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Meet the UDFA who 'will pass rush for hot wings'

Jordan Harold will do anything to keep rushing quarterbacks.

Even if it means getting paid in hot wings.

The former captain at Missouri was spotted outside Bank of America field holding this sign for Panthers' brass. It is clucking fantastic.

To summarize: He won't stop until the Panthers go to Wing Stop.

"I just want a shot," he told Fox 46 reporter Will Kunkel. "It takes a lot of humility to do something like this."

Harold's sticktoitiveness has paid off big before. According to the Kansas City Star, he once staked out Missouri's defensive line coach in the athletic complex parking lot in hopes of walking on.

Mizzou Football gave him a shot. Then, they gave him a scholarship. Then, they gave him a captain's patch.

On Monday, Harold's information was reportedly passed on to the Panthers' scouting department. The team could reach out soon to find out his dipping-sauce preference.

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