Michael Vick talks about his cameo on FX's <i>Atlanta</i>

Though Michael Vick played his last NFL down in October 2015, the four-time Pro Bowler's speed remains a measuring stick for quick athletes (and average Joes) today. Last week, Vick's legendary speed was the subject of a hilarious scene in FX's Golden Globe award-winning show Atlanta.

Prior to the race, Donald Glover's character, Earn, ominously says, "Sometimes you just gotta stunt on people." Needless to say, things didn't end well for Earn.

Bleacher Reportcaught up with Vick to talk about his appearance and being challenged to foot races.

Although Vick has been on camera many times before, he said being on set for an actual scripted show was unique.

"I had fun doing it. I had a chance to meet Donald Glover and the cast," said the former Falcons QB. "I just seen how the whole [television] scene worked. It was pretty cool."

This is far from the first time that Vick's speed has made its way into pop culture. People still talk about the sheer dominance of the *Madden 2004* version of Vick. In that year's version of the game, he had an overall Madden rating of 95 and it was his speed rating (also 95) which made him so insanely versatile. Using Vick was equivalent to using a cheat code.

Nearly 15 years later, Vick's speed is still being talked about -- whether it's analysts comparing a draft prospect or a funny scene from a hit TV series.

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