Jon Dorenbos, Saved by a Saint

To many, football may seem like life or death, but ultimately, it is just a game.

Long snapper Jon Dorenbos may have been reminded of this recently when upon being traded from the Eagles to the Saints, he had a follow-up physical, where doctors found an aortic aneurysm.

Thankfully, the New Orleans Saints doctors found the aneurysm, and after a week, Dorenbos underwent successful open-heart surgery.

After the surgery Eagles head coach Doug Peterson gave a shout-out to Dorenbos during his press conference.

"Everything went well yesterday with surgery and he's resting comfortably. Just wish him and his family well, our prayers are with him and hope for a speedy recovery," stated Peterson.

Dorenbos is known for his magical abilities, where he has entertained his locker rooms, as well as the viewers of America's Got Talent.

From all of us here at The Checkdown, get well soon, Dorenbos. Hopefully, we can see some of your magic tricks real soon.

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