Need for Speed: Josh Norman and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"Anything that comes with adrenaline, I'm a fan of it]." -[Josh Norman of the Washington Redskins.

Racing in a car that's going 120 MPH is one way to get your blood pumping. Earlier this month, the Pro Bowl cornerback hung out with two-time Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt, Jr. at Richmond Raceway in Virginia. Norman was all smiles as he felt the G-forces while speeding around the track -- at some tracks, stock cars can reach speeds over 200 MPH during races. "Ah, man. I'm jacked up ready for practice now," said Norman as he climbed out of the car afterward.

Norman and quarterback Kirk Cousins returned the favor by bringing Earnhardt, who's a lifelong Redskins fan, to their training camp. The NASCAR driver made an OBJ-esque one-handed grab while running routes against Norman.

That last part is not true, but Earnhardt had fun nonetheless.

"As a Redskins fan, this is a dream come true to be able go to training camp and be around the players, be around the team as they prepare for the season," said Earnhardt. "This is a really critical time of the year for them, so I understand and appreciate the opportunity that I have to be around this."

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