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Patrick Mahomes reacts to Royals' star draft pick

The only thing separating Patrick Mahomes II from Bobby Witt Jr. could soon be a parking lot.

On Monday, the Royals drafted Witt Jr., the nation's top high school prospect who quickly earned comparisons to Kansas City's MVP quarterback from's Jim Callis.

It didn't take long for Mahomes II to respond. He clearly believes there's enough room at the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex for two generational talents.

Like Mahomes II, Witt Jr. is the son of a major league pitcher. Pat Mahomes and Bobby Witt had overlapping careers in the bigs (1992-2001), but never played on the same team at the same time.

There was a window for their sons to team up on the diamond, though. The Royals once pictured Mahomes II as a pitcher, hurling his 93 MPH fastball at Kaufmann Stadium.

"Our scouts loved him, I know that," Royals scouting director Lonnie Goldberg told the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger. "He was loose, and athletic, and had a good arm. Where that takes him, you can't guarantee anything. But he was a guy everyone knew about."

Everyone now knows Mahomes was meant for football. But with Witt Jr., a multi-sports dynasty could be spouting in the City of Fountains. If the Chiefs' QB is excited about it, every other Kansas Citian should be.

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