LA Kings Might Have Found Their Next Goalie ... In Oakland

Jonathan Feliciano plays guard for the Oakland Raiders - and you'd think that being a professional football player tasked with protecting stud QB Derek Carr would be enough to satisfy the 3rd year guy out of Miami - but you'd be wrong.

Feliciano is a man of many talents and is already on record saying he has the best hands in the NFL. But how would he do in another sport, perhaps a sport that's played on ice, and at a professional level? Enter the LA Kings and our chance to possibly find out ...

The Kings posted that they were looking for a backup goalie and holding tryouts because apparently the NHL has a rule about teams having an "emergency goalie" in the building at home games (this opens up so many questions that we don't have time for).

"The NHL requires each home team to have an emergency goalie in the stands for every game and we thought this would be a good opportunity to see who in our area is best qualified for the job," said Kings President Luc Robitaille. "It will be interesting, that is for sure."

What was more interesting was when Feliciano tweeted at them to inquire the Kings did some research into the big fella and realized he clocks in at 6'4" and 325lbs and immediately their eyes lit up.

The entire situation is hilarious but what we can't wait to see is if Feliciano will actually lace up some skates on September 29 in El Segundo.

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