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Justin Pugh: Lineman By Day, Detective By Night

This is a great story about New York Giant, Justin Pugh, sleuthing around and solving a crime (well, helping to solve a crime).

Someone in his neighborhood of Jersey City had been going around and stealing packages -including his packages! That didn't sit right with the big guy. He had the crook on video surveillance and decided to start tweeting out the videos and that led to a Jersey City police officer, recognizing the crook - and capturing him!

Pugh says that he had about $3,000 worth of stuff taken from him - including two custom suits shipped from California (not easy as an NFL lineman to get suits that fit from stores in the mall). The mayor of Jersey City said it was great to have someone like Pugh so involved in the community. It turns out his sharing of the video also led to others in Jersey City saying they too had been robbed - so capturing the thief was a real win for everyone.

This is all great and we salute all forms of being a good samaritan - but we should note - in part of this story, Pugh talks about walking the neighborhood and driving around, looking for the criminal himself. Maybe that's something you do when you're 6'5" and 311lbs., but for anyone reading this story, the police generally advise that you leave the real detective work, and pounding the pavement, to the professionals.

As for Pugh, we just hope you get your suits back!

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