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'Madden NFL 20' now prevents early Brady retirement

Tom Brady won't call it a career anytime soon -- and neither will his 'Madden NFL 20' avatar.

Brady will remain an active player longer, thanks to the latest round of 'Madden.' updates. Previously, the game simulated Brady's retirement as early as the 2020 offseason in various modes.

His recently-signed extension forced EA Sports to re-examine their process, according to this note on the game developer's website:

"Patriots QB Tom Brady will now be prevented from retiring at the end of the (2020) season, based on his recently-signed contract."

To summarize: Brady's playing career now defies his actual and computer-simulated age.

'Madden' had to adjust -- and so too must hoards of Madden gamers in New England set on maximizing Brady's ring count. There is now no cap on the number of virtual banners No. 12 can raise in virtual Foxboro.

Now, if only they could increase Brady's speed rating...

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