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Oops!! MARTA bus blocks view of Georgia Dome demolition

Busses are concerned with one thing and one thing ONLY: getting their passengers from point A to point B. You've probably noticed it anytime you've driven behind one -- those monsters will run you right off the road if you're not careful. Busses ain't got no concern for you.

The Weather Channel learned that the hard way today. After streaming the Georgia Dome for nearly an hour in anticipation of the venue's scheduled demolition, the big moment was spoiled by a perfectly imperfect photobombing MARTA bus. Even Jerome Bettis is tipping his hat to this bus today.

What's that line...? "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans about streaming the Georgia Dome implosion and then he'll send a bus to block the shot at the last second?" Y'know, I always thought that aphorism was way too specific but now I see it kind of makes sense.

What do you think? MARTA bus for Defensive Player of the Year?

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