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Patriots give Tom Brady 1,200-pound birthday cake

The Checkdown's daily collection of football culture stories for August 3, 2018. This is The Extra Point.

1. Tom Brady turns 41 years old today and the Patriots kicked things off by giving their QB a massive birthday cake.

The No. 12 cake weighs 1,200 pounds and was made with 250 pounds of sugar. Eating a morsel likely violates every rule of the TB12 method, but 5,000 cake lovers will indulge in all the calories Brady is (likely) missing out on.

Update: If you thought there would be leftovers, you were wrong. Never doubt a swarm of 5,000 hungry savages people.

2. Drake dropped his "In My Feelings" music video last night and Saints RB Alvin Kamara made a cameo.

3. You love football and puppies, right? (Otherwise how would anyone trust you?). Well, this story of Peyton Manning adopting an abandoned puppy is right up your alley.

4. Some rookies have to buy donuts for vets on the team. Others have to pay for extravagant meals. Browns rookie QB Baker Mayfield had to buy an RV.

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