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Odell Beckham Jr. says he gifted teammates 100 mattresses

The craziest part? It might be that the former Giants superstar rolled up to Big Blue headquarters one day with 100 free mattresses for teammates and staff.

Even for football players, this is a lot of padding.

"I asked for them to send me Casper mattresses," Beckham Jr. told GQ's Mark Anthony Green. "They sent me 100 Casper mattresses for the staff and the team. A hundred king-size mattresses. They sent it to the facility. I told (teammates) to come put 'em in their car after practice."

You get a king-sized mattress. You get a king-sized mattress. Everyone got a king-sized mattress, which added up to about $95,000 of free bedding.

Beckham Jr. said he gave away more, like Sprayground bags. But the Oprah-like mattress giveaway stuck with Giants teammates like French-born wideout Anthony Dablé, who confirmed OBJ's tale in this video.

Not every superstar includes their teammates like this. Maybe -- just maybe -- the OBJ/bad teammate narrative is overblown.

Beckham Jr. has moved on from New York now. Free mattresses or not, no one should sleep on the 2019 Browns.

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