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Michael Bennett roasted by Vanessa Hudgens in rap battle

Michael Bennett is a Super Bowl champion, a two-time Pro Bowler, ranked 46th by his peers on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017 list.

But the Seahawks DE was no match for a former Disney Channel star, it turns out.

Bennett traded rhymes and insults with actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens on TBS' Drop the Mic, a show that pits celebrities against each other in a rap battle. Bennett had a good showing, his flow natural and relaxed as he delivered cutting jabs about Hudgens' lack of success on the pop charts, calling her "Ariana not-so Grande."

Hudgens' viciousness on the mic was on another level, though. Only seconds into the match, she's dropping burns like, "Congrats on your Super Bowl, nope that was your brother!" -- then pulls out a Martellus Bennett jersey. Damn. Straight for the jugular.

A minute later, Hudgens pours more salt on the wound, declaring "You can't beat me just like you couldn't beat Tom Brady." Oof, that line is almost as devastating as a neutral zone infraction with 18 seconds left in the Super Bowl.

You can see the full battle below.

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