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Listen to Julian Edelman's perfect Belichick impression

Julian Edelmandoesn't want his upcoming documentary to land on Bill Belichick's radar.

If it does, the reigning Super Bowl MVP expects a call from his disgruntled coach. And he knows exactly what that would sound like.

Behold: The best Bill Belichick impression you've ever heard.

Listen to Edelman's monotone. Listen to the sighs and the nasal grunts. The receiver is one dismissive answer away from conducting the Patriots' postgame press conferences himself.

It's even better than the impression Edelman delivered on The Rich Eisen Show in 2017, somehow.

Edelman has listened to the same coach at the same team meetings for the past nine years. This was inevitable.

The time has paid off in more than just championships. Edelman has gone from college quarterback to Tom Brady's top target to Super Bowl hero to master impressionist -- all thanks to Belichick.

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