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Jihad Ward destroys a wall in the Colts weight room

Jihad Ward's offseason workout plan looks like an HGTV rerun.

The Colts veteran accidentally sparked a weight room remodel after a way-too-forceful medicine ball toss. Security cameras captured that toss -- and Ward's ensuing reaction. Both are amazing to behold.

An open-floor plan? Improved sight lines? An exercise room? That sounds like every wishlist before an Extreme Home Makeover goes down. Ward's the man to make that wish a reality -- all while squeezing a workout in. He's a shiplap natural.

Ward is a 6-foot-five 291-pound man who clearly doesn't know his own strength and his now on his third team. Judging by the Colts' tweet, though, it looks like the team is taking the accident in stride.

In fact, the Colts probably hope Ward treats AFC South blockers like he treated their workout room wall.

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