Kitten runs on field, impresses league scouts

The Baltimore Ravens shutout the Miami Dolphins 40-0 last night, but the game wasn't without excitement -- the world was introduced to Football Cat, a tabby kitten who sprinted along the sidelines during the 4th quarter.

As you can hear in the video above, commentator Tony Romo called the play perfectly -- yes, perfectly. We're not doing "purr" puns here at The Checkdown. We are serious journalists.

Naturally, social media was obsessed.

For the record, that last tweet was not directly from the cat, as evidenced by the lack of verified status.

The kitten has since been adopted by a Ravens employee and named Rae, so depending on how the feline's football career turns out, it may not be long until we see a sequel to The Blind Side.

The big question now is where will Rae land in the 2018 NFL Draft? A thorough review of the NFL Rule Book revealed that there is, in fact, no rule against a cat playing football.

After speaking with several league sources, there are a number of clubs already revising their draft boards to determine where Rae might be selected. Obviously we won't have access to official Combine numbers until next year, but based on what's already been demonstrated, it's not unlikely we'll see a team draft the cat as early as the third round.

Here's what we've been hearing so far from scouting reports:


Outstanding speed and cuteness. Plays with sideline awareness and shows ability to drop feet in-bounds on boundary catches. Tremendous vertical leap and consistently lands on feet to prevent injury. Plays to her size. Requires very little supervision; a strong sense of self since birth. Excellent ball tracker with ability to search, find, and follow, particularly if ball is laced with catnip (not technically against the rules). Off-the-field behavior shows loyalty and pride; would likely be especially effective on home field. Takes care of body with a consistent cleaning, diet, and sleep schedule. Is not a human person.


Does not possess opposable thumbs necessary for most NFL catches. Limited reach, relies on all four limbs to catch the ball. Lack of size is a concern. Lack of discipline and focus; has been known to only play when she feels like it. Reportedly very lazy and may not have consistent competitive drive. Doesn't play well with others. Poor written communication skills; verbal communication frequently obtuse. Often rubs people the wrong way. Is not a human person.

Draft Projection

Round 3

NFL Comparisons

Jeremy Meowclin, Purrier Garfield, Samaje Feline, Doug Pawldwin, Breshad Purriman, Antonio Meown, Darrius Heyward-Spayed

Bottom Line

Well, Rae's a cat, and it's not illegal to draft a cat to play for your football team. Her speed and versatility could make teams consider converting her to running back, but the lack of size would likely limit the li'l kitty cat to 3rd down situations. The biggest challenge will be whether a coaching staff can instill discipline into the fiercely independent creature. Also, fans with laser pointers. That could be a problem.

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