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Joe Judge made NYG interview after Penn Station mixup

Former special teams coordinator Joe Judge beat the odds to become Big Blue's 21st head coach.

He also beat the bridge and tunnel traffic going into New Jersey.

The Giants' new hire told FMIA's Peter King that he nearly missed his interview with Big Blue after he got off at the wrong Penn Station. The then-Patriots assistant had a car waiting for him at Newark's Penn Station. He got off the train one stop earlier in Manhattan's Penn Station.

"The guy said, 'I'm here. Where are you?'" King wrote. "(Judge) looked around and told him 34th Street, and the Giants rep said, "You got off at the wrong Penn Station!"

Side note: The Manhattan Penn Station needs to be the only Penn Station. There were two more -- in Newark and Baltimore -- just on Judge's train line. You can't blame him for the mixup.

The Uber driver Judge hastily summoned saved the day, delivering the candidate to East Rutherford with 15 minutes to spare. Crisis (and traffic) avoided.

Judge learned his lesson about New York transit. And one day later, he learned he'd be the one to lead Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, and others into a new era of Giants football.

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