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Pick a star to win The Checkdown x Madden Tournament

Eight NFL superstars are set to compete in a winner-take-all Madden tournament for the ages.

The prize: a donation for COVID-19 relief -- and league-wide bragging rights.

Tyrann Mathieu (Chiefs), Tyreek Hill (Chiefs), Keenan Allen (Chargers), Derwin James (Chargers), Jarvis Landry (Browns), Denzel Ward (Browns), DeSean Jackson (Eagles) and Deebo Samuel (49ers) will square off in a bracket-style Madden challenge streamed live on,, the NFL app and NFL's YouTube page.

This bracket won't run short on intrigue. We could see a Super Bowl LIV rematch in the semifinals. We could see an all-receiver final four, too.

What we're guaranteed to see is some help heading to COVID-19 charities -- and that's a cause everyone can get behind.

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