Matthew Stafford and the top 5 active NFL career earners

On Monday night the Detroit Lions announced they agreed to a five-year contract extension with quarterback Matthew Stafford. The deal is worth $135 million with an average yearly salary of $27 million -- making Stafford the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Stafford's nine-figure deal could buy plenty of extravagant items, but the new dad still has his priorities in order:

Stafford's contract includes $92 million guaranteed and will put his career salary earnings above $200 million. The Lions quarterback -- who set a record with eight fourth-quarter comebacks last season -- is now the second-highest career earner in the NFL. Check out this list of the top 5 active NFL Career earners (based on salary):

No. 1: Eli Manning
Career Earnings: $205,780,004
Career Length: 2004-present
Accolades: 4x Pro Bowler, 2x Super Bowl Champ

No. 2: Matthew Stafford
Career Earnings: $202,778,969
Career Length: 2009-present
Accolades: 2014 Pro Bowler

No. 3: Tom Brady
Career Earnings: $196,166,804
Career Length: 2000-present
Accolades: 12x Pro Bowl, 5x Super Bowl Champ, 2x MVP, 2x All-Pro Team

No. 4: Drew Brees
Career Earnings: $181,710,422
Career Length: 2001-present
Accolades: 10x Pro Bowl, 1x Super Bowl Champ, 1x All-Pro Team

No. 5: Philip Rivers
Career Earnings: $173,917,656
Career Length: 2004-present
Accolades: 6x Pro Bowl

Patrick Peterson is right -- it's never too late to get your Uncle Rico on.

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