Meet Terron, OBJ's Ridiculously Jacked Cousin

Millions of people are familiar with Odell Beckham Jr. -- the star wide receiver known for his ridiculous catches, touchdown dance routines, and trademark blonde locks. Do you know much about his ridiculously jacked cousin Terron F. Beckham though? Probably not. However, Terron has used the worlds of fitness and social media to build his own following. Videos of his ridiculous workouts have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and have been featured on sites like CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, and Men's Fitness.

Find out more about the trainer and fitness model below.

NFL Aspirations:

Terron's connection to football goes beyond his famous cousin, he played running back in high school and tried out for the Jets in 2016. "They're going to get a workhorse," Beckham told CBS New York. "They're going to get Marshawn Lynch and AP transformed into one person."

Check out his Pro Day results and video below:

-40-Yard Dash: 4.47 seconds
-Vertical: 44.5 inches
-Broad Jump: 11 feet
-Three-cone drill: 6.80 seconds
-Bench press: 36 reps of 225 pounds

Beckham, who was 23 years at the time, did not end up making a roster. It should be noted that he hasn't played organized football since high school. Earlier this year Beckham tried out for the WWE, but nothing panned out.

Fitness Fame:

Though he didn't make it to the gridiron or squared circle, Beckham is still gaining notoriety for his ridiculous athleticism. He has 424,000 followers on Instagram and over 170,000 subscribers on YouTube. The Dallas-native who now resides in New York sells fitness programs on his site. Check out some of his workout videos below.

Mr. Lift Your Girl and Your Girl's Girl (+ Her Two Friends)

Regular gym equipment with traditional weights obviously isn't enough, Beckham makes sure he brings a friend to give him an extra hand, er, body.

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