Life back when Adam Vinatieri was a rookie

This week, veteran kicker Adam Vinatieri signed a one-year deal with the Colts meaning the 45-year-old will be playing in his 23rd season in 2018. Most NFL fans got familiar with Vinatieri during the Patriots' Super Bowl run in 2001 when he nailed game-winning kicks in the Divisional Round and Super Bowl XXXVI. By that point, Vinatieri had already been in the NFL for five seasons, the three-time Pro Bowler entered the league as an undrafted free agent way back in 1996.

A lot has changed since then, back in '96, everyone was doing the Macarena and Independence Day was the blockbuster movie of the year. Get a glimpse of day-to-day life and how things have shifted in the 22 years since Vinatieri first entered the league.

No. 1 Hit Single

1996: Los Del Rio "Macarena"

2018: Drake "God's Plan"

Most Popular Cell Phone

1996: Nokia 8110

2018: iPhone X

Price of a Gallon of Gas

1996: $1.23

2018: $2.57

Median Cost of a House

1996: $140,000

2018: $207,600

No. 1 Movie

1996: Independence Day

2018: Black Panther

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