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Meet The Indianapolis Colts' Most Passionate Fan

Fans of the NFL is our celebration of the league's most dedicated football fans.

Requirements to be an NFL super fan: bleed your team's colors and make sure you dress to impress. Michael Hopson does just that for his beloved Indianapolis Colts. Covered in Colts memorabilia and blue paint, Hopson has been attending Colts games since 1989.

Shot by the Samsung Galaxy Note8

While at Lucas Oil Stadium, Hopson not only watches the game, but he also creates a fun environment for the fans around him.

"I like meeting the people and the fans," stated Hopson. "Getting the players energized and getting the crowd loud on third down and fourth down."

During the game, Hopson is the Colts hype man cheering as loudly as he can, and talking a mile a minute.

"I'm enraged and engaged from the house to the crib to the car, I'm a star" said Hopson. "Colts, that is my team, true blue."

The Colts have a lifelong fan that they should be proud of.

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