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Madden NFL 20 players can run the 'Philly Special'

No lamp posts in the City of Brotherly Love will be safe after this year's Madden release.

Madden NFL 2020 will feature the 'Philly Special' in its updated playbooks, EA Sports' Anthony White confirmed to the Eagle Eye in the Sky Podcast last week.

"(The play is listed) under the pistol formation, but the set is called Philly," White revealed. "When you look at the play it says 'Philly Special' and then 'Fake Philly Special.'"

The 67 fans who signed this petition can now breathe easy. 'Philly Special' awaits when Madden 20 hits shelves on August 20.

It's not just an Eagles thing, either. White and his fellow game creators noticed the Browns, Dolphins, and Falcons successfully ran variations of the 'Philly Special' in 2018.

But don't freak, Philadelphia. White said there's only one name for this legendary play in every Madden 20 playbook.

"I was like, 'Hey, well, what do we call it?'" White remembered. "Do we call it Miami Special? I know the Browns ran it, do we call it the Cleveland Special in their playbook?' So we're actually just going to leave it 'Philly,' even if we put it in another team's playbook."

Any Madden loss already stings. Imagine going down on a 'Philly Special' -- or worse, a 'Fake Philly Special.' These will be the plays that force a million rage quits.

In other words: Madden creators made the perfect call to add Super Bowl LII's perfect call.

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