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Jets rookie OL Dakoda Shepley has a role in Deadpool 2

An NFL player and movie actor are two of the most coveted professions. It's hard enough to reach the pinnacle in one of those fields, much less both. However, there have been a few who have gone from the gridiron to the big screen. Jim Brown, Terry Crews, Dakoda Shepley...

Wait, who? Yup, the rookie OL can be seen in Deadpool 2. However, even if you're familiar with the 23-year-old out of the University of British Columbia, it may be a difficult to recognize him in the blockbuster film.

Shepley is a featured extra in Deadpool 2, playing the role of the villain Omega Red.

What started as a side job to bring in some cash in college has led to a role in a movie that has made over $600 million worldwide.

"It was a pretty cool experience," Shepley told the New York Post. "My parents thought I'd be the next The Rock, an acting football player."

Although Shepley was booked for 21 days of filming, it had to be shortened to just one day because it conflicted with his training camp for the UBC Thunderbirds.

Shepley was selected fifth overall in the Canadian Football League, but the 6-foot-5, 290-pound lineman opted to chase his NFL dream as an undrafted free agent instead.

Shepley has had other minor roles, such as being a body double for Robert Maillet in the Netflix comedy Game Over, Man!, but he said making an NFL roster is his top priority.

"I can't imagine being a full-time actor and being a full-time football player..." said Shepley in the New York Post. "I'd have no time to train. It's definitely something I'd like to pursue after football, whenever that may be."

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