quarterback suffered a knee injury in the second quarter of the team's Week 7 matchup against the Ravens. Smith spent the... more

Rob Gronkowski scored the 68th touchdown of his career on Sunday against the Steelers. That's a lot of touchdowns for a 27-year-old tight end. The score -- a 37-yard hook-up with Tom Brady -- moved Gronk into a tie with Stanley Morgan for the most... more

Don't let your children grow up to be kickers. Just don't. The overtime period of Sunday night's matchup between the Cardinals and Seahawks will live on in infamy for fans of both teams. The game will also endure as a career-low moment for two men... more

The Washington Redskins lost by three points in Detroit, a fact we imagine will be running through Dustin Hopkins' head as he tries to get to sleep tonight. The Redskins kicker lined up for a 45-yard field goal attempt with 4:56 to play in the seco... more

The Jacksonville Jaguars sucked a lot of people in this season. With a roster filled with talent on both sides of the ball, an exciting draft class, and an ascendant young quarterback in Blake Bortles, a saucy narrative took hold positioning the Ja... more

Sunday's matchup between the Vikings and Eagles was supposed to be an elite battle between two of the NFC's early surprises this season. Instead, we got a different kind of surprise. Both teams walked onto the field and imploded. Over. And over. A... more

When trying to understand the New York Jets and the quarterback position, think about "Wheel of Fortune." You know the show, right? If not, you need to start spending more time with your aunt. She loves you, you know. Anyway, think about that wheel... more

The New York Jets are back where they started. Geno Smith is the starter at quarterback and Ryan Fitzpatrick is the backup. This, of course, was Todd Bowles' initial plan last summer before IK Enemkpali shattered Smith's jaw with a sucker punch ove... more

First it was Yeezy . Now it's Hollywood and supplemental riches. There is nothing on this planet that can distract the wise and infallible Dak Prescott. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Wednesday that the Dallas Cowboys quarterback passed both... more

The Dallas Cowboys would love to get Dez Bryant back on the field at some point. Best to keep him out of the kitchen in pursuit of that goal. Bryant told reporters he cut his fingers while slicing carrots during the preparation of some homemade sou... more

Eli Manning has a master of studies at the School Of Professional Jock Speak. One of the all-time greats, his ability to go years and years without saying anything of interest to drama-starved journos summons comparisons to legends like Derek Jeter,... more

One year ago today, we witnessed perhaps the worst play in the history of the NFL. On the night of Oct. 18, 2015, the Colts opened up a bag of tricks best left closed forever. Colt Anderson and Griff Whalen, this might not be your fault, but this i... more

Bill Belichick is a grandpa. The 64-year-old Patriots coach began his Tuesday press conference with the announcement that his son, Steve, has become a father. Huzzah! "We have a roster addition to announce this morning. It's a little different t... more

For four seasons and counting, the Comedy Central series Drunk History has, on its own boozy terms, brought to life the moments that shaped our nation. Tuesday night's episode is a treat for NFL fans, telling the story of the dawn of football and ho... more

The stakes keep getting higher in the Arizona Cardinals' Chuck It To The Bucket competition. The throwing game, which originated last season and was documented beautifully on the Cards documentary series All or Nothing , has forged on even without... more

The production folks at FOX were recently presented with a quandary. They wanted to promote an upcoming game featuring the undefeated Vikings, but the only Minnesota quarterback on file in the FOX NFL Robot was Teddy Bridgewater, the passer sent to... more

Life is good for Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys rookie has more than lived up to the draft day hype, quickly stamping himself as one of the very best running backs in football. The fact that this very site had a post up on Monday morning talking abou... more

Vince Wilfork and Charles James II not too happy so many fans left early on Sunday. Vince: "I hope their brisket turned out ok" ‚?? Daniel Gotera (@DTGoteraKHOU) October 17, 2016 The Texans trailed the Colts by 14 poin... more

The Indianapolis Colts hadn't had a 100-yard rusher in almost four years. On Sunday, that insane streak ended in appropriately absurd form. Frank Gore's 20th carry of Sunday night's game against the Texans resulted in a two-yard gain to put him at... more

Tyrod Taylor has clinched the Conscientious Teammate Award for 2016. In the midst of the Bills' 45-16 blowout win over the 49ers on Sunday, Taylor was spotted on the sideline swishing around some Listerine mouth wash. Listerine's slogan is "Kills... more

Golden Tate delivered an "I'm not dead!" performance to remember on Sunday. The Lions wide receiver finished with eight catches for 165 yards and a touchdown in a 31-28 win over the Rams, easily his best performance in what had been a lost season... more

The Giants snapped a three-game losing streak thanks to the heroics of Odell Beckham Jr. Here is what we learned from New York's 27-23 victory over the Ravens. 1. Beckham has the ability to single-handedly lift a team to victory, and that's what h... more

Rob Gronkowski is back to being a super-human freak and it's helped lead to some tension at Gillette Stadium. Midway through the fourth quarter, Gronkowski caught a pass from Tom Brady that ended with a shot at the knees from Bengals safety Adam Jo... more

Odell Beckham Jr. appears to be having fun again. The Giants wide receiver scored a touchdown for the second time in as many weeks on Sunday against the Ravens, this time a 75-yard catch-and-run to put his team ahead early in the fourth quarter at... more

The Los Angeles Rams wanted to end the first half of today's game against the Detroit Lions with a statement. Fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line. Four seconds to play. Our big uglies against your big uglies. Stick the ball in the gut of our... more

Let's check in on NFL jersey sales since the start of the 2016 regular season. Here's the top seven, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell . 1. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles 2. Von Miller, Denver Broncos 3. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers... more

Tim Tebow might be a figure of compassion in times of crisis , but he isn't a baseball player. That's according to ESPN senior baseball writer Keith Law, a former major and minor league scout who traveled to Arizona this week to see if Tebow has an... more

The state of the Ryan brothers is like weather during summer in Texas. If you don't like it, wait five minutes. The sun is shining right now on Rex and Rob, whose Bills are riding a three-game winning streak with a home date against the woeful 49er... more

Every team has played at least a quarter of their schedule now, so let's take a look at what's the same and what's changed as the new 2016 begins to take on a clearer identity. What's the same ... The Patriots are the NFL's gold standard. New... more

The San Diego Chargers defied one-in-30 million odds to lose four of their first five games. Mike McCoy's team has been inventive in its ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Another collapse seemed possible on Thursday night after th... more

The Denver Broncos played Thursday night without coach Gary Kubiak, who took a leave of absence from the team this week as he deals with a complex migraine condition. So what does an NFL head coach do when he can't be on the sideline for a prime-ti... more

Peyton Manning is out of the NFL, but he's never far from our thoughts. Sure, that's mostly because Manning continues to be a constant presence in ads that run on a loop during the dreaded TD-commercial-PAT-commercial-touchback-commercial portions... more

Tony Sparano buried the ball . Bill Belichick displayed the parade route. Ben McAdoo...went through your old Blu-rays? In one of the more unusual motivational ploys in recent memory, the Giants watched a scene from the Will Ferrell comedy Step Brot... more

And now, a positive story involving the Eagles, the service industry and gratuity. Carson Wentz used his bye week to do what many recent college graduates do: Go back to their old college to party. For Wentz, that meant a trip to Herd and Horns Ba... more

Would you like to go to a Kanye West concert? You probably do! Unless you really don't, which is definitely possible when talking about an artist as polarizing as Mr. West. But if you're a fan of Kanye, whether it's his old polo and backpack stuff... more

Fun fact: Adam Vinatieri will never die. Actually, we have no hard evidence to back up that statement, but the Colts kicker continues to perform on the football field like a miracle man immune to the aging process. Vinatieri made all five of his fi... more

We hadn't planned to write too much about Tim Tebow as he makes a Hail Mary attempt at a career in professional baseball , but you have to give Tebow credit. The kid stays in the picture. A few weeks ago, Tebow clobbered a home run in his first... more

The San Diego Chargers are a one-in-30 million story. The bad kind. Mike McCoy's team is 1-4 and in the cellar of the AFC West. But it's how the Chargers got here that separates them from the pack. According to, the Char... more

Cam Newton spent the past week in the NFL's concussion protocol following a violent helmet-to-helmet hit on the goal line in Week 4's loss to the Falcons. The reigning MVP was unable to get cleared in time for Monday night's painful home loss to th... more

It's Friday. We're alive. Life is good. Let's crack open the first End Around Mailbag and see what's on your mind. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and don't hesitate to send more on Twitter . Use the hashtag #EndAroundMail. Let's get... more

We have a dearth of athlete rappers right now. Let me rephrase that: I'm sure there are a whole bunch of guys currently dabbling in hip hop -- pro-athlete-as-aspiring-rapper is a story as old as The Sugarhill Gang -- but it's been awhile since some... more

Rob Gronkowski has one catch for 11 yards through four games this season. This is not what fantasy owners thought they were signing up for when they used a first- or second-round pick on the Patriots' star tight end. A bum hamstring is the primary... more

Tom Brady is back. Ya' heard ? The Deflategate suspension is finally in society's rearview mirror, and Brady is prepping for his Week 5 return against the Cleveland Browns. (Really, schedule makers? That's messed up.) We imagine this an exciting... more

Justin Forsett needs a job. And he's willing to travel all roads -- conventional and otherwise -- to find it. One day after Forsett and the Ravens reached a "mutual" decision to end his employment , the running back hit Twitter with a very strong p... more

I love the Vikings' new stadium. I wrote about this yesterday , but I feel further appreciation is warranted for a new facility that -- just by virtue of being the host site of a game -- makes that game better. It's no coincidence that the two of t... more

Steve Young might be the only player in football history to get a call because a referee wanted him to make a call. In the Hall of Famer's new autobiography -- a section of which showed up in Peter King's MMQB column this week -- Young describes... more

We need to talk about the bow-and-arrow penalty from Sunday. In case you missed it, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman was flagged for simulated archery after a fourth-quarter interception in a win over the Browns. Norman did the same thing two weeks... more

Russell Wilson is feeling pretty good right now. On Sunday, he played through a knee injury and shredded the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, his home away from home. After the game, he flew back to Seattle and, presumably, reunited with his wife,... more

U.S. Bank Stadium is the new jewel of NFL stadiums. One can only hope that the impressive Minneapolis facility kickstarts an NFL revolution in the same way Camden Yards in Baltimore acted as a paradigm-shifter in baseball. The Vikings will host the... more

Hollywood star Ben Affleck is a huge Patriots fan. If you have even a passing connection with popular culture, you're probably aware of this. He also went crazy talking about Deflategate on premium cable this summer, which did a nice job reminding... more

Here's a general rule for NFL coaches: Whenever possible, avoid long field-goal attempts in a damn monsoon. OK, it wasn't literally a monsoon in Pittsburgh tonight, but a driving rainstorm put the Kansas City Chiefs in a difficult place as Cairo S... more

The Los Angeles Rams need to work on their challenge game. Jeff Fisher threw his red flag twice in the second half of Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. In both cases, the challenge was a clear incompletio... more

The New York Jets had another tough go of it on Sunday, losing to the Seahawks as Ryan Fitzpatrick continued his noble quest to throw all the interceptions. Given the struggles on offense -- 221 total yards, three more Fitzpatrick turnovers -- it w... more

Russell Wilson torched New York's defense to the tune of 309 yards and three TDs as the Seahawks (3-1) came away with a 27-17 victory over the Jets (1-3). 1. Injury? What injury? Russell Wilson wasn't his typically elusive self as he works throug... more

Marquette King is End Around's favorite punter -- not just because he's good, but also because he's got the rarest of NFL traits -- #PUNTSWAG. This is a man who knows the value of field position and isn't afraid to celebrate when he does his job we... more

News flash: Bill Belichick is old school. The man likes his Xs and Os on a chalkboard and his Bon Jovi turned up to 11 on his Discman. One can guess how he feels about the proliferation of tablets on NFL sidelines. On Sunday, in the midst of an u... more


I've got bad news for you. Grim, depressing news. Oh boy, this is tough. You wanna take a seat? Thanks. Let me start by saying you're not going to like what I have to tell you. But just understand it's coming from a good place. The sooner you proce... more

Lady Gaga has booked the biggest gig in the world. The pop star announced Thursday on Twitter she will be the halftime headliner at Super Bowl LI in Houston on Feb. 5, 2017. Gaga will follow Coldplay, who headlined Super Bowl 50 this past Februa... more

Here's something ... different. Ever thought to yourself, "Damn, if only there was a shirt that repped my favorite NFL team as well as a successful recording artist who hails from the same region as that team"? Well, hold on to your butts . A pho... more

I'd like to share with you J.J. Watt's official statement to fans following news of his latest back injury. But before I do, it's important you follow some necessary steps to ensure you fully experience the total scope of Watt's somber yet inspirat... more

I have no idea why Peyton Manning is tobogganing down the Great Wall of China. Frankly, I don't need to know. I'm perfectly fine working under the assumption this is where all legendary quarterbacks go when they retire. Immediately after their Ca... more

During Tim Tebow's failed one-year cameo with the New York Jets, the quarterback would often chat with Rex Ryan about baseball. It was a shared interest of the two men -- one can imagine it also helped to ease any tension in the relationship as Tebow... more

Rex Ryan is having fun with Patriots week. Maybe because there's no guarantee he'll have another one. On Sunday, Rex made sure to invoke the name of The Hooded One in response to a question about New England's unsettled quarterback situation. On... more

Colin Kaepernick is a study in irony. He's never been more famous -- he's on the cover of Time magazine this week! -- and he's never been less relevant as a football player. Yes, Kaepernick is still a football player; the backup quarterback for t... more

Sunday marked the 10-year anniversary of the most iconic play in the history of the New Orleans Saints. I refer, of course, to the blocked punt by Saints special teams standout Steve Gleason on Sept. 25, 2006. The play, which resulted in a touchdo... more

If Odell Beckham were to make a sizzle reel of career highlights after this season -- this would be weird, but stay with me -- it's highly doubtful we'd see anything from Week 3. Beckham was his typically productive self in a loss to the Redskins,... more

The Colts entered Sunday's matchup with the Chargers in dire straits. A third straight loss would all but ruin their season before the calendar flipped to October. The Colts needed to find a way to stay alive. As we explained on the latest Around The... more

Rex Ryan is in the fight of his life, but Bill Belichick is never far from his mind. This has always been the case, all the way back to 2009, when Ryan, then a rookie head coach with the Jets, told the New York media he "never came here to kiss Bil... more

Here's something from Sunday that serves as a fascinating peek into the undying competitive spirit of one John Albert Elway Jr. Let's start at the beginning. On May 2 of last year, the Broncos selected Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian in the... more

A punchy Al Michaels is the best Al Michaels. The venerable Sunday Night Football play-by-play man is one of the all-time greats. And like all greats, he sometimes needs to find little challenges to keep himself sharp and invested. And so it was,... more

There's nothing like the exploitation of a little-known league rule to give your special teams coach an extra bounce to his step on a Monday morning. In the second quarter at Lambeau Field on Sunday, Matt Prater of the Lions sailed a kickoff toward... more

The Chiefs (2-1) took a lead and sat on it, thanks to a litany of turnovers on the part of the Jets (1-2) as Kansas City defeated New York, 24-3. Here's what we learned: 1. The Chiefs moved to 2-1 by letting the Jets destroy themselves. Ryan... more

Odell Beckham is an emotional young man. Whether he's warming up before a game, making plays on the field, squabbling with opponents, or venting on the sideline, the Giants star is always a spectacle. Beckham was especially emotive on the day of... more

Cam Newton emerged from the Panthers locker room after Sunday's tough loss to the Vikings looking like this: Postgame with @CameronNewton . ū??© #MINvsCAR ‚?? NFL (@NFL) September 25, 2016 The initial guess here is... more

Time for another edition of What's A Freaking Catch! , today with special guest Allen Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars. With five minutes to place in the third quarter, Robinson got a step on Ravens cornerback Shareece Wright and pulled in a... more

About midway through the second quarter of Aaron Rodgers' "Eff You For Doubting Me" showcase against the Lions on Sunday, I was silently disturbed by what appeared to be -- to borrow some Forensic Files terminology -- blood splatter on the helmet a... more

Last season's Week 15 matchup between the Giants and Panthers at MetLife Stadium erupted into a full scale Glory Boy Death Match between Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman. Beckham and Norman were back at the scene of the (borderline) crime on Sund... more

Houston, you have a problem. You can't beat the Patriots . You're not close to beating the Patriots . It's possible you won't ever beat the Patriots. I'm sorry. Here's the "good" news: The Texans are far from alone. In fact, let's take this... more

In the competition of celebrity impressions that are the most fun to do, Arnold remains king. Look at it from this perspective: Everybody does an Arnold. Some better than others, but we've all punched the clock at some point. It helps that... more

Jim Bob Cooter for president. That's the strengthening siren call coming out of Detroit and its surrounding communities in support of the Lions offensive coordinator with the best name in the game. Lions wide receiver Golden Tate was driving home... more

Jets safety Calvin Pryor received an offer to star on a competitive reality dating game show. The idea intrigued him. He wanted to do it. One can probably gather the reasons why. There was one hurdle, however. He had to ask his girlfriend if it was... more

Just quit it. You've made your point, Football Gods. We get it. You hate the Browns. Frankly, we're in overkill territory now. We've been there for some time, in fact. But now it's just getting ridiculous. Here's a quick recap of the last 15 days... more

Giants linebacker Keenan Robinson spent his last four seasons with the Redskins. Like a grizzled metro detective, Robinson saw some stuff in his time there. Not all of it was pretty. "Once they get down, they start pointing fingers, and that's true... more

With all due respect to the dab replacement , my early favorite for touchdown celebration of the year belongs to Antonio Brown. In fact, if I were an eccentric millionaire, I'd anonymously pay the $9,115 fine the Steelers star received for overzeal... more

With the Texans set to travel to New England for a primetime matchup with the Patriots, let's reminisce on one of the cornier moments in recent league history. The year was 2012, and the Texans were ready to make a statement against the Patriots on... more

The professional athlete of today treats his body like a machine. And for that machine to run properly, the dedicated modern athlete will only put the highest-octane fuel into his system. Improved diet, fitness and the full-on embrace of sports sci... more

Let's dip our toes in the water of Boston sports talk radio. If we stick together and hold onto the rope attached to the boat, we should be OK. So last week, popular WBZ-FM drivetime hosts Toucher and Rich received a phone call from a man who ident... more

Everybody knows the preseason doesn't mean anything. Right? Here's your Weird NFL Factoid Of The Day: All four teams that went 4-0 in the preseason -- a group that includes the Vikings, Ravens, Texans and Eagles -- are undefeated through Week 2 of... more

Marquette King was determined to save a touchdown at any cost on Sunday. Not Last Boy Scout -level at any cost, but the dude was pretty set on stopping Falcons return man Eric Weems from reaching the end zone. King, who's a punter in name but a hy... more

The Dab is dead. Here's the replacement in Charlotte ... I feel bad for Panthers tackle Mike Remmers, who briefly attempts to join the celebration before retreating like a school boy who rethinks a decision to try to fit in with the cool kids. As... more

The Cleveland Browns announced Monday that Josh McCown will not play next Sunday after sustaining a shoulder injury in Week 2's loss to the Ravens. That's now two weeks and two injured starters for Cleveland, which would be almost impossible believ... more

One of my favorite subplots of the excellent Arizona Cardinals documentary All or Nothing was Chuck It To The Bucket , a throwing skills challenge that came with dire consequences for the loser. Last season's loser was typically star cornerback Pa... more

The Vikings opened U.S. Bank Stadium in style on Sunday night. The home team christened its billion-dollar facility with a 17-14 win over the Packers in front of Al, Cris and the world on a night when Sam Bradford looked like (gasp) a franchise-y... more

I like what Thomas Dimitroff did late in the fourth quarter on Sunday in Oakland. The Falcons general manager watches a throw-away pass from Derek Carr into his hands and makes the catch without incident on the Atlanta sideline. Dimitroff casually... more

Josh Brown's 23-yard field goal as time expired lifted the New York Giants to a 16-13 win over the New Orleans Saints in a surprisingly low-scoring affair at MetLife Stadium.. 1. Victor Cruz has made a huge impact on both Giants wins to start the... more

Matthew Stafford has one of the best throwing arms in the NFL. This is why he's a very rich man who has been entrenched as the starting quarterback of the Detroit Lions for seven years and counting. What the Lions do not pay Stafford to do is block... more

We told you last week about Fake Brady, a fiend from the underworld who creeped everybody out at the Patriots' season opener in Arizona. Predictably, Fake Brady popped up again at Gillette Stadium before Sunday's home opener against the Dolphins.... more

If it's true that all good things must eventually come to an end, then logic dictates that the inverse of this adage must also ring true. Right? The Browns aren't going to suck forever. They just can't. Eventually they'll find their quarterback -... more

We get it. You've traveled 800 miles to see your favorite team and now one of your favorite players is headed your way after scoring a touchdown. "Is this really happening? Is Eric Decker really running right at me? Man, he really is that handsome... more

Are we witnessing the end of Revis Island? Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was hoping to put Week 1's nightmare against A.J. Green behind him in Thursday's 37-31 victory over the Bills. Instead, things got worse in the opening quarter. That's Mar... more

DeAndre Hopkins put fashion ahead of the NFL's strict uniform rules and it cost him. Hopkins told reporters on Thursday that he was fined approximately $6,000 for wearing Yeezy 350 cleats from Adidas. The cleats are the brainchild of Kanye West.... more

If you're a strange person who wants to take a bizarre internet phenomenon to the next level, I've got great news for you. NFL Shop no longer restricts the use of the name "Harambe" on customized jerseys. ESPN's Darren Rovell reported Wednesday th... more

The Minnesota Vikings are going all out for the grand opening of U.S. Bank Stadium. The centerpiece of the night will remain the game, of course, a huge Sunday Night Football matchup against the hated Packers to be played in front of Al, Cris and... more

The NFL has found its solution to the color-blind conundrum in Thursday night matchups involving the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. First, a refresher: In Week 10 of last season, the NFL debuted its "Color Rush" uniforms in a matchup between the... more

NFL coaches, they're just like us. Panthers coach Ron Rivera acknowledged he was unable to stay awake for the duration of the Rams-49ers snoozer on Monday night, this despite the Niners being the next team up on Carolina's schedule. "Unfortunate... more

Time for an NFL history lesson, folks. This will be the first Colts-Broncos game without Peyton Manning involved since Week 5, 1993, when John Elway was the Broncos starting QB ‚?? James Palmer (@JamesPalmerTV) September 14, 2016 Where were we... more

Is the old Rex back? The Bills coach has removed his lap-band , packed on 30 pounds, and is now sounding a lot more like the guy who led the Jets to the precipice of the Super Bowl all those years ago. The veteran coach's fiery side was on display... more

Bills tailgate remains the best tailgate. Fans at Orchard Park will have the opportunity to†"color rush" †their bodies ahead of Thursday night's division showdown with the Jets. One gets the feeling demand will be high for this activity, which is... more

By now, we're all intimately familiar with the disciplined diet of Tom Brady, a man who decided if he's to play forever, he must eat like a prehistoric man in the forest. Brady now considers himself a living testament to the power of healthy routi... more

Kevin Harlan has had a fine career as a broadcaster. But he'll never top what he pulled off Monday night. With less than 12 minutes to play in the Rams-49ers Week 1 capper, a drunken idiot darted out on the field and began a mad sprint across the t... more

Rex Ryan has said so long to the lap-band. The Bills coach told New York beat reporters on a conference call Wednesday that he recently underwent an arthroscopic procedure to remove his lap-band, an inflatable silicone device that restricts the sto... more

Watching the Jets on Sunday afternoon, I couldn't help but noticed the team lacked the goal line thumper who can move a pile. Problem is, Chris Ivory ain't walking back through that door, and free-agent pickings are slim unless someone wants to see... more

I've never been fully convinced Tom Brady has any idea what's being posted on his public Facebook page. It's the type of situation that screams, "I am being operated by a well-compensated social engagement expert!" But since these dispatches come f... more

NBC debuted its shiny new Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football theme song last night. I understand Underwood could spend 45 seconds throwing nickels in a box and a large swath of football fans wouldn't care either way, but I'm a fan who likes to... more

You know those recent stories in the news about the group of clowns attempting to lure children into the woods with candy? Yeah, this is way scarier than that. ‚??Fake Tom Brady‚?? tailgated and terrified at the game on Sunday more

Rule 4-8-2-h of the Sports Fan Handbook: Do not leave a game early unless you have a damn good reason for doing so. A large number of Chiefs fans should have consulted the guide before deciding to throw up deuces on their hometown team on Sunday a... more

Jack Del Rio is feeling himself right now. And with good reason. The coach deserves to be a major talking point on Monday morning after his gutsy call to go for two following the Raiders' late touchdown against the Saints in Sunday's season opener... more

Football season doesn't begin until Dez Bryant has a highlight reel catch taken away by the bad people. In a related story, football season has begun. With under seven minutes to play in the second quarter of the Cowboys' season opener against th... more

A.J. Green looked awfully comfortable on Revis Island, torching the Jets' secondary for 180 yards on 12 catches as the Bengals eked out a 23-22 win in New Jersey. Here is what you need to know: 1. All hail A.J. Green, the underappreciated supersta... more

The field temperature in Jacksonville for today's Jaguars-Packers opener is 90 degrees with a humidity-driven "real feel" of 97. That is gross. There aren't enough weird pools in that facility to keep everyone from a swampy demise. The Packers are... more

A.J. Green is looking cozy on Revis Island. The Bengals star got behind the Jets corner on a 54-yard touchdown hookup from Andy Dalton in Sunday's season opener at the Meadowlands. Replays show a hesitant Revis, who looked like he expected help f... more

Unsolicited advice: Blair Walsh should probably stop missing short field goals. The Vikings kicker, whose shank in last January's playoff loss to the Seahawks will live forever in franchise infamy, missed his first field-goal attempt of 2016. It wa... more

We have reached the peak of Hope Season in the NFL. It took long enough to get here. We had to power through the combine, free agency, the draft, OTAs, minicamps, training camp and the infernal preseason . A tedious "Dancing With The Stars" season... more

Years ago, a rookie quarterback named Mark Sanchez found himself at the center of an only-in-New York controversy when he was spotted wolfing down a hot dog late in a Jets win over the Raiders. Sanchez was ripped for "NOT RESPECTING THE GAME" and... more

The fullback has a hero -- a protector -- and his name is Andy F------ Janovich. The Broncos rookie rumbled for a 28-yard touchdown on the first rushing attempt of his career in Thursday's season opener against the Panthers. Janovich even did that... more

Back in my teen years, my friends and I had a lot of hours to kill. This was the late 90s, a more innocent time when there just seemed to be less stuff to do. Sadly, there weren't a ton of girlfriends on the grid during this particular period, eith... more

Let's try to decipher what's going on in this new Cam Newton Under Armour commercial. OK, so Newton is in a dark place, literally and figuratively. Let's start there. In his most recent game, Super Bowl 50, we all know the Panthers laid a big ol'... more

Here's your weirdest story of the week. Rob Ryan, the current Bills assistant who spent his previous three seasons as the Saints defensive coordinator, was targeted in an ambush plot last year by two dangerous criminals, according to police. It b... more

Seeing as how our society is about three years away from communicating exclusively in emojis, I thought it would be helpful to share the official hashtags for all 32 NFL teams this season. #Broncos #KeepPounding #Patriots #BeRedSeeRed #HereWeGo... more

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Jared Goff has a lot of work to do. This should be news to no one by now. Reports trickled out during offseason workouts that the rookie quarterback had been slow to pick up the Ra... more

We have found the most cursed roster spot in the NFL. (Please stifle your "53-way tie on the Browns" joke ...) The correct answer is middle linebacker for the New York Giants, a position of relentless turnover during this decade. Jasper Brinkley,... more

Once you hit a certain age -- I'll put it at 34, though this can fluctuate a few years in either direction based on a host of factors -- your Facebook feed will change into something different. Something ... strange. Something ... unrecognizable. O... more

Byron Maxwell won't hide the truth. If you ask the cornerback why he left a cushy gig with the Seahawks last March to sign with the Eagles, he'll give you an honest answer. "Cash flow, all day," Maxwell said, according to . "They were clos... more

Controversy has been very good for the Colin Kaepernick merch business. Sales of Kaepernick's jersey have skyrocketed in the wake of his refusal to stand during the national anthem in protest of perceived wrongdoings against African-Americans and... more

Michael Bennett has a reputation for outspoken views on NFL contemporaries. Those opinions are known to skew negative (See: Jay Cutler is "the worst quarterback in the NFL." ). Which makes his adoration of former Texas A&M teammate Ryan Tannehill, on... more

For me, it was Vinny. The Jets were widely viewed as a Super Bowl favorite entering the 1999 season. With a dream-team staff anchored by coach Bill Parcells and defensive coordinator Bill Belichick, New York was coming off an AFC Championship Game... more

There's an old saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." It's a pretty solid saying, one that I endorse, because it's almost always good advice to follow. So as a person who receives a check signed by Roger Goodell, I'd prefer not to get in hot... more

And now, apropos of nothing, the last five tweets from Ryan Seacrest, former American Idol host and Dick Clark-like figure to the millennial set. tomorrow is September?? Sept 1 is basically a wormhole straight to New Year‚??s Eve. How did this hap... more

Tyler Lockett must have been feeling pretty good about himself. The Seahawks wide receiver had outlasted all of his teammates in a foul-shooting contest. His reward was the surprise right to face off against Boston Celtics All-Star guard Isaiah Tho... more


We won't have Mike Carey to kick around anymore. Or anybody else at CBS for the time being. Earlier this year, the Tiffany network parted ways with Carey after two years serving as the network's rules analyst. Carey struggled mightily in the gig,... more

James Harrison was in full "told you so" mode on Wednesday. Harrison, along with Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, were cleared by the NFL following an investigation into PED accusations made about the players in an Al Jazeera... more

Don't hold your breath on a Rob Gronkowski Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good . Apparently, there are people out here taking shots at Gronk for faulty grammar in his social media postings. Now why would you do that? Can't you just troll Rodney Har... more

I have no idea if Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be any good this year. A protracted contract battle was followed by an unsteady preseason, and many smart football people predict the Amish Rifle will regress back to the mean in his second season in New... more

Tom Brady once had a cold . Now he has a haircut. A photo posted by Dan Hanzus (@dan.hanzus) on Aug 31, 2016 at 9:29am PDT The Patriots quarterback debuted a new retro 'do on Tuesday that left the internet scrambling to match Brady with the '... more

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 A few weeks back, I placed a call to Hard Knocks director Matt Dissinger, who was nice enough to give me five minutes as he put the final touches on the season premiere set to air t... more

Tim Tebow held his baseball showcase at USC on Tuesday in front of 50 media members and 40 scouts . It went about as well as can be expected for a 29-year-old football player who hasn't played a game of organized baseball since George W. Bush's first... more

Let's discuss something about the San Francisco 49ers that has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick. Chip Kelly is entering his first season as head coach. The public relations arm of the NFL has helpfully offered up a question-and-answer bio that s... more

Everybody seems to have an opinion on Colin Kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem in protest. Why should we be surprised if a video game wants in? A representative for EA Sports, the company behind the venerable Madden franchise,... more

There's reason for legitimate hope around the Raiders this season. Kind of weird, right? At the center of all this foreign Black Hole-related enthusiasm is Derek Carr, who is coming off a legitimate breakout season and enters 2016 as one of the mos... more

It's been quite a summer for Trevor Siemian. The former seventh-round pick has made the remarkable climb from depth chart also-ran to starting quarterback for a defending Super Bowl champion. I know we're wrapped up in #Kaepflaggate and all, but th... more

The Jaguars' first-team offense had looked close to unstoppable in the first two weeks of the preseason. Saturday's dress rehearsal against the the Bengals was less impressive, with the Blake Bortles-led first unit managed just 86 yards and three poi... more

Mark Sanchez lost out on the best job opening in football. He may soon be out of work entirely . Perhaps we should have been following the breadcrumbs here. Over the weekend, Sanchez posted an image of a conspicuous error included in a program han... more

It's not easy being Geno Smith. He begins this week in the very real position of going from the Jets' presumptive starter in July to being traded for peanuts or cut entirely from the roster by the end of August. Jets fans boo Smith's very presence... more

Consider Week 3 of the preseason like the night before Halloween. If your house isn't permanently damaged when you wake up in the morning, the night was a success. This is the weekend that should spook the average fan more than any other. There wil... more

If I ever get some investors on board with my idea for a pull-string doll series of Cowboys front office officials (I plan to include Chris Christie as part of a limited edition), I already know what one of Jerrah's catchphrases will be. "I was ju... more

Breshad Perriman got a haircut that could literally make him a better player in 2016. The second-year Ravens wideout entered the NFL with long dreadlocks that passed his shoulders. One morning this offseason, he made the decision to shave his head.... more

Let's check in on the relationship between Dez Bryant and Madden, a once-solid bond that continues to fray before our eyes. It started earlier this week, when Bryant spoke out on his player rating, which dipped from 96 to 90 after a injury-plagued... more

Everything is spinning back into orbit for Andrew Luck. The Colts quarterback is healthy, rich and gifted with the fresh start that each new season brings. Add to this re-birth a new phone that might not get the internet, but can flip real good.... more

Mark Sanchez might have kicked away his opportunity to be the starting quarterback of a defending Super Bowl champion, but it's good to know he's not putting all his eggs in the football basket. Sanchez recently brought his acoustic guitar and best... more

We have a "Do Your Job" controversy. The line is a favorite of Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who is known to gently remind his players to block out distractions and focus on the task of beating opponents with pathological regularity. It was a... more

It's been a chippy training camp in Seattle. Michael Bennett seems to get kicked out of practice every other day, while Doug Baldwin's recent scrap with Richard Sherman was nasty enough to warrant stitches to the wide receiver's face. That doesn't... more

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Tuesday's episode of Hard Knocks serves as something of a public re-introduction of two of the most famous -- and, at times, infamous -- coaches in recent NFL history. The first i... more

Everyone loves a good training camp prank. Rams punter Johnny Hekker -- last seen†being gawked at by Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q on Hard Knocks -- shared an all-timer on Tuesday. One of my favorite training camp memories. The great @CortFinneg... more

Let's head back to the Josh Norman beat . Tucked into the same ESPN The Magazine profile that included piping hot takes on the disintegration of his relationship with the Panthers, the Redskins team name controversy, his place in the cornerback pe... more

NFL Auction is a thing you probably didn't know exists ... but you should. We'll occasionally spotlight an item from the league's official auction website that is weird, wonderful or downright bizarre. #TalesFromNFLAuction A photo posted by Da... more

The Tim Tebow baseball tryout has a date. Tebow's agent, Jimmy Sexton, confirmed Tuesday that the former Broncos and Jets quarterback (and future President Of The United States) will host his showcase for Major League Baseball teams on Aug. 30 in L... more

Josh Norman is on the cover of ESPN The Magazine this month , a sure sign he said a bunch of stuff that will get people riled up. This is the same reason Stillwater got the Rolling Stone cover in 1973. Sure enough, Norman rips the Carolina Panther... more

William Hayes is an enigma. Your classic dino-truther who also has a staunch belief in the existence of mermaids in the sea. On Monday at Rams camp, the defensive end got a visitor in the form of a woman dressed as Ariel from Little Mermaid . Or,... more

Dez Bryant has video-game vengeance on his mind. The Cowboys wide receiver has a rating of 90 out of 100 on the new Madden NFL 17 , a perfectly fine score that put him among the top receivers in the game. But it also represents a drop from the prev... more

Brian Hoyer is starting over again. A meltdown in last season's playoffs punched the veteran passer's ticket out of town in Houston. Hoyer got a fresh start with the Bears and took the field against the Patriots this weekend looking to put some poi... more

Here's a fun daydream on a wretched Monday: How would you use Usain Bolt in the NFL? The legendary Jamaican sprinter won three more Gold medals this month, completing the unprecedented "triple-triple" at the Summer Olympics. Sunday Night Football... more

The Dallas Cowboys wrapped up training camp in Oxnard on Friday with a throwing challenge. If you hit the star on the camera tower, you are a hero. Simple enough in theory, but not execution. Tony Romo, Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant and many other Cowbo... more

Tom Brady bleeds. Consider this the first sign in over a decade that the Patriots quarterback might be, in fact, human. Brady was a late scratch from the Patriots' preseason contest against the Bears on Thursday night for a reason other than, "Um,... more

Two episodes into the current season of Hard Knocks and we've had two standout moments: William Hayes the mermaid-loving Dino-Truther and Jeff Fisher vs. 7-9 . The latter highlight came in the premiere, as an animated Fisher demanded Rams players... more

Truth time: Justin Bieber released some really solid singles last year. One of them, "Sorry", topped the charts in 13 countries with a video that's been viewed 1.7 billion times on YouTube. A hit of that magnitude is crying out for parody, and Von... more

The New York Jets have one of the best celebrity fans in the game in Larry David, the comedy genius behind Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm . On Wednesday, David visited Jets camp and took part in a Q&A with fans. The realest #squad ever. #JetsC... more

It's rookie haircut season. The time of year where no first-year player is safe from the clippers set at 1. I'd like to take this moment to give special praise to the Denver Broncos, whose continued work in this realm summons a level of originality... more

What does it mean to be elite? How does one become elite? How does one stay elite? Are there tiers to elite? These are the types of questions that have followed around Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco for his entire career. At some point, people becam... more

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Two episodes into the new season of Hard Knocks and it certainly feels like the right team is in Los Angeles. The Rams are a pretty chill group. Everyone seems to be having a pret... more

There's other stuff going on at Rams camp besides Hard Knocks and dino-truthing . NFL Media's Steve Wyche reported Tuesday †that Robert Quinn was excused from practice so he can watch his sister compete at the Summer Olympics in Rio. Wyche also s... more

Joey Bosa is still not in Chargers camp. The No. 3 overall pick remains mired in a bitter contract standoff †with the Bolts that threatens to wipe out Bosa's rookie year and permanently damage the relationship between the two sides. This is so stu... more

William Hayes made the football community slap its collective forehead last year with his dead-serious contention that dinosaurs were the handiwork of the human imagination. "No, I don't believe dinosaurs existed," Hayes said in December, via ESPN.... more

And now, a video to make the Steelers fan in your life nice and queasy. The champ is here. ‚?? Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) August 15, 2016 That's Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger riding around a dirt infield,... more

Snapchat can make football dreams come true. Just ask veteran defensive lineman Tony McDaniel, who landed a job with the Seattle Seahawks days after posting a picture on the popular image messaging app. It all started while McDaniel was waiting i... more

So Adele passed on the Super Bowl. Or she wasn't offered it . Whatever happened, the "Hello" singer won't be performing in Houston on Feb. 5. That's too bad. Adele would have made an intriguing headliner. Fan or not, Adele has the star wattage to... more

We told you last week that the Titans had auctioned off the first two plays of their preseason opener, an act that both showcased goodwill for thy fellow man (the auction raised $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation) while also pointing out the inh... more

Boyishly exuberant Colts punter Pat McAfee continues to marvel†at the questionable randomness of random drug testing in the NFL. McAfee received a notice on Monday that he'd been selected to provide a sample as part of the league's drug testing pro... more

The pressure is on Jeff Fisher, who can't go 7-9 forever . Now he's getting some heat from back home. The Rams coach used some salty language in the premiere episode of Hard Knocks on Tuesday, prompting a phone call from his mother the next day.... more

Dallas Bryant, America's most famous primate in a pre-Harambe world, is no longer the property of his celebrity owner. Cowboys star Dez Bryant told KTCK-AM†on Friday that he gave away his pet capuchin monkey to a friend. "I get to see him," Bryan... more

There was a time when the 2008 Detroit Lions were perfect. For four weeks, the Lions rolled over the competition the way native son Eminem would truck Drake in a rap battle. First the Giants, then the Bengals, Browns and Bills. The Lions outscored... more

Roberto Aguayo was selected in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. This is notable because Aguayo is a kicker. Well, not just any kicker. Aguayo was universally regarded as the best kicker in the nation coming out of Florida State, and the Bucs... more

Cam! #BackToFootball ū??© ‚?? Bryce Gustafson (@brycegustafson) August 11, 2016 An honest question: Is Cam Newton pulling this off? I have an opinion, but don't feel qualified to publicly share it. I have like six s... more

NFL Auction is a thing you probably didn't know exists ... but you should . The End Around will occasionally spotlight an item from the league's official auction website that is weird, wonderful or downright bizarre. A photo posted by Dan Hanzus... more

For those itching to catch a glimpse of Mike Mularkey's "Exotic Smashmouth," you'll have to be patient during the Titans' opening possession on Saturday night. The head coach confirmed that Tennessee's first two offensive play calls will be made by... more

If there's one thing Crusty Old Baseball Dudes hate, it's People Who Don't Respect The Game. There's a right and wrong way to do everything in baseball: Don't flip your bat. Don't show up the pitcher. Don't steal signs from the catcher. Don't distr... more

Antonio Brown was nearly forced to take an early trip home in his ridiculous Rolls Royce . Here's the story, from Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: No joke: Antonio Brown in the verge of being ejected... from a **preseason joint... more

Fans at M&T Bank Stadium will be cheering on a native son during the Ravens' preseason opener on Thursday. The Ravens announced Wednesday that they will air Michael Phelps' 200-meter individual medley finals race on their in-stadium video boards du... more

The Rams get a warm welcome to Los Angeles from fans in the season premiere of Hard Knocks . The best pitcher in the world has delivered his own housewarming gift to the city's prodigal football sons. Dodgers ace @ClaytonKersh22 sent each of the... more

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Criticize Jeff Fisher if you so choose, but you can't say the man isn't self-aware. We're less than 30 minutes into the season premiere of Hard Knocks and the Rams head coach has... more

A lasting takeaway from All or Nothing: A Season With The Arizona Cardinals : Bruce Arians is not a man to mess with. Not that I went into the series believing the Cardinals coach to be a pushover, but I was definitely struck by how rough the man... more

I have no idea what's going on with Ryan Fitzpatrick's hair situation anymore. He cut down the bouffant, which was wise and potentially vital to the human race . He retained the beard, which kept Mangold off his back . But then he shaved the mustac... more

Nate Ebner is officially a historic NFL player. Not for what he's done on the gridiron ... at least not yet. The Patriots safety has 11 career tackles. But Ebner made history by becoming the first active NFL player to compete in the Summer Olympic... more

Ric Flair continues to hold a figure-four-like grip over the hearts of young NFL stars. The legendary professional wrestler visited Falcons camp on Tuesday, meeting with players before breaking down a huddle with his trademark, well, you know.... more

Tim Tebow will be the governor of Florida one day, and almost certainly the President of the United States by 2028, but for now, we're all along for the ride during his "Bro, I'm just trying to find myself" twentysomething period. You may be going th... more

On Tuesday night, "Hard Knocks" will return to your television. This is good news for people who are fans of smart, entertaining football content. The NFL Films production -- which debuted at Baltimore Ravens camp way back in August 2001 -- has becom... more

With "Suicide Squad" arriving in theaters, I've been thinking a lot about villains. The NFL has a bad-guy problem. Well, let me clarify that. The NFL certainly has some bad guys , but I'm not interested in the legitimate rotten apples. I'm talking... more

Jay Cutler opinions are like ... elbows. Everybody's got 'em. On Wednesday, we heard from the Bennett brothers, Michael and Martellus, who each had critical things to say †about the Bears quarterback. Michael Bennett went as far to call Cutler the... more

The New York Jets haven't been to the Super Bowl since Joe Namath guaranteed -- and delivered -- on his championship promise back in 1969. That was a long time go. Lyndon Johnson was the president then. Jets coach Todd Bowles was 5. Broadway Joe is... more

This is a big year for Matt Ryan. The 31-year-old is in the prime of his career and has the enviable gift of one the greatest wide receivers of this generation at his disposal. With improved depth -- welcome Mohamed Sanu and third-round tight end A... more

Say so long to the bumblebee. The Pittsburgh Steelers' 1934 throwback kit, colloquially known as the "bumblebee uniform," has been an annual staple since its debut as part of the team's 80th anniversary celebration in 2012. According to Mark Kabol... more

Michael and Martellus Bennett don't think highly of Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler doesn't seem to care. This is a very Jay Cutler reaction. We learned of this Bennett-on-Cutler disdain thanks to an ESPN The Magazine profile on the brothers that went vira... more

Ryan Fitzpatrick cut his hair. Damn it. One day after we publicly wondered if the Jets quarterback's hair had become sentient , Fitzpatrick showed up at team headquarters with a buzz cut. Fitzpatrick had the choice: Rule the bouffant or let the bou... more

Michael and Martellus Bennett are the rarest of NFL birds. They are star players who reject the teachings of the Russell Wilson School Of Professional Jock Speak. And while their outspoken nature might rub some organizations the wrong way -- we gr... more

Who needs money when you can have football tickets? The answer is, well, a lot of people need money more than they need football tickets. But that doesn't make the latest promotion from The N.C. Education Lottery a total bust. The group announced... more

Ryan Fitzpatrick still hasn't gotten a haircut. The veteran quarterback arrived on the scene at Jets camp last week with a bushy beard and barely controlled bouffant. Perhaps it's the New Jersey humidity, but we're now starting to have concerns... more

The Rams have returned to Los Angeles and Hard Knocks is there to document the transition. The 11th season of the groundbreaking HBO series doesn't premiere until next Tuesday, but NFL Films has been using the league's official Twitter account to... more

Prince may have found his way into the Vikings' playbook. reported Sunday that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was heard barking the phrase "Purple Rain" during a line check at training camp, a clear nod to Prince's landmark 1984 album and... more

Larry Warford's job this fall is to save Matthew Stafford. This summer, the Lions guard decided he needed to save himself from the perilous death grip of Pokémon Go. Like millions of Americans, Warford became instantly addicted to the location-bas... more

It's a touchdown for Jordan Rodgers on†The Bachelorette . (I hate myself.) Jordan, the younger/estranged brother of Packers superstar Aaron, outlasted the competition and proposed to JoJo during Monday night's season finale of the ABC reality sta... more

Von Miller does a lot of things well. Football ,†dancing , flatulence ... the guy's an All-Pro talent. But there is no scenario in which the reigning Super Bowl MVP will bail out Gary Kubiak as an emergency place-kicker. We know this after Miller... more